Interesting facts about Kari Lake’s daughter


Kari Lake’s daughter is Ruby Lake. Kari is the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona and a former news anchor. Like many politicians, her campaign also involves several controversies. But let’s shift the focus to Lake’s daughter, Ruby.

Who is Ruby Lake and how has she grown up? This question often lingers in the minds of many who have followed Kari Lake’s political activism.

Despite being quite active on social media, Kari has remained coy when it comes to revealing the intricate details of her personal life, including that of her 19-year-old daughter, Ruby. In this article, we take a closer look at some interesting facts about Ruby, exploring her family background, her academic journey, and the controversies that have arisen around her mother.


Kari Lake daughter Ruby Lake was born in the early 2000s

Ruby Lake was born on March 31, 2003. On her 18th birthday, Kari said while wishing her daughter her heart grew a million times when her “sweet, sweet Ruby came into this world and made me a mother.” Lake said her daughter is the greatest joy of her life.

Kari Lake daughter Ruby Lake was born on March 31, 2003
Former anchor and Republican nominee Kari Lake with her daughter Ruby Lake.

Ruby is Kari Lake’s firstborn and she is Colombian on her father’s side. Her father’s family is from the South American country. Kari once shared through her Facebook that her husband and her children are Americans of Colombian descent.

Ruby may have black ancestry

While not much is known about Ruby’s maternal ancestry, it has been highly speculated that her mother, Kari, is a White passing Balck female. At the same time, some have labeled her an orange-and-white nationalist. Kari’s parentage has also often been a matter of interest. Several theories have emerged and people have believed that Kari is a woman of color who passes as a white woman. While Lake has not discussed or elaborated on any details about her parentage, she once said she was “the remaining Gringo.”

However, the word Gringo itself has several innuendos, ranging from Hispanics who speak very little Spanish or none at all to a term in Spanish and Portuguese for a foreigner, usually English-speaking Anglo-American.

Meanwhile, Ruby’s grandfather, also Kari’s father, Larry A Lake, was a Richard Center Wisconsin football and basketball teacher and coach. On the other hand, her maternal grandmother Sheila A Lake was a nurse from Appleton Wisconsin.

Her parents, Kari and Jeff Halperin

Ruby’s parents, Jeff Halperin and Kari are married to each other September 26, 1998. Together they have two children, including Ruby. Their other child and Ruby’s sibling is Leo.

Lake and Halperin at one point worked at the same local TV station in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, Jeff was a videographer at KPNX TV, an NBC affiliate in Phoenix.

The father-of-two also previously worked as a photojournalist for NBC and a news photographer for WNYT TV in Albany, New York.

Kari Lake with daughter Ruby, son and husband Jeff
Arizona-based Republican Kari with her daughter, son and husband Jeff

Jeff is now reportedly an independent videographer running his own company called Zen HD.

Halperin was additionally nominated for an Emmy in 2020 for one of his documentaries titled Enes Kanter: enemy of the state.

Unlike Ruby’s mother, Kari’s father, Jeff doesn’t appear much on social media except for some posts from his wife. Before Jeff, Kari was married to Tracy Finneganan electrical engineer.

Daughter Kari Lake once attended a drag show in her own home

In June 2022, Kari received one of her criticisms when a drag queen berated the Republican for being a hypocrite after she pointed out the incident where he once performed at her home in front of her young daughter.

It was an Arizona drag queen who accused Republican Kari of hypocrisy after speaking out against children who liked to attend transvestites and transvestites.

Ruby Lake mom Kari Lake once hosted a drag show at her house
Kari Lake’s daughter Ruby Lake once attended a drag show with her mother in her own home. Facebook

The prosecution said he once performed at Kari’s house in front of her young girl, supposedly Ruby.

This came after Kari retweeted a video earlier that same month showing a transvestite performing for children in Texas. She labeled the act as a means of grooming and abusing a child.

Several days later, Rick Stevens said he was having parties at Lake’s house. Soon he also posted pictures on his social media of Lake posing with him and other drag performers. He apparently visited Lake’s home in 2012 and 2014.

Stevens related that Lake’s daughter Ruby was an elementary school student at the time. Lake’s campaign later denied that such things had happened.

What high school did Kari Lake’s daughter attend?

While Kari is quite active on her socials, she has yet to mention more details about her children, including her daughter Ruby. While Ruby, who is 19, must have graduated high school and even be a freshman in college, the institutions Ruby graduated from or is currently studying at remain elusive, forcing us to ponder the secrets her academic past holds.

2003 born daughter of Kari Lake, Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake, 19, is the eldest child of Kari Lake gubernatorial Republican. Facebook

Kari does mention her daughter Ruby on her Facebook, the Illinois born politician, at the same time she is also quite careful when it comes to revealing intricate details of her children no matter how big they get. Many are clearly wondering where the teen currently stands, in terms of academic progress.

Either way, it is certain that both of Kari’s children are brimming with potential and promise.