Who is Molly Bloom’s husband? Is she dating a friend? All about her love life


Molly Bloom’s husband Devin Effinger is a neuroscientist who researches psychedelics. Effinger and Molly have been together with a daughter since 2018.

The couple has been through their dark times but managed to overcome them. Devin’s wife Molly is the woman who inspired the 2017 film Molly’s game. She once hosted high-stakes poker parties for the super rich and famous. At the time, Devin’s husband was making $4 million a year in tips and also owned a luxury apartment in Manhattan.

However, it all came to an end when the police arrested her for illegal gambling and forfeited her hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to some minor penalties. Fast forward to the present, both Molly and her husband Effinger are doing well in their lives and for others. Speaking of the latter, he’s a Ph.D. candidate. Learn more about Molly Bloom’s husband in the headlines below.


Molly Bloom’s husband and the ex-poker presenter got married in mid-2019

As mentioned, Bloom’s husband is Devin Effinger, a neuroscientist. Molly married Effinger in September 2019. The wedding took place in Piney Lake above Vail, high in the Colorado Rockies. It is unclear how the two met, but it is believed that they crossed paths at least a year before their marriage. However, the pair have yet to spill the beans on their first meeting and other similar details.

Bloom’s partner, Devin Effinger, was a heroin addict

Like Bloom, her husband also has a history. Devin was apparently a homeless heroin addict when he was 22. Prior to that, he had also endured severe childhood trauma. While on drugs, Effinger also overdosed twice. He also saw how his best friend was killed. Effinger also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

After reaching a breaking point, Bloom’s husband made the decision to turn his life around. He then enlisted the help of his friends to help him climb out of the depths of despair. Working closely with Eagle County prison staff, he played a key role in establishing Survive, a program designed to help inmates reintegrate into society. As part of this initiative, Effinger took over management of Rittenhouse, a restaurant in Gypsum. He then recruited former inmates to teach them valuable skills that could improve their job prospects.

Former drug addict and now PhD student Devin Effinger with his wife Molly Bloom, Molly Bloom's husband
Molly Bloom with her husband and Devin Effinger, a graduate of the University of Colorado.

Devin was eventually able to kick his bad habits and went on to study neuroscience and addiction.

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Denver with a bachelor’s degree, Bloom’s wife received a prestigious two-year fellowship from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Maryland. From 2008 to 2010, he was also a student at Kennesaw State University.

Devin, in August 2020, embarked on a new academic journey in pursuit of a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He is now a full-time graduate research assistant there. In the past, Effinger also served on the research team at The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Colorado Denver.

Devin also once worked at the NIH Blueprint Undergraduate Neuroscience Program and was an associate director at Survive! 501(c)3 a program created to protect at-risk youth and assist incarcerated individuals.

Molly also struggled with substance abuse, but now she and her husband are activists

Bloom herself turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress of hosting high-stakes poker games while trying to keep them a secret.

In an interview with RTESpeaking of which, the addiction activist said,

We have both radically changed our lives and who we are inside. We both felt uncomfortable in the world and turned to resources.

Former secret poker host Molly Bloom with her husband and neuroscientist Devin Effinger, Molly Bloom's husband
Molly Bloom and her husband Devin Effinger got married in September 2019. Facebook

Molly also shared how she and her husband developed a program to help overcome addiction.

Through a 12-step program and an understanding of neuroscience, we have developed a program that helps people change their lives. We are developing an app that would bring that to the world.

said Molly, whose husband is Devin Effinger.

The author and her husband are also the owners of an online community A world group that allows people around the world to connect with similar issues.

Molly has a daughter with her husband

Molly and Devin are also parents to a daughter Fiona. The couple welcomed their little girl February 8, 2022.

Speaking of her pregnancy, Bloom once revealed on her Instagram that she and her husband were struggling to conceive a child and her doctors told her to explore other plans. Molly didn’t give up though. While revealing all this at the end of March 2022, Bloom also added that not being able to have a child while watching her friends and family start their own business was some of the darkest days of her life.

Molly Bloom, Devin Effinger's wife, took nine rounds of IVF to successfully conceive
Devin Effinger’s wife Molly Bloom with her daughter through her Instagram. INSTAGRAM

Molly once told People that she needed nine rounds of IVF to successfully conceive.

Bloom says that after the birth of her daughter, she changed into something irrevocable. She says she has wanted to be a mother for as long as she can remember.

Bloom’s relationships before her current husband

Obviously, not much about Molly’s past relationships is out in the open. She does reportedly to have had a pair or two partners before you tie the knot with Effinger. The few names are Drew and Eugene, but these individuals are more likely to come from word of mouth or from the movie and book.

There is a good chance that the persons have been given a different alias for privacy reasons. It is therefore unclear whether Drew and Eugene are really the people Molly dated. Nevertheless, it sounds very likely that Bloom has had some boyfriends during her poker career.