Is John Wick Really Dead?


John Wick 4 has just hit theaters and people are rushing to the cinemas. In fact, this chapter of the franchise has already broken several box office records. While there are several surprising elements in this episode, the main event in the film was the death of John Wick. Despite the director showing the death of the titular character, people are still confused as to whether John Wick is really dead.

Not only this, but the death of the main character of the movie would also mean the end of the popular John Wick franchise. So there’s another question, is John Wick 4 the last? Well, in this article we will find answers to all questions.


Is John Wick Really Dead?

Well, the answer is that John Wick is actually dead in Chapter 4 of the movie series. John Wick, played by the popular Keanu Reeves, dies in the series after a violent fight with Caine. In the massive battle with the blind assassin, Wick is brutally wounded and wounded on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur in Paris. After his death, his body is taken to New York Winston to be buried next to his wife.

John Wick opens with an excellent review
John Wick opens with an excellent review

However, despite his death shown in chapter 4, people have made theories that the last moment is not really his last. There have been assumptions that he could have just passed out because of the blood loss. Similarly, there are also theories that Wick faked his death so he could live out the rest of his life in peace.

What was the point of killing John Wick in Chapter 4?

Anyone who’s seen the John Wick movies can’t be shocked by the character’s demise. It was inevitable that Keanu Reeves’ tenure as the adored assassin would end this way. After all, “actions and repercussions.” The ultimate result follows from being the greatest merchant of death. But for two crucial factors that contributed to the movie’s uniqueness, John Wick’s demise in Chapter 4 made specific sense.

The first is that it made sense both emotionally and narratively. Being the most notorious killer in the criminal underground, John Wick was not well liked. Everyone adored him for being a fantastic friend – the kind of person Koji, played by Hiroyuki Sanada, would risk everything for. He inspired so much respect and loyalty in others. John Wick would have died long ago without such connections.