Who is youtuber Call Me Kevin? Relationships, assets, age


• Kevin O’Reilly is a YouTube and social media star from Ireland.
• He started making videos on YouTube while still in high school and was later invited to make videos for Machinima.
• He moved to Scotland at the age of 18, then returned to Ireland and refocused on YouTube with his new channel.
• Kevin also streams on Twitch and is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
• He is currently dating Twitch star Anna Rudolf and his net worth is estimated to be over $2.2 million.



Call me Kevin Wiki Bio

Kevin O’Reilly – Call me Kevin – was born in Ireland, on November 10, 1993 – his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he is an Irish national. He is a YouTuber and a social media starwho is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel where he uploads videos of him voicing characters in video games.

Youth and education

Kevin grew up alongside his sister in Ireland and has commented that the two were way too similar in their early lives – he hasn’t shared any details about his parents with his fans.

He started having problems when he started primary school, when he vomited blood and then started to feel pain in his ear canal. He skipped school for about a year, but after enrolling in a high school, Kevin’s condition worsened and he spent more time outside of school, during which time he played a lot of Xbox. He started making videos on YouTube, but after he finally returned to school, he had to go home the same day because of a stomach ache, and doctors then found out that Kevin had ulcers in his stomachand this led him to drop out of school as he entered 10th grade.

Career as a YouTuber and social media star

Kevin started uploading videos to his first YouTube channel “zXNoRegretzzXz” in 2009, later renamed “The Old CallMeKevin Channel”, before all content was removed from YouTube. After getting Machinima’s attention, they invited him to make videos for them in exchange for money – Kevin’s parents didn’t believe he would get any money, but after a little persuasion, Kevin started working with Machinima. He came up with an idea for a series of videos called “How to Annoy” which became very successful and made Kevin a lot of money.

At the age of 18, he moved to Scotland, but during the one year he spent there, he was alone most of the time, focusing only on his YouTube channel. He returned to Ireland and decided to take some away from YouTube while making money from the store CeX, which he bought for an undisclosed sum. 2016, he was hit by a car less than an hour after seeing the movie “Batman vs Superman” in a movie theater, and unable to work in his store due to multiple injuries, which led him to sell the movie, he was advised to have shoulder surgery but after learning how bad it could get, Kevin decided against it.

He chose to refocus on YouTube and launched his new channel on October 18, 2016. It almost immediately attracted 8,000 followers, coming from his old channel – Kevin’s channel is subscribed by over 2.6 million people today and counts over 1.1 billion views of all his videos combined. His two most popular videos are “Until Dawn but I pick every bad option”, viewed almost seven million times as of July 19, 2018, and “Skyrim but it’s been destroyed by mods”, more than 5.7 million views as of July 14, 2018.

Call me Kevin

Kevin is also very active on Twitch, usually livestreaming while playing video games like “Among Us”, while occasionally livestreaming while just talking to his fans – this channel has over 320,000 followers. He is also active on Instagram, with more than 175,000 fans, while he has uploaded about 70 photos, most of which are taken in his daily life. Kevin created his Twitter account in November 2010 and has attracted more than 220,000 fans, while Kevin tends to tweet at least once a day. He is also active on Facebook, although his page has only 300 followers.

He also has a Patreon account and currently has 1,810 customers, resulting in $8,655 for Kevin every month.

Call me Kevin’s characters

Kevin occasionally uses two characters in his videos: Jim Pickens, also known as Jim Reaper and the Dear Leader, Our Lord, and Saviour, and his second character Grognak The Destroyer, Attorney at Law, Esquire, MD

Jim Pickens is a serial killer who would do anything it takes to kill people, even buying a restaurant and poisoning them with puffer fish. Jim once held several people captive in his basement and was once a vampire as well.

Grognak The Destroyer is a person/monster who suffers from a condition called Amnosia (same as Amnesia but undiagnosed) and it can be cured by any drug. He is a communist, as he often listens to the USSR national anthem, and resembles Russian President Vladimir Putin. Grognak The Destroyer works as a lawyer, often for both parties. Most people believe that he is Chinese and that he has no gender.

Love life and relationships

Kevin was once quite open about his love life, often featuring his girlfriend in his videos, while also sharing how the two went on vacation together, and how he met her family – most of these videos have been deleted so not much is known about this past relationship of Kevin.

Today he is romantically linked to Anna Rudolf (or Anna Chess), a Twitch star and Hungarian chess grandmaster – Anna is followed by about 70,000 people and only live streams while playing chess.

The two have been together for several months now and it is believed that they met on the internet and are also ‘dating’ on the internet as the two live in different countries. As of November 2020, Kevin is dating Anna Rudolf, is not married and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Kevin loves to travel and has been all over Europe, as well as to several US states to attend gaming related events, but he is not a big fan of planes and does not enjoy traveling long distances.

He works out several times a week at a local gym to stay in shape – he decided to start working out in early 2017, a few months after being hit by a car, but even today has to be careful with his shoulder.

Kevin plays the ukulele and once sang Johnny Cash’s song “Ring of Fire” to his fans in the “Sea of ​​​​Thieves” video game.

He likes to taste different cuisines and can eat almost anything, but does not like soup.

Kevin doesn’t like watching movies, and one movie franchise he definitely doesn’t like is “Star Wars”.

Age, height and power

Kevin is 27 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.85 m tall and weighs about 75 kg.

As of November 2020, Kevin’s ability is estimated at over $2.2 million.