Who is Pierson Wodzynski? About Brent Rivera’s girlfriend



Pierson Wodzynski Wiki Bio

American YouTuber, social media star and entrepreneur Pierson Wodzynski was born in California, USA, on February 18, 1999, meaning Aquarius is her zodiac sign. She is probably best known for her YouTube channel ‘Pierson’, which she launched on May 2, 2014, to which nearly 3.6 million people are subscribed today; all of Pierson’s 176 videos combined have been viewed more than 500 million times, and most of them show her going about her daily life, whether she’s surprising her dad with a new car, traveling with her boyfriend, or hosting an awards show.

Pierson is also known as the fiancee of Brent Rivera, a popular American actor and social media star.

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Education and early life

Pierson and her younger brother Logan were raised in California by their father, who is a businessman but whose name has not been revealed, and their mother Karin Wodzynski, who is a housewife; Not much else has been revealed about Pierson’s family as she respects their privacy.

She grew up as concentrated on her studies, and attended Redondo Union High School where she did some activities such as running, playing some sports and learning to play the guitar. Pierson graduated in 2017 and continued her education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but transferred after just one year to El Camino College, where she graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree.

While in college, Pierson began to take her career on the Internet seriously and began building a fan base on YouTube; apart from being a social media star, today she also works at Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills as a hostess.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

Most of Pierson’s fans seem to love her for her sense of humor, but also for her openness when it comes to sharing the details of her daily life with them. She often shows her parents, boyfriend and best friends in her videos, and we are going to cover Pierson’s three most viewed YouTube videos, which have contributed to her popularity on the internet.

Her No. 1 video “DUCT TAPED TO BRENT RIVERA FOR A DAY” has over 10 million views as of July 6, 2020 and shows Pierson and her boyfriend Brent duct-taped together for an entire day.

Pierson’s second most popular video “LEXI RIVERA, LEXI HENSLER & I PRANKED THE BOYS” has over 10 million views as of June 28, 2020 and features Pierson and her best friends Lexi Hensler and Lexi Rivera as they prank their boyfriends by pretending to have their whole body tattooed.

Her #3 video “MY FRIENDS WALKED IN ON ME NAKED” has over eight million views as of May 26, 2021 and features Pierson talking about her best friends walking in on her naked.

Presence on social media networks

Pierson is active on various social media networks and while some fans think otherwise, she does not have an OnlyFans account.

Pierson is an Instagram star as nearly three million people follow her on this social media network as she has uploaded more than 860 photos and videos, most of which show her going through her daily life whether she is making her YouTube videos, kissing her boyfriend or spending time with her parents.

She’s tweeted just 13 times since launching her Twitter account in August 2019, and it’s followed by just over 12,000 people today; most of Pierson’s tweets are about what had happened to her during those days.

Pierson is followed by more than 3,000 people on Facebook and tends to update her account at least once a month, most recently on February 20, 2023, when she uploaded a few photos she had taken during her trip to Mykonos, Greece .

Pierson is also popular on TikTok as more than 250,000 people follow her today on this social media network, while she has garnered nearly five million likes from all her videos combined; most of these show her making fun of her boyfriend, telling jokes, and lip syncing.

Love life and relationships

Pierson and Brent Rivera have been together since 2020; it is widely believed that the two met on the internet, after they started to arrange a collaboration for their YouTube videos.

Brent is also very popular on the internet as today more than 22 million people follow him on Instagram, while more than 25 million people are subscribed to his self-titled YouTube channel, on which he has uploaded nearly 550 videos, most of which feature him in his daily life.

Most recently, on March 19, 2023, Pierson uploaded a photo to her Instagram account, revealing that she and Brent are engaged.

Pierson did not mention the boys who she may have been in a relationship with before meeting Brent, she has been engaged to Brent Rivera since March 203, is not married and has no children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Pierson is very physically active, having multiple workouts at the gym every week, doing yoga at home and occasionally playing tennis with her friends.

She likes to cosplay, and two of the characters she’s dressed up as are Grinch and a Na’vi member (from the movie “Avatar”).

Pierson loves to travel and has been to a number of European countries with her boyfriend, while her favorite city to visit is Athens, Greece.

She loves the summer because she gets to swim in the ocean and sunbathe on the beach.

Pierson is close to her parents and often buys them gifts.

She likes to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, which she does by reading a number of fashion magazines on a daily basis.

Some of Pierson’s favorite actors and actresses include Ben Stiller, Steve Carell, and Angelina Jolie, while some of her favorite movies include “Brad’s Status,” “While We’re Young,” and “Little Fockers.”

Height, eyes and wealth

Pierson is 24 years old. Her hair and eyes are brown, she is 1.7 m tall and weighs about 55 kg.

Pierson’s ability Estimated at over $3 million, as of March 2023.