Meet Chris Chelios’ Wife, Tracee Chelios; Who is she?


Tracee Chelios is the longtime wife of an American former professional ice hockey defenseman Chris Chelios. Her husband has played for several national hockey teams such as Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Thrashers and many more. Chris was also one of the longest-running players in the NHL.

Besides, Tracee and her husband have been together for more than three decades. Likewise, the couple has welcomed four children together. Let’s find out about their lasting marriage and more.


Chris Chelios Wife Tracee Chelios

Tracee and her husband walked down the aisle in 1987. Chris met his future wife while studying at the University of Wisconsin.

Tracee Chelios is still married to her boyfriend turned husband Chris Chelios
Tracee with her husband Chris during their early romance

The former NHL player and Tracee first met at a college fraternity party. Later, Chris found out she was a girlfriend of his then-teammate Ted Pearson’s girlfriend. In the end, they went on a date.

Are Chris Chelios and his wife Tracee Chelios still married?

Tracee and her husband Chris have been married for over three decades now. However, the couple is very private when it comes to talking about their family life as Chris only shares about his professional life on social media.

But, unlike other members of Chelios’ family, Tarcee’s third oldest child Caley has caught a few glimpses. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Caley even shared a photo of her next to her mother.

The caption reads,

Twice I’m obsessed with you! I hope one day my daughter looks at me the way I look at you. Happy Mother’s Day to all super moms!

Tracee Chelios and her family are on good terms
After looking at the photo, we can say that the bond between mother and daughter is very strong

From this we can say that everything is stable in the married life of Chris and his wife Tracee.

Chris Chelios and his wife have four children

The ice hockey defender and his wife have welcomed four children together. Two years after remaining in a marital relationship, Chris and his wife Tracee welcomed a son in 1989, Dean Chelios. On March 8, 1991the couple gave birth to their second child, Jake Chelios. Their son has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now playing for Kunlun Red Star in China.

Tracee Chelios shares four children with her husband Chris
All of Tracee’s children are now adults and most have chosen to follow in their father’s footsteps

Furthermore, Tracee gave birth to their third child, a daughter, Caley Chelios in 1993. Caley is now a reporter for a professional ice hockey team, Chicago Blackhawks.

Tracee and her longtime husband Chris welcomed their youngest child tara in 1996.

Where Is Chris Chelios’ Wife, Tracee Chelios, Now?

Tracee currently lives in Oak Brook, Illinois. Before that, she lived in Detroit. At that time, her husband was the owner of a restaurant called “Chelios CHILI BAR Detroit.”

However, the former athlete sold the downtown restaurant in 2018. He said his family is the reason for selling the Detroit tavern. Chris said, “I decided to go back to Chicago to take care of my mom.”

Tracee Chelios net worth

Chris’ wife Tracee has not shared anything about her profession. So her total fortune remains unknown. In addition, her husband has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He was a professional ice hockey player and played as a defenseman for several well-known teams.

A short biography of Chris Chelios

Chris Chelios was born on January 25, 1962, in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Constantine “Gus” Chelios and Susan Chelios.

He and his family moved to Poway, California when he was 15 years old. At the time, his father was struggling with running a business and he had no better idea than to open a restaurant in the San Diego area.

Fast facts you need to know about Chris Chelios’ wife, Tracee Chelios

  • Tracee Chelios was born Tracee Smith August 4, 1962.
  • She is 60 years old as of 2023.
  • She is an American by nationality.
  • Her son Jake is currently playing hockey in China.
  • Tracee now lives in Oak Brook, Illinois.