Paul O Grady passed away at the age of 67


Paul O Grady, a presenter and comedian, died suddenly at the age of 67. His wife, Andre Portasio, confirmed his death in a statement, saying O’Grady passed away “unexpectedly but peacefully.” According to the statement:

“It is with great regret that I inform you that Paul passed away suddenly but peacefully last night.”

Portasio also praised O’Grady’s fans and allies on behalf of his late husband:

“He will be sorely missed by his loved ones, friends, family, animals and everyone who appreciated his wit, wit and compassion.” I’m sure he would want me to praise you for all the affection you’ve shown him over the years.

O’Grady and Portasio reportedly married in 2017 in a low-key affair. The comic was touring as Miss Hannigan on the show Annie at the time of his death. Paul O Grady shared on Instagram a few weeks ago that he “enjoyed immensely” reprising the role after such a long time, “especially with such a truly amazing and beautiful cast.”

Paul O Grady resigned as presenter of Radio 2 in August 2022, out of dissatisfaction with sharing his spot on Sunday afternoons. However, he would appear on Boom Radio on Easter Sunday. O’Grady’s most recent television appearance was with Queen Consort Camilla in a one-off segment of For the Love of Dogs in 2022. According to reports, the comic helped launch the series in 2012 alongside staff at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home where he worked as an advocate.

A look into Paul O Grady’s health problems

Paul O Grady, a comedian, recently passed away “unexpectedly but peacefully”. Although his death was sadly unexpected, the media figure had previously expressed health concerns. During his lifetime, O Grady suffered two heart attacks and fought an extremely tough battle with COVID-19. The broadcaster told Mirror UK he contracted the virus in Malta and was unable to work for two months due to the “wheezing” of the disease.

Paul O Grady

The strip requested his doctor to perform the necessary procedures. After an x-ray, he was identified as “recovering from coronavirus”. The findings left O’Grady worried he would never recover, and things took a turn for the worse when he was forced to take time off from work due to persistent symptoms. The narrator got “really sick” after filming the second series of Sally Lindsay’s The Madame Blanc Mysteries in Malta:

“I was able to avoid COVID until last year when I got infected.” I didn’t get it at all because I was sick. It exhausted me completely. I was amazed at how horrible I was. It took me about two months to recover. “I had lost my breath.”

Paul O Grady reportedly spent the summer recovering from health problems at his estate in Kent:

“I’d go feed the pigs and stop two or three times along the way, gasping.” I did nothing but sleep. I woke up, went downstairs, rested on the couch, and then fell asleep for four hours.

The comic continued his act, saying he “felt horrible” about his health:

“I would get out of bed, drink a cup of tea, then go back to bed and sleep through the night; it was strange. “I just felt awful about it. I’ve never slept so much in my life. I had had all the shots, but it was the last nail in the coffin.”

O Grady also recalled feeling like he “died” after experiencing the first symptoms:

“We finished filming one day, and that night I felt a little bad, and the next day I felt like I was dying.” I was in severe pain and terrible wheezing. I spent nine days in a dormitory quietly around the corner.”

He claimed he felt better after the journey home, but fell ill again after a few days:

“I eventually flew back home and felt a lot better, but then I felt shocked and I was back in bed. I just couldn’t shake it.”

Paul O Grady

The 67-year-old expressed gratitude that the fight ended after two months, but revealed that his experience was not a pleasant one:

“Thank God I’m over it now, but there was a time when I wondered, ‘Is this ever going to pass?'” ‘Will I ever regain my vitality and stop being tired?’ It was not a nice experience.”

Paul O Grady’s untimely death devastated his family, friends, colleagues, business associates and fans. At the time of writing, the immediate cause of his death had not yet been made public.