Jennifer Coolidge Father Paul Constant Coolidge; How did he die?


Paul Constant Coolidge is the late father of an American character actress Jennifer Coolidge. His daughter is known for her character Tanya McQuiod in the HBO anthology series The White Lotus for which the actress received a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. Jennifer first rose to fame after her supporting roles in the American Pie film series.

In addition, Paul himself was a Marine who served in the armed forces for four years. Furthermore, Coolidge was a happily married man and the father of four children. As of now, Paul is no longer alive. He died in the year 2015. What was the cause of his death?

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Paul Constant Coolidge was born in 1921; His early life

Paul Constant Coolidge was born to parents John Templeman Coolidge IV and Susannah Cunningham in 1921 in Massachusetts, USA. As of 2023, he no longer lives in the world.

Talking about his early life, Paul spent most of his early days at his parent’s home in Canton, Norfolk, MA. He grew up alongside his siblings Susannah Jones, Gloria Meese, and John T. Coolidge.

He was of white ethnic background and was American by nationality.

Paul’s educational details: He went to Harvard

As for education, the late famous father attended Kent School. For higher studies, Paul enrolled in Harvard University and completed his studies in the year 1942. That he was a Harvard student, his famous daughter Jennifer also said during a speech at Harvard University in February 2023. She said:

“My dad went here (Harvard)”, “I wish he was here.”

Paul Constant Coolidge served in the Navy

After completing his undergraduate degree at Harvard, Paul joined the Navy and served for four years. Initially serving as a deck officer in the Pacific Theater, he later completed his tenure as a lieutenant.

After returning home, Coolidge started a plastics company. He founded two companies that used to produce and sell synthetic raisins and electronic items. In addition, he was an active member of the North and South River Watershed Association and was deeply interested in environmental ethics.

Paul Constant Coolidge was the husband of his wife Gretchen Knauff

Paul was married to his wife Gretchen Knauff. His wife was the daughter of Paul August Knauff, a German-American, and Mildred Ann Adkisson, a native of Illinois.

Moving on from their marriage, the information about when the couple tied the knot has not been revealed in the media. However, there is a chance that they exchanged their vows around the late 40s or early 50s. From their marriage, they welcomed four children together and remained together until Gretchen’s death.

Paul Constant Coolidge is a father of four children

From his marriage, Paul welcomed his four children, three daughters Susannah Coolidge, Elizabeth CoolidgeAnd Jennifer Coolidge. He was also a father of a son named Andrew Coolidge.

His daughter Susannah is married to her husband Fred Diegel and they live in New Orleans. By profession, she works in the World Trade Centers. Furthermore, his son Andrew is the husband of his wife Elizabeth and together they live in Norwell. The detail about his daughter Elizabeth is not known as she has an incredible private life while his other child Jennifer is a well-known actress in Hollywood.

Brief look at Paul’s famous daughter, Jennifer Coolidge

His daughter Jennifer is an award-winning American actress. She was born on August 28, 1961in Norwell, Massachusetts, and grew up dreaming of becoming an actress.

The daughter of Paul Constant Coolidge is a Hollywood actress
Paul Constant Coolidge’s daughter, Jennifer

She first started with some small roles and supporting roles in films such as One night at the Roxbury, a Bucket of bloodAnd Thick fiction. But her breakthrough came in 1999 with her role as Stifler’s mother in a teen sex comedy. American pie.

Besides, Kennifer was also featured alongside famous singer Ariana Grande in her music video for the song Thanks, Next.

Coolidge’s daughter Jennifer credits him for her acting career

In February 2023, Coolidge’s actress daughter attended the 2023 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year ceremony at Harvard. While giving a speech, she remembered her late father Paul, who was also a Harvard student.

At the ceremony, she revealed that her father was a great inspiration and a great supporter of her acting career. The Golden Globe Award-winning actress said her father motivated her to become an actress, which surprised her at the time. She continued,

“He brought people when I was in plays; he would bring relatives and whatever. He was so excited, which he was So not him: “This would have been his dream come true.”

Paul Constant Coolidge passed away in 2015; What was the cause behind his death?

In 2023 it will be more than half a decade since he left this living world. Paul passed away in the month of July 2015 at his home in Norwell. At his death he was 92 years old. He died of natural causes in his early 90s.

On the other hand, his beloved wife is also no longer alive. She died several years before the death of her husband Paul Constant Coolidge.

Paul’s obituary and grave

His obituary was published in The Norwell Mariner. Further, there is no detail about his grave, his body must be buried in a cemetery in Massachusetts.