Naked Truth Of Bam Margera’s Wife – Nicole Boyd – Biography


• Nicole Boyd is a graphic designer, occasional actress and former model, best known as the wife of retired professional skateboarder Bam Margera.
• Her net worth is estimated at over $700,000.
• Bam is best known for his skateboarding skills, his television pranks, and his relationships documented on his television programs.
• He struggles with alcohol abuse and depression despite his success in the entertainment industry.
• He owns two houses and has earned a considerable fortune, but his alcoholism limits his ability to earn more.



Who is Nicole Boyd?

Nicole Boyd was born on January 24, 1984 in the United States of America. She is a graphic designer, occasional actress and former model, but probably best known as the wife of retired professional skateboarder Bam Margera. Her husband became famous as one of the stars of the MTV show “Jackass”, and then took part in its various spin-offs.

Nicole Boyd’s net worth

As of early 2020, Nicole Boyd’s net worth is estimated to be over $700,000 earned through success in her various endeavors. She probably benefits from her husband’s success, who is said to have a net worth of more than $30 million due to the success during his skateboarding career, as well as his numerous business endeavors.

A difficult relationship

Nicole lived away from the spotlight for most of her life, while her husband rose to some fame during this period. Bam became known for his skateboarding skills, as well as for his pranks he showed on television. He had two very public relationships, parts of which were documented on his television programs. In 2013, he had settled down after being in a relationship with Nicole Boyd for a while. They were rumored to have been together, even though he was married to Missy Rothstein at the time.

Their wedding was held in Reykjavik, Iceland and four years later they had a child.

He has a known history of alcohol abuse, but he has stated for some time that he was largely sober during his marriage, although he occasionally went to rehab facilities. Things escalated some time after the birth of their child, when he kept returning to treatment centers. In 2019, he admitted to constant fighting with his wife, mother and friends, calling television personality Dr. Phil begged for help with his alcoholism. He was again recommended treatment after a personal session with the doctor. Despite this crack in their relationship, Nicole seems adamant about keeping things together and understands the struggles her husband is going through despite their fights. She remains strong for their relationship and their child.

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Husband – Bam Margera

Growing up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Bam was a troublesome kid even growing up. He dropped out of high school, but became friends with many skateboarders during that time. He started doing stunts and filming himself skateboarding with his friends, which led to the creation of the group Camp Kill Yourself or CKY, releasing numerous videos under the banner. Other skateboarders who were part of this crew included Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, Brandon Novak and Brandon DiCamillo.

The group got a lot of attention for their skills, and he especially caught the attention of Jeff Tremaine who invited him to be a part of MTV.

This would lead to the creation of the television series “asshole”, which often featured members of CKY. The project proved successful and spawned spin-offs from such films as “Jackass: the Movie”, “Jackass 3D”, “Jackass Number Two”, and “3.5”.

Continued Success – Bam Margera

While working on Jackass, Margera was a well-known personality in the skating world, not only for his jokes but also for his ability to skate. He was sponsored by Toy Machine Skateboards and eventually became part of Team Element sponsored by Element Skateboards. He also received sponsorship from various companies, from clothing to skateboarding gear.

Bam Margera

He slowly moved away from skateboarding as he got older, only in passing, though he still attends major events.

His success with “Jackass” prompted MTV to give him a show that would become “Viva La Bam”. In the series, he and his crew visited the country to perform skateboarding stunts and other activities. After the end of the series, he filmed another show called “Bam’s Unholy Union” which focused on preparing for his wedding to then-fiancé Melissa Rothstein. In 2010 he worked on the TV show Spike “Bam’s world domination‘, in which he and his friends undertook an obstacle course race.

Lately he has been appearing more on therapy programs due to his issues, the latest being “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn”.

The problems of Bam Margera

Bam abused his love of alcohol in his twenties, which later led to his current alcohol problems. As seen in footage from “Jackass”, he often took to drinking binge eating, and this drinking habit only got worse over the years. In 2010, he got into a fight with a woman who accused him of calling her a Negro. This led to him being hospitalized after being attacked with a baseball bat. Three years later, he was arrested in Iceland after failing to pay for damage to a rental car he had wrecked while drunk.

He developed a deeper drinking problem after falling into depression after taking a break from skating due to bone spurs. After therapy for alcohol, he revealed that he has mental health issues, eating disorders, anxiety issues and led a generally unhealthy lifestyle. He had become miserable from being overweight and his injuries, essentially requiring him to relearn how to skate. In 2018, after being mostly sober for a few years, he recurrent after an altercation while on holiday in Colombia, where he was robbed at gunpoint. The media also has footage of him destroying his own house, insulting his wife and threatening his manager while drunk

Accumulated wealth

Despite all of Margera’s troubles, he has amassed considerable wealth mainly due to his success in the entertainment industry, including royalties from his television shows, movies, and radio programs, and starring in various video games. He also released a book entitled “Serious as Dog Dirt”. He owns two houses in his hometown – one of them was renovated and later used for Airbnb rentals. Although he enjoyed a lot of wealth, some people believe that his alcoholism has limited his ability to earn much more than he currently has.