How to increase your value at work in a time of layoffs


By Meeta Vengapally

We live in strange times. People get fired or don’t look for work at all. More than ever before, the value taking you to work pays off. But what is value? What can you do to increase it and how will it affect your life? In this article, we’ll discuss how to up your game, leaving you stronger and better prepared to navigate today’s turbulent job market.

To begin with, it is important to realize that the basis of adding value to what you do is care for what you put your time and effort into. If you envision yourself a solid career path, invest in your growth, and commit to that vision, you’re already adding value to what you bring because your heart and soul are in it.

I see this in my household. The love I have for my company Garnysh, the soul I put into my content on Instagram, and my kids’ passion for their acting careers are great examples. We fully stand behind what we do, and that makes it a challenge to persevere something that’s much easier. If your heart is in it, you’re ready for the ride and the inevitable ups and downs.


Ways to increase your value at work

1. Be committed

Let’s face it, starting a new career is hard. Training, focus and challenges are inevitable, but when you show that you are committed to what you do, you immediately add value to yourself as an employee. Showing dedication to the company you work for never goes unnoticed. Do you remember the time (before the era of laziness and layoffs) when people spent most of their lives working for one company? Perhaps your grandmother or grandfather lived this way. The magic ingredient in that longevity was dedication, proving yourself to be a useful team member who is part of the extended family of your colleagues. You don’t race home when the workday is over. The company has a place in your heart and you show it through your commitment and hard work.

2. Have a positive attitude

Along with dedication, nothing brings more value than the attitude you take to work every day. During life’s storms, if you can put the drama aside and be fully present in what you do, people will take notice. I would say most layoffs are due to bad attitude. You can always learn new skills in any job, but it’s how you approach this effort that draws attention. Think about it: would you like to go to work every day and surround yourself with people who have bad attitudes? Of course not! We naturally want to be around happy, positive individuals. If you start a new career with a lot to learn, but still bring that winning attitude, you will get where you want to go and the company will hold you.

3. Be relationship-oriented

We all thrive on relationships. That’s how we work! If you consciously create strong, healthy bonds in the workplace, you increase your value. The reason is that others trust you, see that you are authentic and want to be around you. Human connection is so important and the workplace is no exception. Making friends! Open yourself up to others so that you can look forward to to come to work every day, even if it is a challenging job.

4. Getting better and better

There is no worse feeling than being stuck. But if you are constantly learning and growing, a fire will ignite inside you that will show management and colleagues that you want to reach for the sky. This passion for growth is possible in any career. When I started working on Instagram influencer status, I wanted to constantly learn and grow! I also see this in my children’s careers. When you have that passion (you can work at McDonald’s and have passion!), you have a natural desire to get better at what you do. Trust me, this effort will be seen and it will increase your value.

5. Start leading

Take initiative. If you care about your job and are proactive when you see potential hurdles and challenges, it will be recognized by those around you. Your value will rise sharply. Why is this? Because management sees that you are competent and all that you care. You are not waiting for someone else to call the shots. You know your craft, are fully invested and can handle challenges ahead of time. You wouldn’t believe the value this offers you. Taking the initiative is a leadership move, even if you are not in management. You lead by action. In short, problem solving and initiative are valuable assets that propel your career.

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6. Be your full self

You read that correctly. Nobody wants to see a mask. They want to know who you are! Be your authentic self and bring that person to work every day because I promise you no one wants less. Being your authentic self allows people to trust you. They know who you are and how your values ​​dictate your life. In any relationship, we can sense when someone is not authentic and that can be unpleasant. Yes, you have value, and showing people your fullness helps that value shine.

7. Push through

The workplace can be challenging and there are days when you want to give up. That’s natural! But if you can overcome challenges and stay motivated, you instill confidence in others. When you bring that winning attitude into tough days, connect with others, and stay focused, your value increases exponentially. Others will see you as a superhero and want you for the long haul. You have the guts to discover the light at the end of the tunnel.

8. Say it

Honesty is so powerful. It’s not always easy, but it will ring true for others. If you speak your mind and remain honest in your point of view, not only will your value increase, but so will you needed in your position. Like bringing your authentic self, honesty is a foundation that transforms any team. If the company doesn’t like your honesty… fine! You have learned that you are in the wrong place. You’ll know it’s a good fit when you are embraced for bringing your heart, devotion and full self. In many ways, your dream job should feel like home.

9. Give back

If you mentor other colleagues, you’ve closed the deal. It’s a game changer. In this article you show management that you can do anything: you are dedicated, positive, interested in others, growing, pushing and you are return. Teaching is the hallmark of leadership, but taking the time to mentor when you’re not in a leadership position is rock star status.

We live in unique times when it comes to employment. However, the time-tested principles and integrity of our parents and grandparents are more important than ever. Increase your value through hard work and commitment. Bring your full self. Even if the job doesn’t last long, another company will see through these qualities and keep you as long as possible.

About the author

Meeta Vengapally is the founder and CEO of Garnysh and a top social media influencer where she is a spokesperson for over 700 brands. Follow Meeta on Instagramread her profile on gotechbusiness.comand see her articles and full biography at

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