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• Jack Gilinsky is an actor, singer and social media star born in Nebraska, USA in 1996.
• He and best friend Jack Johnson launched their internet careers on Vine and went on tour and released an EP, earning Billboard recognition.
• The pair have since become active on several other social media networks, and Jack has released solo music videos and appeared in TV shows, movies and talk shows.
• Jack was in a relationship with singer Madison Beer, although they broke up after a leaked audio scandal.
• Jack is currently 24 years old, single and has an estimated net worth of over $2 million.


Short information

Date of birth October 20, 1963
Fact He is a fifth cousin, once removed, of actress and singer Dianna Agron, through their shared “Agronsky” line.

Who is Jack Gilinsky?

Jack Gilinsky was born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, on September 10, 1996 – his zodiac sign is Virgo and he is an American national. He is an actor, singer and a social media starwhich gained recognition after he and Jack Johnson started uploading their videos to their Vine account “Jack & Jack”.

Youth and education

Jack was raised alongside his older sisters Laura and Molly in Omaha, by their father David Gilinsky, the president of the Nebraska advertising company Bergman Incentives, and their mother Katherine, who is a housewife.

Jack became interested in singing at a very young age and he was still in kindergarten when he met Jack Johnson with whom he would later start a career on the internet.

They became best friends and attended the same elementary school where they played soccer, video games, and often sang to their friends and family. Jack and Jack then enrolled in the same high school, where they formed a band but was active for less than a year. In 2013, the guys launched their careers on Vine.

Jack enrolled in 2014 and chose not to attend college.

Career as a singer and social media star

The two Jacks became active on the Internet on June 1, 2007, when they launched their “MotherFalconQuagmire” YouTube channel, which today has more than 7,000 subscribers, and has received approximately 200,000 views for their “In Grandpa’s Name” and “In Grandpa’s Name” videos. Complete Confusion”. combined – the guys planned to upload more videos, but stopped on YouTube for unknown reasons.

After taking ownership of one of the most followed Vine accounts, the guys were invited to help create two mobile games based on their music. In their first year and a half on Vine, they released 11 singles, some of which charted on the Billboard Charts, and in 2014, Jack and Jack embarked on their “DigiTour” across the US, visiting 18 cities. In the same year, their song “Wild Life” came out, peaking at #87 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and they were nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Viner. The following year released their debut extended play (EP) “Calibraska”, which topped the US iTunes Albums Chart and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart.

Since the closure of the Vine network, Jack has focused on his solo career on the Internet and is active on various social media networks. He is especially popular on Instagram, where he has amassed more than 6.1 million followers and uploaded about 210 photos, most of them shirtless. His Twitter account has more than three million followers, while on TikTok he has about 23,000 fans.

Jack launched his new YouTube channel on February 6, 2020, and it is currently subscribed to by nearly 20,000 people, and all of his six videos combined have been viewed over a million times. Jack only uploads his music videos, and his currently most popular, “Jack Gilinsky – My Love ft. Don Toliver”, has been viewed more than 700,000 times as of April 17, 2020.

Acting career

Jack has been credited with appearing in five movies and TV series, while making his production debut in 2014 when he worked on the documentary “Jack & Jack the Movie” which is about his and Jack Johnson’s life.

In 2015, he starred in the short historical musical “Come on #MakeItHappy”, and was subsequently invited to appear in the comedy movie “Janoskians: Untold and Untrue”, written and directed by Brett Weiner, starring Connor Ball, Brittany Behrns and Dustin Belt. The film follows the comedy troupe The Janoskians and their performance at Wembley Stadium. Jack next appeared in the short music video ‘Madison Beer Feat. Jack & Jack: All for Love”, and in 2018 he made an uncredited appearance in the short video “P!ink: Anything You Want” – his last role was in a 2018 episode of the comedy series “Camp Confessions”.

Jack Gilinsky

Jack has appeared on several talk shows and TV specials; in 2005, he sang in an episode of the comedy show “Wild ‘N Out”, and was subsequently invited to appear in a single episode of both “Alexis Joy VIP Access” and “[email protected]”. He went on to appear in two TV specials – “We Day 2017” and “We Day 2018” – and then guest-starred in the “Jack & Jack” episode of the comedy show “Ridiculousness”. Three of his most recent appearances were in a 2019 episode of the family show ‘Saturday Mash-Up’, the 2019 episode ‘Jack & Jack Wet the Bed’ of the comedy show ‘Camp Confessions’ and a 2020 episode of the talk show. performance ‘Stronger than you think’.

Is he back together with Madison Beer?

In 2015, Jack started dating Madison Beer, an American singer and songwriter who gained recognition at the age of 13 when Justin Bieber, a famous Canadian singer, tweeted a link to one of her YouTube videos. She released her debut album “As She Pleases” in February 2018 and her second album “Life Support” is due out at the end of 2020.

Jack and Madison dated until late 2017, when a voice recording of the two’s feud was leaked to the internet, in which Jack called Madison “a fu*king slut.”

While Jack publicly apologized for his behavior, Jack Johnson further claimed that the recording was edited, and accused Madison of helping to release it on the internet. Not long after their split, Madison started dating Zack Bi, but they broke up in March 2019.

Jack has not spoken about other girls he may have dated, so as of October 2020 he is single, not married and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Jack is very active physically and spends most of his free time in the gym – he has four to five training sessions a week, thus his muscular body, and is also focused on his mental health, doing yoga and meditating.

He is an animal lover and has a pet dog while donating money to several Nebraska animal shelters.

Jack loves to travel and has been to the US for both work and pleasure, as well as being in Europe several times, visiting countries such as Italy, France and Belgium.

He enjoys watching movies, and his favorite actors and actresses are Bruce Willis, Robert De Niro and Natalie Portman, while a few of the movies he enjoys the most are “Pulp Fiction”, “The Godfather” trilogy and “V for Vendetta” – his favorite TV series is “That 70’s Show”.

Age and height

Jack is 24 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.78 m tall and weighs about 70 kg.

As of October 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $2 million.

General information

First and last name Jack Gilinsky
Date of birth October 20, 1963
Height 1.78m
Profession Rapper
Nationality American


Children Jack Gilinsky
Parents David Gilinsky, Katherine Finnegan, Like That, Wild Life, All Weekend Long


Music groups Jack & Jack
Nominations Teen Choice Award for Choice Viner

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# Fact
1 He is a fifth cousin, once removed, of actress and singer Dianna Agron, through their shared “Agronsky” line.



Title Year Status Character
Janoskians: Untold and untrue 2015


Title Year Status Character
Jack & Jack the movie 2014 Documentary producer


Title Year Status Character
Jack & Jack the movie 2014 Documentary

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