How Jen Blanco became a global sensation in just two years



Who is Jen Blanco?

American social media star, YouTuber and model Jen Blanco was born in 2000 in Miami, Florida, USA; her exact date of birth remains a secret, but her zodiac sign is believed to be Gemini. She is quite popular on YouTube, as more than 430,000 people are subscribed to her self-titled channel, which she launched on October 8, 2021; Jen only uploads short videos, mostly showing off her big boobs and buttocks, and all these videos combined have been viewed over 65 million times.

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Education and early life

Jen was raised in Miami by her parents, but she is shy about sharing her family’s details with her fans as she respects their privacy; her father is said to work at a used car dealership, as one of Jen’s fans claims to have met him, while her mother thought she was a housewife. Jen has not spoken about having siblings, so she is presumed to be an only child.

She attended a local high school in Miami, and that was at the age of 14 that she became active on a number of social media networks, including Instagram and Twitter. During her teenage years, she was especially fond of sports, as she dreamed of becoming a model and believed that sports would shape her figure and not make her gain weight.

Jen graduated in 2018 and has not yet spoken about further education; there are still some of her fans who believe that she graduated from college in 2022, but this has not been confirmed.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

It seems that Jen’s attractive body is due to her popularity on YouTube and on other social media networks, but some of her fans have stated that they also like her because she shares the details of her daily life with them and teaches them about working out in the gym and answer some of their questions. We cover Jen’s three most popular YouTube videos, which have led many fans to become her subscribers.

Her #1 video “Wait for it…” has over 14.3 million views as of February 19, 2022 and has over 200,000 likes today; it shows her lying on her bed while twerking.

Jen’s second most popular video “Love This Dance!” has been viewed more than seven million times as of December 19, 2022 and has almost 75,000 likes today; it shows Jen twerking to her favorite song.

Her #3 most viewed video – “✨🍒✨ #shorts” – has been viewed over six million times as of December 11, 2022 and has more than 90,000 likes today; similar to her #2 video, it shows her twerking to a song.

Jen has yet to upload a full-length video to her channel, and most of her YouTube shorts can also be found on her TikTok account; her fans urge her to upload longer videos, unique to YouTube, where she would share more about her daily life.

Internet presence

Jen is active on OnlyFans and has posted more than 100 photos and videos on her main account, while all of these together have been liked more than 310,000 times. She does not upload 18+ content to this account, but has another one for it, which today has 74 photos and videos, and these have accumulated almost 120,000 likes.

More than 1.3 million people follow Jen on Instagram today, even though she only uploaded four photos and videos on it; she seems to only use Instagram to promote her YouTube channel and TikTok account.

She launched her Twitter account in December 2021, but has only tweeted 79 times since then, most of which are the same content found on Instagram and YouTube; over 600 people follow Jen on this social media network,

More than 4.7 million people follow Jen on TikTok today, and all of her videos combined have garnered more than 32 million likes; most of these show her dancing, lip syncing and showing off her breasts and buttocks.

Jen has a Facebook page with over 4,700 friends, but she is not as active on Facebook as she is on other social media networks, as her most recent update was on January 1, 2023.

Love life and relationships

Jen is shy about sharing the details of her love life with her fans, and there are a number of reasons why her fans think this is so.

It is widely believed that today Jen is in a relationship with an American businessman whose name has not been disclosed; several of her fans have claimed that she has been seen spending time in public with the man in question, and it is believed that Jen is not sharing this on her social media accounts because she fears the effect of the news on her internet popularity. None of this has been addressed by her.

There are also people who claim she is lesbian or bisexual, but won’t share it because her family doesn’t know about it; this is also unconfirmed.

Jen seems unattached has not been married as of March 2023 and has no children.

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Interesting facts and hobbies

Jen works out at the gym every day and is mainly focused on doing glute exercises; she occasionally advises her fans on sports and diets, as well as teaching them some of her favorite exercises.

She likes to travel and has been to a number of US states, mainly to work as a model; Jen has not shared many details about her modeling career, but she is known to have posed for a number of magazines and companies, though the names of these have not been revealed.

She is a cat lover.

Jen is a fan of actresses Scarlett Johansson and Chloë Grace Moretz while some of her favorite movies are “The Prestige”, “Ghost in the Shell” and “Under the Skin”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Jen is 22 or 23 years old. Her eyes are brown and her hair is black, she is 1.63 m tall and weighs about 65 kg.

Jen’s ability Estimated at over $700,000, as of March 2023.