Quick fixes: When Disney Plus is this dark, you can barely see anything


You’re watching Disney Plus and it’s too damn dark to see. You are so damn dark probably eaten by a grue. What on earth were these filmmakers thinking?

Turn off Dolby Vision, and maybe HDR too, in your set-top box or TV’s settings menu.

Not sure why Disney Plus has an HDR issue, but here’s a quick fix (as shown on Apple TV)
Screenshot of Sean Hollister / The Verge

I like HDR. I think every modern movie, TV show and game should benefit from the incredible clarity the extra dynamic range can provide, especially on my OLED TV where the bright, beautiful colors and inky blacks are enough to make an art lover to make you cry.

The streaming service Disney Plus doesn’t seem to like HDRat least the Dolby Vision variety, when played on that TV.

I was by no means the only one with this problem.

In The Mandalorian, a show often set in scorching deserts and brightly electrified starships, I didn’t mind. Then I started looking at the Willow TV show, where most of several episodes take place at night, in a gloomy abandoned castle, as the world fills with a deep dark fog.

We could spend o’clock talk about the many horrible choices that led me to the Willow TV series – let’s just say mistakes were made both by me and the showrunner and I have words for my colleague Alex Cranz.

After forcing myself to remember that HDR doesn’t make things any clearer (it should make them brighter And dimmer, so the “dynamic range”), I tried to adjust my HDR settings.

The fog lifted and I could see.

HDR on vs HDR off. (Turning off Dolby Vision was more subtle.)

If you’re not sure whether Dolby Vision or HDR leaves you in the dark, here’s a simple test: pause and rewind until you see thumbnails appear like the one in my image slider above. If the difference is night and day, try switching your HDR settings.