Intentional malicious attempt by Bharti Airtel to defame our consumer-friendly rates: Reliance Jio to TRAI


Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) has written to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) stating that the complaint is an intentional malicious attempt by Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel) to discredit RJIL’s consumer-friendly rates to protect its narrow interests.

Bharti Airtel had filed a complaint about alleged predatory offers of live TV channels with broadband plans by RJIL.

RJIL said a close reading of the complaint letter would clearly show that Airtel’s only grouse is that JioFiber offers reasonable rates to customers.

“It is clear that all his unsubstantiated claims of predation, level playing field and non-compliance with TTOs and NTO are simply woven around this unique theme and this complaint should simply be dismissed as a frivolous attempt to protect his own land.” In addition, Airtel should be warned against making such frivolous complaints in the future,” RJIL said.

It added that the JioFiber backup rate is a sincere effort by RJIL to connect all consumers to fiber optic technology to provide the best connectivity services.

JioFiber Backup plan is a 10 Mbps FTTX plan with a monthly rental of Rs 198 (plus taxes). This plan is only available for 5 months advance rent at one time.

Furthermore, the subscribers have the option to add add-on packages of Rs 100 or Rs 200 per month provided by Jio Platforms Limited (JPL) to access up to 14 OTT apps along with Jio’s OTT apps provided by JPL.

Thus, it is clear that RJIL’s product offerings are limited to connectivity services and do not include subscriptions to OTT applications or broadcast services, the company said in its response to TRAI.

RJIL said this is a confusing attempt to deprive JioFiber customers of an affordable offering that also offers an OTT app subscription at a reasonable price.

“Apparently, since Airtel does not have sufficient reasons, it is desperately trying to mix different rules to make an invalid point. In view of this, we reiterate that Airtel’s complaint should be summarily dismissed,” said RJIL.

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