The Digital Princess Controversies and Scandals – Arrested



Who is Digital Princess?

American social media star and YouTuber Marissa Cloutier – also known as Digital Princess – was born in the US on January 17, 1997 and made Capricorn her zodiac sign. She launched her YouTube channel on December 25, 2011, but only started uploading videos to it on September 5, 2019, as her fans wanted her to start creating YouTube content as well. The channel is subscribed by nearly 30,000 people today and counts more than 450,000 views across all of its videos combined.

She was formerly known as Pokenprincxss but had to change the name after Nintendo sued her for using their copyrighted word ‘Poke’.

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Education and early life

Digital Princess was raised in Colorado by her father and mother, whom she does not speak of publicly because she respects their privacy; most of her fans believe that her mother is a high school teacher and her father is the owner of his own business. Digital Princess has not spoken about having siblings and is therefore believed to be an only child.

Digital princess fell in love with playing video games while still in elementary school, and has revealed that she was bullied because of it; she spent most of her time with boys because they had similar interests, and has revealed that she was never on good terms with girls.

Digital Princess became interested in a number of other activities when she attended a local high school, when she became physically active and started playing volleyball and soccer, while also joining the school’s drama club and appearing in a number of plays.

She graduated in 2015 and then enrolled at the university, graduating in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

In most of Digital Princess’ YouTube videos, she talks about her day-to-day life, whether she’s showing off the new Pokemon toys she bought, talking about the Nintendo lawsuit, or answering her fans’ most common questions. We are going to discuss the three most viewed videos from Digital Princess, which led to a number of people subscribing to her channel.

Her #1 Video “GETTING A REQUEST BY A HUGE COMPANY!” has been viewed nearly 250,000 times as of October 9, 2020, showing her Nintendo suing her over her former Internet nickname Pokenprincxss.

Her second most popular video “20 YEARS OF COLLECTING POKEMON PLUSES” has almost 40,000 views as of September 5, 2019 and shows her showing off her countless Pokemon plushes, which she has collected over a span of 20 years.

Digital Princess’ #3 Most Viewed Video – “DRUNK Q&A!!!” – has been viewed over 35,000 times as of September 19, 2020, showing her drunkenly answering some of her fans’ most frequently asked questions; some are related to her passion for Pokemon series and games, while others are about her family and love life.

Presence on social media networks

Digital Princess is active on all of today’s popular social media networks, including OnlyFans; she has posted nearly 2,000 photos and nearly 300 videos on the network, and all of these combined have been liked more than 180,000 times.

Nearly 300,000 people follow Digital Princess on Instagram today, and she has posted more than 320 photos and videos, most of which show off her slim figure, as well as her tattoos that cover her entire body.

Her Twitter account was launched in April 2018 and she is followed today by more than 200,000 people; Digital Princess has since tweeted over 11,000 times, mostly her thoughts on various matters, while also uploading 18+ content, so you need to be over 18 and logged in to view them.

More than 2.2 million people follow Digital Princess on TikTok today, and all of her videos combined have garnered over 100 million likes; she shows off her body in most of these, while the others are related to Pokemon.

Digital Princess only has 30 friends on her Facebook profile and it seems that she only uses this social media network to keep in touch with them, thus preventing her fans from befriending her.

Love life and boyfriend

Digital Princess has yet to speak of the men and women she has been with, but it is known that today she is the mother of her son Onix, who is believed to be six years old; she named him after a pokemon.

Digital Princess was 19 when she gave birth in 2016, but she has not revealed any details about Onix’s father and it is believed that he broke up with Digital Princess after learning she was going to keep the baby.

She has not spoken about her dating life, but Digital Princess is known to be bisexual; a fan has claimed to have seen her spend time with her friend in public recently, but this has not been confirmed.

Digital princess appears to be single has not been married since March 2023 and has a son Onix.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Digital Princess was arrested on August 27, 2021 for child neglect, after she left her five-year-old son home alone and went partying with her friends. The child left the house crying, after which the neighbors contacted the police.

Digital Princess is a big fan of tattoos and her body is almost completely inked, while most of her tattoos are related to Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

She is a fan of fast cars and her favorite brands are Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Digital Princess works out in the gym almost every day, hence her slim figure.

She enjoys summer the most as she likes to show off her body on the beach and play beach sports.

Digital Princess’ favorite actresses are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Zendaya, and some of her favorite movies include ‘Cocaine Godmother’, ‘Death Defying Acts’ and ‘No Reservations’.

Height, eyes and wealth

The age of Digital Princess is 26. She has brown eyes and brown hair, is 1.67 m tall and weighs about 57 kg.

The power of Digital Princess Estimated at over $300,000, as of March 2023.