Star Sports gets a tech upgrade for IPL 2023: Dolby Atmos, Realtime Highlights, Ambience-only mode and more explained


  • Star Sports Network has introduced new features to the IPL 2023 viewing experience.
  • The broadcaster has teamed up with Dolby to deliver Dolby Atmos sound on its HD feeds.
  • Other new features include Hawkeye 3D cutouts for analytics, an Ambience-only feed, Holobox for interactive experiences, and the captioned feed for otherwise disabled audiences.

Star Sports Network, the official broadcaster of TATA IPL 2023, is introducing new features to make the upcoming season more fun for fans. They’ve partnered with Dolby to bring Dolby ATMOS (5.1.4) audio to their HD feeds for an immersive audio experience. In addition, they have worked with Dolby to optimize the placement of more than 40 microphones in the stadium to capture high-quality sound.

Earlier, JioCinema announced the Hype Mode option and Multicam Toggle option to better watch the match. Hype Mode and Multicam Switch Mode give you different camera angles, stats and more to your game without leaving the app or game screen.

Star’s latest features for IPL 2023 go against JioCinema’s modern viewing options.

Let’s take a look at the many new features launched by Star Sports.


Special button service

The upcoming broadcast will include “Real-time Highlights” to allow viewers to catch up on missed game segments instantly, “Key Moments” to showcase critical game-changing moments, and a “Stats Feed” in partnership with ESPNCricinfo, which will provide real-time stats to TV broadcasters. viewers.

Dolby Atmos (live match feed)

The live broadcast of the match features Dolby Atmos sound, providing viewers with an immersive stadium-like experience from the comfort of their own homes. This Atmos audio will be available on HD feeds.

Hawkeye 3D cutouts

With the use of this technology, viewers can get more accurate and reliable analysis of the field. This technology will be used to calculate the exact position of the ball in three-dimensional space. It also gives the precise tracking of the trajectory, spin and speed of the ball. Apart from that, it will also be used to track the movements of players, which will give a deep insight into their performance.

Feed for atmosphere only

With the press of a blue button on their remote, viewers can activate the ‘Ambience Only’ mode, which removes commentary and creates a stadium-like atmosphere for fans to enjoy.


This feature provides an interactive experience that allows fans to better understand key moments in the game. For example, a close call for LBW and stumping are rendered more interactively, giving viewers every detail.

Subtitled feed

The captioned feed provides subtitles for live match commentary, making the IPL accessible to otherwise disabled audiences. In addition, this feature is useful in noisy environments such as pubs and restaurants, allowing viewers to stay engaged in the game.

Xeebra Quad Repeat

Viewers can use the Quad Replay tool to capture crucial moments from multiple angles at once, creating a more immersive viewing experience. This also gives the real-time analysis for more detail.

This system uses multiple high-definition cameras that capture all the action from multiple angles. The images are then processed and displayed on a large screen, allowing viewers to view and analyze the images in real time.

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