Is Kendall Toole dating a friend? Details about her love story


Kendall Toole is a professional gymnast, cheerleader, dancer and boxer. She is also a cycling instructor and teaches her own fitness classes. In recent years, Kendall has become one of the most influential names in health and fitness.

However, the piece below touches on the boyfriend aspects of Toole’s life – questions like who she’s dating and others. Scroll on to learn more about her relationships and beyond.


Is Kendall Toole dating a friend?

Toole is indeed dating. And she does it with her friend Joseph Nicholas. Speaking of her partner, Nicholas is a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical. It’s unclear exactly when and how the couple met, with some suspecting they crossed paths when Kendall was working as a boxing trainer in Los Angeles.

Toole publicly announced her relationship with Nicholas on Facebook by sharing a post of the couple enjoying their time. This was after Valentine’s Day 2021. The couple celebrated the day at a beach resort. Both Kendall and Joseph are into fitness. They also enjoy traveling and exploring the aisles of Home Depot.

Social media fitness instructor Kendall Toole with her boyfriend and account manager Joseph Nicholas.
Kendall Toole with her boyfriend Joseph Nicholas. Instagram

Kendall loves going on tour with her boyfriend

Toole and Nicholas often share their photos on each of their social media. For example, the fitness instructor once shared photos from her recent vacation with her partner Joseph on March 8, 2021. They had just had a trip to the beach in California.

In fact, Kendall often writes heartfelt messages to her boyfriend and how her relationship with him has evolved. Toole regularly thanks Joseph for his remarkable qualities such as kindness, openness and authenticity.

Similarly, in June 2021, the couple went on a hiking trip for about a week.

Kendall Toole friend Joseph Nicholas is an account executive

As mentioned, Nicholas works as a strategic account manager at Avanos Medical.

Are LinkedIn profile says Toole’s boyfriend spent three years as a medical device area manager at Avanos Medical. He then became an AmbiT sales specialist.

Toole's friend Joseph Nicholas
Account Manager at Avanos Medical Joseph Nicholas. Social media

Nicholas also once worked as a medical device representative at Smith and Nephew for nearly two years. During his time at Avanos, Nicholas identified territory opportunities and created customer needs to rapidly grow the company.

Toole’s partner Joseph has also served as a sales representative for several companies, including Eli Lilly and Company, LifeScan, and Arthrex.

He also worked as a center director and athlete recruiter for Velocity Sports Performance. Joseph was also a member of the Tribe Football program at William and Mary University. He graduated in 2008 with a degree in science movement.

Kendall Parents: How is her relationship with her mom and dad?

Kendall is the daughter of Rick and Suesie. Toole grew up in Houston with her older brother. Kendall, as evidenced by her Facebook, is still close to her family. Her mother, Suesie, is also active on social media.

Fitness trainer Kendall Toole with her mother Suesie
Toole with her mother Suesie. Instagram

As for Toole’s father, Richard is an executive in the technology industry. He is currently the global managing partner at Verizon.

Moreover, Kendall Toole has a net worth of $1.8 million as of 2023. You can view the full distribution of her wealth here.