Who is Lauren’s German husband? In her marriage and boyfriends


News of celebrities getting married and divorced makes headlines almost every day. If not about that, then at least there are speculations about their new love affairs and romantic relationship. While almost every star gets caught up in such rumours, Lauren German has come up as an exception. While she has managed to stay away from the unfounded suspicions to some extent, her fans’ intense curiosity about her husband seems impossible to stop.

And since she has already turned 44, her curiosity about her marriage is obvious. In fact, the term “Lauren German husband” has already become a buzzword. So, who is her husband? Or is she even married? In case you have always been looking for the answers to these questions, you have come to the right place.

In this session we not only talk about her marriage but also know if she has dated a boyfriend. Let’s start.


Who is Lauren’s German husband? Is she married?

It may seem impossible to believe, but Lauren is not married yet. It’s not that the Match star has a problem tying the knot, but she simply hasn’t chosen to walk down the aisle yet.

But does she have any future plans for marriage? Well, so far German has not spoken about her wedding plans. In fact, she never talks about her love affairs and relationships even during her public appearances.

Also, her social media posts are mostly about her work, which clearly indicates that she focuses on her profession and not on romance. Judging by that, Lauren doesn’t seem to have any plans to get married any time soon.

We’d love to see the 42-year-old, though Fire in Chicago actress with her husband.

Lauren German Boyfriend: Did she date Ashton Holmes?

The news of her relationship with American actor Ashton Holmes was a topic in the media. Believe it or not, the rumors of their case had made it in every online magazine.

The speculation about their affair started after they were spotted together several times in 2009. If we are to believe the reports, they started dating in 2009. Later in 2011, they were seen together again during the promotion of their movie, The divided.

Lauren German with her rumored boyfriend Ashton Holmes
Lauren German with her rumored boyfriend Ashton Holmes.

Well, despite all the claims about their love affair, they never confirmed their relationship. According to the reports, the duo is no longer together. Hopefully, they talk about their relationship in the future, just in case they ever dated.

The truth about Lauren’s lesbian rumors

If you didn’t know, she was in a rumor about her being a lesbian. All the speculation started after Lauren played Leslie Elizabeth Shay in the American drama television series, Fire in Chicago.

However, she soon denied all the claims, calling them unfounded suspicions. Besides, she also talked about the rumors in one of her interviews and also explained her character in the series.

In a candid conversation she said:

I mean, love is love, and personally I wouldn’t approach it any differently.’ I’ve played a few lesbians, and I have gay and lesbian friends, and I don’t think it’s really any different. It’s almost like asking a straight character “how do you play straight?” You are just attracted to what you are attracted to. It’s basically just playing what’s happening in the scene.

German has a great relationship with Tom Ellis: did they ever date?

A beautiful actress with whom Lauren shares a very strong relationship Tom Ellis. They became close with each other after appearing together in the hit TV series Match.

Lauren is good friends with Tom Ellis
Lauren is good friends with Tom Ellis

They share such chemistry in the series that many have assumed they are romantically involved in real life. Well, the fact is that they are good friends and not dating. She’s even talked about the kind of relationship she has with Ellis. In one of her conversations she said,

Oh, he’s the best. I’ve been so lucky in my life with costars. Taylor Kenney and Jesse Spencer are still my very good friends, Monica Raymund is my best friend, but Tom is the sweetest person. He is so nice and giving. I love him.

This pretty much proves that they have more of a platonic relationship.

Who is Lauren German dating in 2023?

It may seem unlikely for a celebrity like her, but the fact is that Lauren will be single in 2023. There are no reports to suggest that she is in a relationship. Over the years, she has kept her love life completely out of the spotlight and hardly speaks about her love life.