Is Audrey Hale still alive?


Audrey Hale was a suspected gunman who killed six people, including three children and three adults at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. But what about Audrey? Is Audrey Hale still alive?

Hale is also believed to be a former student at the same school.


Is Audrey Hale still alive?

No! Audrey Hale is not alive. She was shot dead by Nashville Metro Police on an upper floor of the school. Further, Audrey was shot dead within 14 minutes of the Covenant School informing police about the shooter.

Audrey Hale dead
Audrey Hale is no longer alive.

The fatal shooting took place on Monday morning, March 27, 2023 at Covenant Presbyterian Church School. She killed three children and three adults in the shooting.

List of victims of the Nashville school shooting

Here is a list of six people shot to death by suspected gunman Audrey Hale at the Nashville school. Amid six victims, three were students at the school. In fact, they were all nine years old.

  1. Evelyn Dieckhaus
  2. Hallie Scruggs
  3. William Kinne

And three others were grown,

  1. Katherine Koonce, a school principal.
  2. Cynthia Peak, a substitute teacher.
  3. Mike Hill, school custodian.

By the way, Audrey Hale, who is not alive, is said to be a concept artist and illustrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audrey Hale still alive?

No, Audrey is already dead.

Where did Audrey Hale come from?

She was from Nashville.