Apple’s first retail store in India will open soon


“Hello Mumbai,” the message reads. “We are getting ready to welcome you to our first store in India. And I look forward to seeing where your creativity takes you at Apple BKC.” Apple’s website says the new store is “coming soon,” but the company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment for more details.

Apple’s logo for its new store in Mumbai.
Image: Apple

The store in Mumbai in India is not a total surprise. So said CEO Tim Cook in 2020 that Apple would open its first store in India in 2021, but that was delayed because of the pandemic and then postponed until the first quarter of this year. The company clearly missed that estimate, but it looks like Apple is almost ready to welcome customers to the store.

Recently, the company also started hiring people for then unannounced stores in India. Yes, shops; Company has adopted for “different locations” in the country, which seems to indicate that more stores will come to India in the future.