Who is YouTuber Chills? Real name, age, net worth, wiki


• Chills is a popular Canadian YouTuber who posts macabre and dark videos on his channel, which has over five million views.
• His real name is Dylan, although no last name is known. He was born on January 31, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
• He started his career with the channel “Top 15s” and in 2016 he launched the channel “Chills”.
• His net worth is estimated at $1.3 million.
• He has quite a following on Instagram and Twitter.



Who is Chills?

Chills is a popular Canadian YouTuber, who rose to fame for the macabre, dark and creepy videos he posts on his YouTube channel, which now has over five million views. He makes Top #Scary videos and with his monotonous voice he has gained a huge following.

Chills Wiki – Real name, age, childhood and education

Chills is very secretive about his identity, and his name is only known to be Dylan, but not a surname. He was born on January 31, 1998 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Nothing else is known about this young YouTube star.

Career start “Top 15”

Before creating the YouTube channel “Chills”, he started another channel, which he called Top 15. This was in 2014 and the first video “Top 15 REAL scary stories that will make you cringe”, was uploaded five years ago and now has over seven million views. Initially, he used his regular voice to narrate the videos, but he changed it to make the whole video more dramatic and scary. This turned out to be a smart movie as now everyone is talking about his peculiar voice especially since he continued to upload videos with subjects on the creepy side which gained him even more followers.

As his career developed, he moved on to making diverse videos, focusing on conspiracy theories, mysteries, and others, including “15 YouTubers Who Tragically Died“, And “Top 15 secret messages in live broadcasts“, among other things.

Chills and Rise to Prominence

His career steadily improved when he decided to launch another YouTube channel, which happened in 2016, and “Chills” was founded. His first video on was “9 Disturbing fairy tales from around the world”, which has just over two million views. Not much changed in the content he would upload, just some, but the topics remained the same or similar, with scary, creepy, and gruesome titles.

This brought him even more fame, as well as the channel “Top 15s”, which now has more than 3.6 million subscribers, and the videos have been viewed more than 850 million times. Some of the most popular are “Top 15 Scariest Clown Sighting Videos”, with more than 16 million views, then “Top 15 Scariest Things Caught on CCTV‘, 15 million views, and ‘Top 15 Scariest YouTube Videos’, which also has about 15 million views.

Also, the channel “Chills” saw a rise in popularity, and he now has over five million subscribers on it, making it a bit more popular than his first creation.

Videos on this channel have been viewed more than 815 million times, including the most successful “11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones”, which has become his most popular with 75 million views. Next in line is “13 scariest things captured on dashcam”, which is half as popular as the previous video, with 36 million views, then 25 million views of his “10 Mysterious Giant Creatures Captured On Tape”.


Chills were a subject of public criticism when one of his videos revealed a mystery of burger king foot slap. In his video “Top 15 Mysteries Solved by 4Chan” the number 15 burger king eats foot lettuce.


This caused his fans to question everything he had done up to that point, but luckily he managed to get out of the unpopular situation with simple humor, saying “the last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone’s athlete’s foot”. He has continued his career very successfully.

Chills Net worth, height, weight and appearance

Chills is a very popular YouTuber and his unique content sets him apart from other YouTubers. He has accumulated a number of fans over the course of six years and the views on his channel have contributed to his wealth. According to sources, Chills’ net worth is estimated at $1.3 million as of mid-2020.

Chills hid his identity for quite some time, but eventually revealed his face on Twitter; he has light hair and brown eyes. He is 1.79 m tall, while his weight and other physical attributes are unknown in the media, though he has an athletic body, which means that he often works out in the gym.

Chills Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Like many other YouTube stars, Chills is also secretive about his personal life and much prefers to talk about his achievements. This has led to a few rumors including that he is bisexual; he has NOT confirmed this rumor but to this day has not shared anything about whether or not he is in a relationship.

All we can say is that Chills is single and focused on his career.

Chills – News, Facts, Influence

Because of the burger king foot lettuce incident, some people address him as the Burger King Foot Lettuce Guy.

In addition to making interesting videos on topics such as mystery, death and paranormal events, Chills has also launched his rap career and has already released a number of music videos, including “Sidelined” and “Who Am I Now”.

His voice has been a subject of many debates; when he started uploading his videos he spoke in a normal voice but later in his career he changed that. Now some claim he is autistic and his autism caused the change in his voice, while others claim he has a collapsed lung. However, Chills has not addressed this issue.

Although he initially hid his looks, he created Twitter and Instagram pages where he started uploading pictures of himself, and the fans are now familiar with his looks and not just his voice. He has attracted quite a following Instagram also, since he has over a million fans, while he’s on Twitterhe only has about 90,000 loyal followers.

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