Who is Viviana Volpicelli Spouse? Is she even married?


Viviana Volpicelli is an Instagram model and beauty blogger. By uploading her bold and gorgeous photos, the social media icon has managed to garner quite a following on her Instagram. But more than her professional achievement, Viviana made a string of headlines after her relationship with an American football wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Lately, people are wondering if Viviana Volpicelli is married to someone or not. Who is Viviana Volpicelli’s Husband?

Here in this article, we are going to talk about Viviana Volpicelli’s love life. Furthermore, know about her current relationship with Nelson Agholor. Are they still together?


Who is Viviana Volpicelli Spouse? Is she even married?

Viviana Volcelli, 27, has yet to get married and have a husband. Furthermore, she does not appear to have any plans to tie the knot at this time as she has not shared any of her wedding plans to the media.

Viviana Volpicelli has yet to get married
Viviana Volpicelli

Taking a look at her social media account, it seems that the California-born model is more preoccupied with her work at the moment. According to her Insta info, she is a plant-based chef. Viviana, a certified plant-based nutritionist, is currently busy running her vegan and other food recipe website.

While not married to a husband, Viviana Volpicelli has been in a publicized relationship with American football wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Well, are they still together? How is their current band? Let’s get acquainted.

Viviana Volpicelli’s relationship detail with Nelson Agholor

Since her days as a university student, Vivian started a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Nelson Agholor, now a big name in the sports industry. After meeting at the University of Southern California, where they both studied, the couple began dating shortly after.

Vivian Volpicelli rose to fame as Nelson Agholor's girlfriend
Vivian Volpicelli and Nelson Agholor

After Nelson made his way to NFL, in early January 2018 he announced his relationship with Viviana via his Instagram (which is now down). With the photo next to Volpicelli, Aghlor wrote

“Walking in 2018 with my best friend and love of my life. Thank you for hanging out with me not just this year, but every year since we met.

In 2018, Viviana even shared her friend Nelson’s joy after his team’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship.

Vivian Volpicelli was in a relationship with Nelson Agholor
Vivian Volpicelli and her ex-boyfriend Nelson Agholor

Later, the football receiver shared a message with a thank you note to his girlfriend Volpicelli on his Instagram. He wrote,

special shoutout to my soulmate and wonderful friend, thank you for your support and sacrifice!

At the time, they were in a long-distance relationship, so Viviana flew back and forth between California and Philadelphia to support her partner.

Are they still together as romantic partners?

Since the couple has left no trace of their moments together on their social media account, we doubt that Vivian and Nelson are no longer girlfriend and boyfriend. All the posts they dedicated to each other on their Instagram have now been deleted.

In fact, they haven’t appeared together since 2019.

Is Vivian Volpicelli dating in 2023? Has she named anyone who is likely to be her future husband?

Vivian has been silent about her love life lately. She has not updated her link with any man on her Instagram account since January 2019. So apparently the USC alumnus isn’t dating anyone, nor has she said anything about her husband-to-be.

Viviana Volpicelli has not yet spoken about her future husband
Viviana Volpicelli

Apparently, many sources claimed that Viviana is single.