If you are someone who is new into the world of online running, then you might have not heard about the best app out there, Vingo. However, there are also a lot of misconceptions around this app. For a starter some believe that this app is the magical potion for all their fitness and health worries. True, that the app is greatly helpful for people in minimising their fitness related monthly expenses but at the same time, you will still have to take care of the nutrition and other aspects of your fitness. The app gets you covered in terms of the gym memberships, motivation and other important things like support system.


The App Doesn’t Send You to a Virtual World

This might seem like a no-brainer but there are people who believe that the app can send you inside a different world. With the increasing awareness about the metaverse and virtual reality, more and more people are getting information about the virtual world. Many people assume the app is related to that. Unfortunately, you won’t be transcended into a different world. Your avatar or the virtual self will be present in the virtual world and it will do everything that you do here in the real world. If people can remove this misconception then many more people will embrace it.

You Have to Workout Daily – App Won’t Do it For You

Some assume that the app is a magic pill. No, it won’t do the exercises for you. You need to run on the treadmill. If anything, the app will simulate a new world for you to keep you engaged and entertained during your exercise sessions. That is one of the key advantages of the

Vingo app. You will feel like you are inside a whole new world and you can workout along with your friends and family in this place. You can even connect with people who are not even close to you. All this is possible by using the power of internet.

Your Safety Will Not be Compromised, Unless You Do

Another interesting misconception is that the app is innately dangerous. True that all apps and digital transactions are potentially dangerous in the sense that all this information can be intercepted and used against you. However, the app is completely secure and provides you the best possible protection against all such digital and cyber threats. At the same time, you could fall prey to cyber phishing and hacking, if you share a lot of personal information in the public domain. 

The App is Useful Only for Running

Another important and often misunderstood thought is that the app is good only for your running exercises. The truth is, it can also act as a virtual cycling app and help you to exercise by cycling. You can connect your exercise bike with the app and use it for creating a personalised and private world for all your exercise sessions. So, what are you still waiting for?