Who is Mina Kime’s husband? Her married life in detail


The experienced sports personality, Min Kimes currently serves as senior writer for ESPN. She is also an NFL analyst on NFL Live. Besides her successful professional life, Mina has maintained a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend turned husband, Nick Silvesterfor years.

Well, here we are going to find out everything about Mina and Nick’s love life. How long have they been married? Where did Kimes and her husband Nick first meet?

Let’s find out!


Who is Mina Kime’s husband? They got married 2015

Some tabloids suggest that Mina Kimes and her husband Nick Sylvester got married in 2014, but the fact is that Mina and Nick tied the knot on the September 19, 2015. A photo of their wedding card clearly states that they exchanged vows in 2015 and not 2014.

The wedding card of Mina Kimes and her husband Nick Sylvester
Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester’s wedding card. Source: Vivalovephoto

In addition, the couple hosted their wedding ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For the wedding, Mina wore a nude off-shoulder dress with her hair pulled up in a bun. On the other hand, her groom looked dapper in a black tuxedo. Their wedding ceremony was attended by many of their friends and family.

Journalist Kimes shared the first glimpse in honor of their special day on October 13, captioning the photo. “three weeks in, going strong”

Nick Sylvester holds his wife Mina Kimes on his arm on their wedding day.
Mina and her husband Nick Sylvester on their big day. Source: Instagram.

The cute couple have shared a great love ever since and support each other through thick and thin. Plus, Mina’s Instagram is full of her family and puppy photos.

They often visit beautiful destinations around the world. In April 2016, they were spotted together in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Mina and her husband Nick do not share the same interests

It may come as a surprise to many, but unlike Mina, who likes football quite a bit, her partner doesn’t really like it. Still, there is one person in the Sylvester household who is an avid football fan, Mina’s mother-in-law.

In an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirersays Mina,

“My husband went to St. Joe’s Prep, and they’re from Montgomeryville. He’s not a huge Eagles fan, but my mother-in-law is. She texts me all the time about the Eagles and how nervous she is. She wears her Wentz jersey everywhere.”

You would think how on earth Mina got married to a man who doesn’t even watch sports? Well, you know what they say, opposites attract.

We all know that love has no conditions. It is not necessary to fall in love with someone who shares the same interest, but rather with the one you want to spend your time with.

Mina Kime’s husband Nick Sylvester is the songwriter

Mina Kimes’ husband Nick Silvester is the songwriter and synthesizer. He was a co-founder of the music company called god mode, based in Los Angeles. He is also the creator of BOUNCEan app for musicians.

Mina Kimes' husband, Nick Sylvester
Mina Kimes’ life partner Nick Sylvester

On the other hand, Nick, the husband of Mina Kimes, is an amateur plant lover.

When did Mina Kimes and her husband Nick Sylvester first meet?

Neither Kimes nor Sylvester have ever revealed how they met, but some sources reported that they met through a mutual friend in the early 2010s.

Despite being a popular on-air personality, Mina is quite secretive about her love life, and so is her husband Nick Sylvester.

How long have Nick Sylvester and Mina Kimes been together?

Mina and her husband Nick are both active on Instagram. Nick with only a few posts, while Mina has shared over 1400 posts on her Insta as of 2021. Their frequent social media posts also helped uncover some secrets about their interesting love story.

Mina and Nick dated for several years before walking down the aisle. Scrolling down her Instagram account, it looks like the pair have been together since 2012 when Kimes posted the first photo of her then future husband to June 28, 2012.

Since then, they have been unstoppable and have shared some beautiful photos of themselves, showing off their unconditional love. On March 18, 2013, Mina also posted a sweet tribute to her then-boyfriend on Insta in honor of their romantic vacation in Puerto Plata.

Mina Kimes and her then-boyfriend Nick Sylvester.
Mina Kimes and Nick Sylvester look stunning in Hawaiian suits while vacationing in Puerto Plata. Source: Instagram

As of now, the husband and wife reside in Los Angeles, California.

Do Mina and Nick Sylvester share children?

It looks like Mina and Nick will take their time before expanding their family. It is not yet known whether the duo is expecting a child or not.

On the other hand, Mina is quite happy to be an aunt like her brother, Isaac Kimes is the father of two children, Holden And Quinn. And Mina also adores her nephew and niece.

Besides, her husband Nick has named himself as the father of Lenny on his Instagram page. Well, someone playing the role of the father of a dog or any animal is much appreciated. Pretty sure he’ll be a great dad!

Mina Kimes' wife Nick plays with her dog Lenny
Mina Kimes’ husband and their dog Lenny.
Source: Instagram @mina_kimes

Nick and Mina are both puppy lovers. If you visit Mina’s Instagram page once, you are sure to know the great attachment the media personality has to the dog.

Mina hosts a podcast with her dog

Before hosting ESPN dailyMina also plays the same role in the NFL podcast, The Mina Kimes Show with Lenny. Kimes said Peoplethe decision to give her puppy a show presence is,

“I thought, ‘Well, I probably need a male co-host so people can listen’

Kimes further explains,

So then I thought, ‘Well, how about putting on a male co-host, but he can’t talk and it’s my dog.’ So I love it

Mina Kimes is good friends with Katie Nolan

First of all, Mina and Kate Nolan belong to the same brotherhood and are both ESPN staff. On the other hand, they are both extroverted and love to go out. Both also love dogs. Mina has a puppy named Lenny and likewise Katie owns the dog, Myrtle.

At the end of 2019, Kimes was a guest at Nolan’s ESPN series, “Always late with Katie Nolan.” They were featured in the video as a judge of the cutest dogs in the sport.

On April 14, 2020, ESPN also released the video titled “Mina Kimes’ dog battles Katie Nolan’s puppy in a trick challenge.”

Here’s the full clip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mina Kimes still married?

Yes, mine on ESPN is still married to her husband Nick Sylvester.

What does Mina Kime’s husband do?

Her husband Nick is a musician and songwriter.