Founders — Pitch for VCs in TC Early Stage


On April 20, will host Early Stage in Boston – an event designed to equip entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to build their unicorn startups. No founder event would be complete without pitches! The editorial board is looking for six to seven founders to participate in a Pitch Deck Teardown. On the stage. In Boston. Live. Founders can Add here.

Mastering the pitch deck

Pitches are crucial in the search for financing and first customers. However, it’s rare for innovators to get it really candid insight into their pitches for steps for VCs. At TC Early Stage, founders get to pitch to an expert panel of judges and gain essential insight before getting started. The investors provide live feedback on your pitch structure, content, solution and presentation. Three founders are selected to pitch a two-minute elevator pitch, while three founders are selected to pitch a four-minute deck pitch. Founders who to apply for the TC Early Stage Pitch Deck Teardown is automatically eligible for the Startup Battlefield competition at Disrupt, in September in San Francisco.

Without further ado, here are your judges for the TC Early Stage Pitch Deck Teardown.

Ginny Miller, 1Sharpe Ventures

Ginny oversees venture investments and platform strategies for 1Sharpe Ventures (1SV). Prior to 1SV, Ginny led Ventures at Jamestown, a $12 billion private equity firm. She has also worked on real estate technology initiatives at Apple, Fifth Wall Ventures and Harvard University after starting her career in product design. Ginny received her MBA from Harvard Business School and studied engineering at Dartmouth.

Heather Widman, Construction Companies

As a partner at Building Ventures, Heather Widman leads the firm’s investment activities within the real estate and real estate technology community. She uses more than 15 years of operational experience to advise portfolio companies on go-to-market and product strategy. She is active across the ecosystem at organizations including CREtech, MITdesignX, and AllRaise, and serves on the Women In PropTech advisory committee.

Neesha A. Tambe,

Similar to an in-house VC, Neesha A. Tambe recruits, searches, researches and trains startup founders from around the world as the editor of Startup Battlefield –’s global startup competition. She is passionate about scaling products and programs to new markets at home and abroad, and has led TC startup programs in Berlin, San Francisco, Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Neesha studied international security and sustainability at Georgetown University and De Anza College. Neesha is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

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