Who is DizzyKitten? Real Name, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wiki


• DizzyKitten’s real name is Brandi
• She was introduced to video games at the age of eleven by her older brother
• She is a Twitch star and YouTuber with two YouTube channels
• She likes animals, food and traveling
• She is 28 years old and her net worth is estimated to be over $800,000



What is DizzyKitten’s real name?

DizzyKitten was born in Arkansas, USA on October 23, 1992 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she is an American national. She is a Twitch star, YouTuber, and social media personalitywho is perhaps best known for her Twitch channel where she mainly livestreams while playing video games such as “Super Hexagon” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.

Her real name is Brandi while she has yet to reveal her last name.

Early life and education

DizzyKitten grew up in Arkansas alongside her older brother, through their father who was a construction worker and their mother who was a teacher.

DizzyKitten’s brother started playing video games at a very young age when she was 11 years old, then introduced her one of the most popular games in the world “World of Warcraft”. She soon played daily and eventually got better than her brother, but still focused on her studies. DizzyKitten enrolled in 2010 and then enrolled in a nursing school, but it is unknown if she dropped out or received her degree.

Career as a Twitch star and her presence on social media networks

DizzyKitten launched her Twitch channel on August 12, 2013 and today is followed by more than 630,000 people, while averaging 1,610 viewers per live stream, with a record of 17,111 – she has amassed nearly 30 million viewshas streamed approximately 5,300 hours and has been active for over 1,021 days.

Now that she’s become popular on the network, DizzyKitten often just spends time chatting with her fans she calls “DizzyCats,” while also playing games like “PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds,” “Apex Legends,” and “Overwatch” — she almost livestreams every day.

She has two YouTube channels – her first one, “DizzyKitten”, was launched on February 27, 2014, has over 27,000 subscribers and almost 400,000 views on all her videos combined – she has uploaded 15 videos to it, all of which are related to video games. DizzyKitten launched her second YouTube channel – “DizzyKitten ASMR” – on May 9, 2018, and has more than 17,000 subscribers, as well as over half a million views of all her videos combined – 19 videos have been uploaded to the channel. with the most popular being “Earmuffs ASMR (no talking)”, as it has received over 110,000 views as of June 26, 2018 (it is also her first ASMR video).

DizzyKitten is quite active on Instagram where she is followed by more than 100,000 fans as she has uploaded more than 320 photos, most of which are taken in her daily life. She has been active on Twitter since August 2013 and is followed by nearly 80,000 people, while tending to tweet at least once a day, usually to tell her fans that she will be livestreaming later that day. Her Facebook page is followed by nearly 20,000 people.

Love life and boyfriend

DizzyKitten has not yet spoken about any men she may have dated as she prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself, but rumors about her alleged past and current boyfriends are circulating on the internet.


It is believed that she has been in a relationship with the same man since she enrolled in college, and the two have been living together for many years, while she has been very successful in hiding this from her fans – the rumors started after a man wrote on Reddit.com that he’s a streamer’s boyfriend but can’t show his face or be heard on her live streams, while the two also have to be apart at parties so no one would think they’re in a relationship.

DizzyKitten has not commented on these rumors, stating only that she has no time for relationships due to her streaming commitments, and that she is usually happy when she finds time to go out with her friends. As of November 2020, she appears to be single, unmarried and no children.

Hobbies and other interests

DizzyKitten is a huge fan of plush toys and has collected over 120 of them, while also enjoying other types of toys, mostly those of video game characters.

She loves delicious food and is fond of tasting different cuisines – among those she has already tried, her favorite is Italian cuisine, as she is a big fan of pizza. Combining her interest in food with her love of travel, DizzyKitten has been to many US states and visited several European countries, including Italy and France.

She is an animal lover and cats are her favourites, and DizzyKitten has a cat who can often be seen in her Instagram photos.

In her spare time and usually late at night, DizzyKitten likes to watch movies starring some of her favorite actors and actresses, such as Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Natalie Portman, and some of her favorite movies are “Bruce Almighty”, “Ace Venture: Animal Detective’ and ‘Bad Boys’.

Age, height and power

DizzyKitten is 28 years old. She has long brown hair which she often dyes blonde, her eyes are blue and she is about 5ft 6in (1.67m) tall while weighing about 110lbs (59kg).

As of November 2020, her ability is estimated at over $800,000.