Is Patti LaBelle still alive?


Whether or not Patti LaBelle is alive or not was quite a concern a while ago. To some extent it still can. So did the unfortunate event really happen or is it just a hoax?

LaBelle is an American R&B singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman known for her songs You are my friend if only you knew love you need you and want you dilemma new attitude stir it up express myself if you ask me does someone love you baby feels like another , if you have been Blessed, and others.

By now, she has become one of the celebrities who joins the rumor that a certain famous person has passed away under the radar. Read the real truth in the story below.


Is Patti LaBelle still alive?

In short, Labelle is alive and kicking. The conversation about LaBelle’s alleged death got underway Friday after a RIP Patti LaBelle page attracted nearly a million likes.

Those who believed, in their defense, had been given a rather believable account of LaBelle’s demise.

“At around 11 a.m. ET on Friday (March 3, 2023), our beloved singer Patti LaBelle passed away. Patti LaBelle was born on May 24, 1944 in Philadelphia. She will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting and liking this page.

Singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman Patti Labelle.
former lead singer and frontwoman of the vocal group Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles.

Soon after, hundreds of fans immediately began writing their condolences on the aforementioned Facebook page. People did express their sadness. Twitter, too, experienced a frenzy over LaBelle’s fake death news.

However, there were also some groups of people who were skeptical of the report. The news, of course, was not coming from a major US news portal.

The death bluff apparently got so serious that even LaBelle’s reps had to stand up and say:

The mother of Zurie Kye Edwards joins the long list of celebrities who have fallen victim to this hoax. She’s still alive, don’t believe what you see on the internet.

Those who didn’t believe the news from the start expressed their anger at the bogus report, noting that it was reckless, upsetting and hurtful to fans of the beloved singer.

What is Patti LaBelle doing now; Is she married?

LaBelle last appeared in the media story in early February 2023. Back then the Lady Marmalade singer told a little about her personal life. LaBelle said she was open to dating again at age 78.

Singer Patti LaBelle and host Jennifer Hudson in February 2023.
Patti LaBelle recently said she is open to dating. Warner Bros.

During one of the episodes of The Jennifer Hudson Show in 2023, LaBelle said:

I do have a nice person in mind.

Immediately after Hudson asked Patti if she was open to dating, the Philadelphia native said:

Well, quite. How old am I? 78

LaBelle also mentioned her previous marriage to Armstead Edwards. They were husband and wife for 32 years.

Patti then talked about her feeling of finding happiness for herself “different from what I used to have with him, which was great.”

LaBelle also added that she was too good to be solo. The R&B artist then said she had a potential love interest on her radar who she said was nice. However, Patti refrained from disclosing his name.