Who is Dejounte Murray Girlfriend? Reportedly tattooed his name


Dejounte Murray, 26, is one of the most admired and powerful young basketball players in the NBA. He currently plays point guard for the San Antonio Spurs. Murray has also been in the news for his girlfriends, including Instagram stars, and sometimes with IG Models prior to his blossoming NBA career.

At the moment, sources suggest that Murray is in a relationship with the social media star, Jania Maasel after his messy breakup with his ex-girlfriend Jilly Anais.

Murray is also a loving father to a daughter. Let’s dig a little more about his interesting love life and other facts you’re looking for.


Is Jania Meshell Dejounte Murray’s Rreal girlfriend?

Initially Murray and his supposed girlfriend Jania Maasel kept everything about their reported love life rather a secret. But judging by their frequent appearances together, it was pretty obvious that the two loved each other quite a lot.

Their dating rumors first emerged after their frequent appearance in 2019. Sources claimed that the two also spent time together in Miami in early 2020. While both of them didn’t share any photos on their social media, Meshell’s live stream from the boat was pretty clear that they had a good time there.

Meanwhile, Murray’s team the San Antonio Spurs also had a game against the pretty good Miami Heat team.

Dejounte Murray's girlfriend Jania Meshell, social media star takes a selfie.
Jania Meshell is a social media icon and the girlfriend of Dejounte Murray. Source: Blue0921

Moreover, Murray reportedly celebrated her 20th birthday with her boyfriend, Dejounte Murray on January 11 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On March 18, 2019, Jania tweeted:

“Son healthy, my husband the best and I am blessed. Why do I have to embarrass myself here in front of these clowns like crazy whores.

So it all hinted that the duo was an item at times, though they never tried to go public.

By the way, Meshell has a daughter by her previous relationship with NBA young boy. Her ex-boyfriend is a rapper.

Jania Meshell reportedly tattooed Dejounte

On December 3, 2019, Jania Meshell came up with a new video titled ‘I HAVE A SECRET TATTOO’ on her self-titled YouTube channel. However, the YouTuber has not revealed any sign of her new tat on the video. Jania reportedly engraved Dejounte’s name on her newly inked tattoo.

Dejounte's girlfriend Jania Meshell tattooed his name
Jania Meshell’s secret tattoo on her right shoulder, which reportedly features Dejounte. Source: Youtube

Meshell completely blurs it, but the last three last of the art contain ‘nte’. This led to the speculation that it could be Dejounte’s first name. Well, it’s all speculation until she shows it herself.

Dejounte is a loving father to a Ddaughter; Who is his baby mama?

Murray has a daughter named Rileyborn July 31, 2017. The San Antonio Spurs’ Murray introduced his daughter on her first birthday with a touching Instagram post.

Murray also revealed his daughter’s custody battle in the caption. Talk about his baby mamawell, she is Iman Nicole. Imani is from Nassau, Bahamas.

Despite the fact that Murray and his ex-girlfriend are divorced, they make sure to give their daughter the best possible childhood, with the presence of her father and mother. The NBA star is a very devoted father who always showers his daughter with beautiful gifts.

Dejounte and Jania Meshell are expecting their first child together

In January 2023, Jania took to her Instagram account to reveal that she and her beau Murray are expecting their first child. In the same post, she also revealed that they are expecting their princess in April 2023.

Dejounte Murray girlfriend (1)
Dejounte with his partner Jania and their children.

The couple had a beautiful baby shower in March. Dejounte, Jania, her son Kayden and his daughter Riley all looked so cute and beautiful in color matching outfits.

This will be the second child for both couples.

Dejounte had amessy breakup with his girlfriend Jilly Anais: Called her a “gold digger”

The NBA started dating his now ex-girlfriend Jilly Anaisa model in 2017. But their relationship ended very badly just after a year of their romance.

Dejounte Murray and his ex-girlfriend Jilly Anais dated for a year from 2017-18
Dejounte Murray and his ex-girlfriend Jilly Anais. Source: Youtube

They officially broke up in October 2018. Really messy apart as Murray publicly called Jilly a “gold digger”. She quickly responded to his message by tweeting,

Note to self: if the Lord gives you a voice, stop ignoring that mf

She further added,

Just sheer ignorance.. I hate that I even have to harbor such stupidity, but if a little boy wants to speak falsely about my character, that’s another story.

As of 2023, Jilly Anais is romantically linked to her new boyfriend Deshaun Watson, a Houston Texans quarterback. They have been together since September 2019.

Are Dejounte Murray and Jania Meshell still together?

Yes, they are still together and their relationship is going pretty strong.

Who is Dejounte Murray’s baby mama?

He has not revealed anything about the mother of his first daughter’s baby. Meanwhile, Jania Meshell is going to welcome Dejounte’s second baby.

Does Dejounte Murray have a daughter?

Yes, he has a daughter, Riley, with his ex-partner. He is expecting his first child, a baby girl, with his girlfriend Jania.