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Who is Karrin Taylor Robson?

Karrin Margaret Taylor Kunasek, American lawyer, Republican politician and land use consultant, was born in Mesa, Arizona, USA in 1964 or 1965; her exact date of birth remains a secret, but Karrin’s zodiac sign is believed to be Gemini. She put on A lot of attention in 2017, when Arizona Governor Doug Ducey appointed her to the Arizona Board of Regents, a position she held for four years; Karrin ran in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election but lost to Kari Lake, who was supported by former US President Donald Trump.

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Education and early life

Karrin and her brother Andrew William “Andy” Kunasek were raised in Mesa by their father Carl Kunasek, a retired politician, member of the Arizona House of Representatives and Speaker of the Arizona State Senate, and their mother Kathryn Frances Kunasek (nee Ryan) who passed away in 2020 at the age of 85. Karrin’s brother is also a politician and served on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors from 1997 through 2017.

Karrin became interested in politics at a very young age, after being exposed to conversations about politics almost every day. She attended a local high school and was among the top students there, while the activities she enjoyed most were playing volleyball, writing articles for the school magazine, and participating in the school’s debate team.

Bee entrance examination in 1984, Karrin enrolled at Arizona State University, graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and history; she continued her education at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, graduating with a master’s degree in 1990, and then received her Juris Doctorate in 1994.

Karrin’s career

After completing her undergraduate degree, Karrin began working for President Ronald Reagan as a staff assistant for his Economic Policy Council; she then also worked for President George HW Bush as a staff assistant in his Office of Cabinet Affairs.

From 1994 through 2016, Karrin served as executive vice president of real estate development firm DBM Associates, resigning after 22 years for unknown reasons. She also worked for the law firm of Hunt & Taylor, PLC as their principal, and later founded her own land use consultancy Arizona Strategies – in 2020, Karrin described land use law as ’40 percent law and 60 percent politics’.

In 2005, Karrin served as a unpaid contact person and advisor between the civilian community around Luke Lake US Air Force Base and the Air Force leadership.

Following the death of U.S. politician and naval officer John Sidney McCain III on August 25, 2018, Karrin was widely believed to take his place as Arizona U.S. Senator, but the vacancy was filled by Martha McSally.

Although Doug Ducey reappointed Karrin to the Arizona Board of Regents for an additional eight years in 2020, she did not step down from the position until a year later, wanting to focus on her candidacy for governor, which she announced in May 2021 – a of her most interesting statements was that she would uphold the pre-Roe abortion ban.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

While Karrin doesn’t have a YouTube channel of her own, many videos, all of which have to do with politics, have been uploaded to other people’s channels and two have even reached over 100,000 views. We cover three of the most popular YouTube videos, which have contributed to Karrin’s popularity.

Her No. 1 video “Arizona Horizon Election Debates 2022: Republican Candidates for Governor” was uploaded by Arizona PBS on June 30, 2022 and has since been viewed nearly 150,000 times; it shows Karrin, Paola Tulliani Zen, Scott Neely and Kari Lake talking about politics.

Karrin’s second most popular video “Keilar Presses GOP Candidate About 2020 Election” was uploaded by CNN on July 25, 2022 and has since received nearly 150,000 views; it shows Karrin giving an interview to CNN about the 2020 election, claiming it wasn’t fair to former US President Donald Trump.

Her #3 most viewed video – “Kari Lake Declared Winner in Arizona GOP Primary Race for Governor” – was uploaded on August 5, 2022 by 12 News and has since received nearly 100,000 views; it is an announcement of Kari Lake’s victory over Karrin in the gubernatorial race.

Love life and husband

Karrin has been married twice, but rarely speaks publicly about her first husband Gene Taylor; she has not revealed the dates of their marriage and divorce, but it is believed that they were married for three years sometime in the ’90s.

Since 2017, Karrin has been married to American real estate developer Ed Robson, perhaps best known as the founder of Robson Communities. The two were together for nearly a decade before exchanging vows, and have four children together.

Karrin has not mentioned any other men she has dated, she has been married to her second husband Ed Robson since March 2023 and they have four children together.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Karrin likes to be active on the internet and has both Instagram and Twitter accounts; she is followed by more than 2,000 people on Instagram and has posted almost 300 photos and videos, while she has tweeted more than 1,100 times and is followed by almost 7,000 people on this social media network. Most of her content is related to politics in some way.

Karrin’s career has taken her to all states of the US at least once, and she has also traveled to several European countries for both work and pleasure; her favorite city to vacation in is Chicago, Illinois.

Karrin is a fan of Hollywood movies; her favorite actress is Kate Winslet, and some of her favorite movies are “Revolutionary Road”, “Little Children” and “Sense and Sensibility”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Karrin is 57 or 58 years old. She has blue eyes and brown hair, is 1.68 m tall and weighs about 57 kg.

Karrin’s ability Estimated at over $20 million, as of March 2023.