How is Nikki Webster from ‘My 600-Lb Life’ doing today? Married!



Nicole “Nikki” Webster got a lot more than she bargained for when she sought help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan – also known as Dr. Now – and the producers of the “My 600-lb Life” TV show. After she lost the weight that had been bothering her for most of her life, her romantic interest reawakened and she is now married to the love of her life, to the point of ‘feel dirty’ – no pun apparently – about how blissfully happy they are with their lives. Here’s Nikki’s journey on the show and what she’s up to today.

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Nikki Webster lost weight and then found love

When Nikki joined the show in the fourth season, the scale showed a high number of 650 pounds or 295 kg. While not as overwhelming as some patients who weighed close to 1,000 pounds or about 455 kg, her weight even hindered her from performing routine tasks. So she asked for help and worked to lose nearly 70 percent of her original weight within a few years. Her update episode showed her falling in love quickly and deeply, and social media posts allowed fans to see just how impactful the post-show years were. Her ability to curb her bad habits was the best part; her weight seemed mostly unchanged when she posted her most recent update.

She joined the show with typical problems

When Nikki joined the show in 2016, fans commented that Nikki was “a force” after witnessing her dedication. While her journey had some hurdles, she differed from the other cast members, as Nikki acknowledged the bad decisions that led her to become a candidate for Dr. Smith’s diet and exercise program. Now, and all tired of the consequences; for example, she couldn’t see her cousins ​​because her sisters thought she would upset them. Her voice also showed her annoyance with her daily life, as she knew that food had been gradually killing her for over twenty years.

Nikki explained her long history of bullying since she was an obese child, hinting that she would benefit from therapy. In addition, her mother openly favored her two slender sisters, who were more successful in romance, making Nikki feel jealous and incompetent.

Most importantly, she had a history of diet failures; the weight would slowly come down, but she would regain it once she interrupted the program, trapping her in an on-and-off cycle. In addition, her parents enabled her behavior and even sent her plates of food upstairs so she didn’t have to go downstairs to prepare or get it.

Her job was on the line

What baffled most people was that Nikki was still working as a theater performer in a mainstream theater. That was unusual; most patients are unemployed and on benefits or lives of their loved ones. In addition, her job required a lot of standing, using her hands, and even climbing stairs to get or deliver things. However, she admitted that her weight compromised her position as she was unable to complete all of the tasks in her job description. This gave her extra motivation to lose weight, otherwise her income would suffer a significant dent.

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That would turn out to be somewhat beneficial later on; after losing the weight, her employer fired her end of 2021 after 11 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only then did she realize how toxic it was and that she often cried in her car before getting in. Fortunately, she found a job she loves. One of the suggests her Facebook images that Nikki worked as a distance learning teacher in September 2021, and later confirmed that she works for, an online teaching and education company based in China.

Dr. Now helped her lose weight drastically

When dr. Now that he heard her story and saw how motivated she was to turn her life around, he invited her to move from her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansans, to Houston, Texas. To start her progress, he pointed out that her parents fed her five to six times a day – her father reacted immediately and got a little angry, thinking that he had shown Nikki love and failed to empower her. Her mother was worried about how Nikki would handle the whole process, as she had refused diets in the past, claiming that “food was the only thing she had control over.”

Despite all her struggles, Nikki lost the 50 pounds or more than 20 kg that the doctor demanded, thanks to the well-known 1200-calorie diet and some exercise; making her eligible for the gastric sleeve surgery. After dr. Now that she had surgery and she recovered, the scales showed about 520 pounds or 235 kg before her episode ended.

She instantly clicked with Marcus

While her progress was promising, no one knew if she would continue to lose weight after that, so fans were excited to see where Nikki was a year and a half later. Those who tuned into the “Where Are They Now?” episode aired in May 2017, were ecstatic when they learned that Nikki had lost 250 pounds or nearly 115 kg.

However, nothing could predict that Nikki would develop a strong desire for romance at the same time, let alone be lucky in love so quickly. Her episode showed Nikki on her first date in years, with the narrator clarifying that she was just exploring her options and taking it easy. Nikki was amazed at how well she got along with Marcus, her date, and immediately admitted on camera that his love and affection was what she wanted. That suggested they bonded before the camera started rolling, and showed that deep down she knew where things were going despite claiming otherwise.

