Who is Jennifer Aniston’s half brother, Alex Aniston? Things you should know


Have you heard the name Alex Aniston? If not, he is the son of popular American actor John Aniston and his second wife Sherry Rooney. Besides, he is also recognized as the half-brother of Friends star Jennifer Aniston. She also appeared in the TV sitcom Lisa Koedrow And Matt LeBlanc.

Unlike his parents and sibling, Alex has chosen a different path than acting. But what does he do for a living? Is he married? And his girlfriend?

Find out all about Alex Aniston’s career and relationship here.


Who is Alex Aniston? Biography, wiki

Alex Aniston is the youngest son of actor John Aniston with his second wife Sherry Rooney. He was born on May 2, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. On May 2, 2022Alex turns 33 years old.

20 years younger than his older sibling Jennifer AnistonAlex grew up with his half-brother John T Melick, Sherry’s son from her previous marriage. His elder sibling Jennifer who is an actress was born from his father’s first marriage to Nancy Dow.

He shares a great bond with both his parents and half-brother.

Alex Aniston Professional Life

Although Alex comes from a family of actors, he seems to show little interest in acting. Rather, he describes himself as a free soul and likes to travel more.

In fact, in his late teens, he moves away from all his relatives and travels alone in his black van. According to the sources, he had been traveling and living in his van, driving from place to place, usually back and forth between Alaska and LA and vice versa.

His eccentric lifestyle came to people’s attention after he was spotted at Burning Man’s festival in California.

By the way, Alex also identifies himself as an artist. According to one of his friends, he likes to collect animal skulls and even makes his own clothes. In fact, during his travels, Alex even earned his living cleaning roadkill animals and selling them at taxidermy. Speaking of Alex’s creative aspirations, one of his friends said:

I feel like he does his own thing, he makes his own clothes, he’s a really creative guy. I remember he was interested in things like animal skulls, but I haven’t seen him lately and I’m not sure what art he does with them, I would describe him as an artist. He also likes to make original bicycles from different bicycle parts.

In addition, Alex has a “Free Soul” tattoo on his stomach that further emphasizes his creative fashion.

Alex Aniston had two children with his ex-girlfriend

32-year-old Alex has had a few romantic relationships. Back in 2014he dated a makeup artist and model Adrian Hallek. Though they never married, they had two children together from their romantic relationship.

Alex Aniston Girlfriend Adriane welcomed first child
Alex Aniston Girlfriend Adriane welcomed first child.

His first child, a son Ryatwith his girlfriend Adriane, was born on December 7, 2014, in Los Angeles. Likewise, they welcomed their second child, a daughter Kira, who was born in July 2016.

Sadly, Alex and Adriane are no longer together. Both Ryat and Kira currently live with their model mother. Adriane even often gives a glimpse into her life with her children. She seems to have moved on and is apparently enjoying her life at the moment.

New relationship with girlfriend Kiri Peita

After a breakup with Adriane, Alex started dating a girlfriend named Kiri Peita. The couple were first spotted by the Daily Mail in April 2017, walking together in California.

According to the sources, he and Kiri lived together in his squalid apartment in a California suburb. Although the couple initially seemed to have a great bond, there has been no update on their relationship for a long time.

Alex Aniston with his girlfriend Kiri
Alex Aniston with his girlfriend Kiri Source: Daily Mail

Speaking of Kiri, she was born in Australia and raised in Georgia, USA. Peita is a veterinary technician by profession and belongs to Maori ethnicity.

Alex Aniston’s father and sister are actors

As we mentioned, Alex comes from a family of actors. Both his father John and sister Jennifer are successful actors. His 87-year-old father has appeared in more than a dozen movies and TV shows. Some of his successful movies are Mission Impossible, Murder diagnosis, American dreams.

Likewise, his sister is an A-lister in the Hollywood movie industry. Making a film debut with Mac and me in 1998 she appeared in numerous successful movies and TV series. Some of her successful roles include He’s just not that into you (2009), The bounty hunter (2010), and Wanderlust (2012).

How is Alex Aniston’s relationship with sister Jennifer?

Frankly, the half-siblings don’t have a great relationship. Sources close to Jennifer have long claimed that they are estranged.

Alex, who has just become a rebel in the Aniston family, likes to participate in protests across the country. In 2020, a source close to Jennifer said:

“No one has heard from AJ in months and he hasn’t been on social media since July. Jen knows that he is very interested in political protests and fears that he is involved in the riots in America. She watches the news of civil unrest in places like Portland—where AJ has friends and will probably hang out—with her heart in her mouth, half hoping to see him so she knows where he is, but half also knowing she can’t. knows where he is. need not fear for his life.”

Alex hadn’t spoken to his father or sister in over ten years. In fact, he even said once that being related to Jen has been “a pain in my ass for years.”

Net value

Born into a wealthy family, Alex has never had a real profession to earn a living. He initially spends his life wandering around in his van and is rather focused on fulfilling his creative obsession in the present.

Although Alex does not have a good source of income, he enjoys all the luxuries in life with a net worth of $10 million owned by his father.

Source: go tech business.com