Google Pixel 7A leak reveals new blue colorway


We’re getting closer to Google I/O 2023 and it looks like this year’s event will come with new hardware. Google is expected to announce its latest mid-tier phone, the Pixel 7A, at its May 10 I/O keynote. The company has a long history of sheer incompetence when it comes to containing leaks and product secrets, and the 7A was no exception.

Now we get a look (through 9to5Google) on what appears to be Google’s official marketing renders of the phone – and they’re showing off a new blue color option that will be available alongside black and white. It’s a muted blue and still a far cry from the “true blue” original Pixel; Google seems very hesitant to go bold on colors again, which is a shame.

Worth the wait for a $449 Pixel 7?

The images are published by MySlimPrice and OnLeaks, and they confirm that the Pixel 7A will be closer to Google’s flagship phones than any previous A-series. You get the same camera bar design with a cutout for two lenses, and the side rails appear to be metal again (like the 6A). Without the larger screen bezels, most people would have a hard time separating this thing from last year’s Pixel 7.

The Pixel 7A is rumored to be powered by the same Tensor G2 chip as the 7 and 7 Pro. And that seems to be what Google is doing Finally give in to pressure from Samsung, OnePlus and other competitors by including a 90Hz screen. That would be another spec it shares with the Pixel 7.

There will be differences between them – including camera hardware, most likely – but Google seems poised to iterate on the Pixel 6A with some nice quality-of-life improvements. Keep that in mind though the Pixel 7 is still currently on sale for $449with the 6A basically on approval for $299, so the big question is where the price of the 7A will land. We’ll know more about that in a few weeks (along with the rest of what’s new). Personally, I’m much more excited about the oft-rumoured Pixel Fold as the next entrant into the foldable phone arena.