Unsurprisingly, their love culminated in a burst of praise as the episode ended. Nikki said, “I like him a lot. He’s a really good guy and I’m having a lot of fun; the more time we spend together, the more I see the possibility of a future between us. And that alone is incredible to even think about!’ Marcus was equally impressed and told her so.

Nikki was the show’s third married cast member

Although the update episode ended without a final conclusion, Nikki’s Facebook page satisfied her fans’ curiosity. She revealed that the couple got engaged in early to mid 2017, shortly after filming of the episode wrapped up. Things moved quickly after that, and Nikki went from engaged to married to Marcus Gray around December 2017, before taking on a new name, Nikki Gray, in addition to the birth name she rarely uses, Nicole Lyn.

However, she kept her fans waiting for a while and later explained that she needed a break from Facebook. As if wanting their forgiveness, Nikki posted a picture of them with a marriage certificate and lots of photos from the wedding. She also recommended her wedding venue, the LDS Temple in Saint Louis, to every member of her faith, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fans also celebrated Nikki moving in with Marcus; she was living with her parents at age 34 when TLC filmed the follow-up. Nikki also stated in mid-2022 that she believed in soul mates, and Greek mythology about partners being the halves of one soul split by Zeus as a child and young teen. However, she confessed that she never felt like it would happen to her until she met her husband-to-be.

She comforted her fans during the coronavirus outbreak

After two years of occasional updates and growing questions from fans about her handling of the outbreak, Nikki posted a message on Facebook on July 12, 2020. She replied, “My life, and that of many of yours, is completely turned upside down. I still struggle with all the changes and emotions this pandemic brings.”

However, she explained that everyone in her family was wearing masks and social distancing, adding that she and her husband refused jobs, dinner parties, vacations and family visits to ensure everyone’s safety. However, Nikki stated that with small changes she would continue to work on her health, and that consistency and balance were critical to her success.

In a previous update, Nikki stated that walking is her main exercise and that she loves to walk at least two to three miles daily. She still occasionally does strength training and home exercises.

Nikki is devoted to her dogs and family life

Nikki seemingly settled in Benton, Arkansan, with her husband Marc during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has three dogs, one of an unknown breed, Seaweed or Seelieand two Shih Tzus, Laszlowho she adopted around March 2020, and Cooper.

Her parents were equally excited about her new animal-filled life; she she calls “pup grandparents.” Another Facebook image shows Nikki using her new physical abilities to organize and use her home the Marie Kondo method to clean out her closet.

She has also started in October 2020 two new hobbies, jewelry making by polymer clay, and TV shows like “Criminal Minds” and anime series like “Sailor Moon.” Moreover, she stated that she would never do that stop wearing eyeliner, and would recommend the waterproof one from Stila Cosmetics. She is also committed to helping the state of Arkansas, and voted for Joyce Elliott during the 2020 elections.

She lost over 450 pounds

Nikki Webster made a drastic change in her life after asking for help. After dr. Now confronting her parents about their options, and putting Nikki on a strict diet and exercise schedule, she lost 130 pounds or nearly 60 kg in the first episode and weighed less than 400 pounds in the follow-up. After overcoming her fear of dying during skin removal surgery, she refused to stop there. In her social media updates, she hinted that she was getting closer to 200 pounds or about 90 kg.

Nikki also showed how powerful a stimulus love can be. Her face was all smiles in all the photos and videos with her husband; she captioned one with, “To future major events, moments of clarity, life’s quirky little moments, and unnecessary selfies I may post in the future!” She also told People magazine in May 2017 that she found healthier coping mechanisms instead of eating, and that she will never forget the critical moment when she put on her jeans for the first time in over a decade. She commented, “To begin with what I felt inside is extremely powerful. That confidence is something to fight for. I feel like waking up every day and putting on new clothes.’

Nikki has a new lease on life

Nikki has come a long way since she first appeared on the show as she hasn’t taken struggles and blessings for granted. After dropping to a manageable weight, she found love, got engaged and is now enjoying married life. In addition, Nikki is devoted to things that are important to her; makeup, crafts, her dogs, and her Mormon religion. Unfortunately, after the end of 2022, Nikki also shunned the spotlight and disappeared from social media, depriving fans of the chance to see her day-to-day life. However, she kept her Facebook profile intact as a testament to her growth and a way for her fans to remember her journey and find inspiration.