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• Josh McDermitt is an American actor, born in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
• He is known for his roles in The Walking Dead and Twin Peaks.
• He started his career as a comedian in a radio show at the age of 1•
• He moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue career opportunities and is now worth an estimated $4 million.
• He is a certified hot air balloon pilot and is known for his admiration for the Mexican community.


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Short information

Net value $2 million
Date of birth June 4, 1978
Fact Own stock in the Green Bay Packers.

Josh McDermitt is an American actor born on June 4, 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He is probably best known for his roles in “The Walking Dead” and “Twin Peaks” series.

Early life

Joshua Matthew Michael McDermitt was born one of six children of a very numerous family. His Puerto Rican father is of Portuguese descent and Dutch mother often took care of stray children in their home in Arizona: ‘We can have 12-15 children in our family at any given time. We would hold them for a day or two before we would have to find out if they should be placed in a permanent home. … It was kind of nice to come home from school and you would have a new brother or sister.”

Although the names of Josh’s relatives are not disclosed, it is known that he has a younger brother named Zach. There is no information about Josh’s early education.


First steps

Josh started his career as a comedian at the age of 14 when he called “Tim & Willy”, the local Arizona radio show, to ask about the song “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus: “Right when people started that song and I hate it, I decided to call up and do a dumb voice and ask for it’. He remembers his character’s name as Cocko: “I said he was born in England and moved to the Philippines when I was two. This was before Google. I don’t know where I came up with this stuff, but I committed to the character’.

McDermitt continues to call the show, entertaining his hosts every time and then creating more characters. However, when he was offered a job on the show, teenager Josh got scared, “Then I broke my character, I got scared.” Despite this, Josh ended up working for the show for 14 years and even became the executive producer at one point.

The show ended in 2014, but Josh called a last time to thank them.

Driven by his love of comedy, he ventured out as a stand-up performer while still living in Arizona: ‘Comedy just came easily to me, it was very natural.

Josh Mcdermitt

Even before I acted (or did stand-up), I was messing around with my friends and family.’

In 2006, when he was 28 years old, he moved to Los Angeles in search of more career opportunities. In 2017, he explained why he felt it was a good decision: “I moved to LA a little later in life than most people move and I feel like I’m better at it. If I had left at 18, I probably would have given up already.”

Actor Career

McDermitt was on the fourth season of “Last Comic Standing” in 2006, but was eliminated in the final semi-final. However, he did not give up his career and the following year appeared as himself in the mini-series “Make a Hot Girl Laugh”.

In 2009, he got his first role as Larry in the comedy “Rehab for Rejects”. Despite playing a minor character, this TV movie set Josh on the path to more productions in Hollywood, such as ‘Madison Hall’ and the series ‘Work It’.

Josh’s hard work paid off in 2011 when he was cast as Brandon in ‘Retired at 35’, one of the main characters of the series. Although the show was canceled after two seasons, it was Josh’s first character to receive widespread recognition.

In 2014, Josh’s roles were mainly portraying comedic characters. He ventured into stage acting and auditioned for other kinds of productions: ‘I was in a sitcom. Every commercial I booked was comical. But I always knew I could do drama.

When I told my agent to book me for drama auditions, ‘The Walking Dead’ was the first thing I went for.”

For example, in 2014, Josh was cast as Eugene Porter in ‘The Walking Dead’, his most famous role to date. Getting cast in the series was special for Josh: ‘The Walking Dead was my favorite show before I auditioned for it. That’s every actor’s dream, to be on a show they’re a fan of. It’s just dark, and as a comedian I’m drawn to dark things.’ Eugene became a recurring character on the series and is most recognized for his signature mullet along with his skills in electronics and science.

In 2014, Josh played a small role as George Payton in the critically acclaimed drama “Mad Men”. Set in the 1960s, the series revolves around advertising executive Donald Draper whose troubled and dark childhood shaped him into who he is not only as a creative, but also as a person.

In 2017, Josh appeared in “MiddleMan”, a 2016 comedy movie starring Jim O’Heir, and in the same year in the drama series “Twin Peaks”.

Private life

Josh does not reveal many details about his personal life and his marital status has not been revealed.

Josh McDermitt

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Social media

In May 2017, Josh decided to close his social media accounts after receiving several death threats: “When you start saying you hope I die, I don’t know if you’re talking about Josh or Eugene.” He stated, referring to messages sent to him by irate fans, who were upset by a plot twist involving his character Eugene in “The Walking Dead”.

However, this type of behavior was not new as he had been getting comments like this for some time now, “Death threats, don’t send me death threats because I will report all that nonsense to the police. I’m just tired of it.’ he said during a Facebook Live streaming, shortly before deciding to permanently end his presence on that platform and also delete his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

When asked about it in an interviewJosh stated, “I just know that the internet is just kind of a dark and negative place, which just breeds that mindset and those kinds of thoughts.”

Net value

Josh McDermitt has an estimated net worth of $4 million, as a result of his work as a comedian, stand-up performer and actor.


Josh is a man of white ethnicity, with blue eyes and natural blond hair, which he now dyes dark brown. He is 1.83 m tall. He has handsome features and his build is somewhat corpulent.

Interesting fats

Son of a Latino father, Josh grew up close to the Mexican community in Arizona, which is the reason for Josh’s admiration for people from that country“Mexican culture is such a beautiful culture and it certainly more than seeped into that community and that state.”

Josh is a certified hot air balloon pilot.

Josh’s character in “The Walking Dead” Eugene is known for being dark and lying to his peers, a trait McDermitt says was inspired by his brother Zach, who led his colleagues at Costco to believe he was Russian.

General information

First and last name Josh McDermitt
Net value $2 million
Date of birth June 4, 1978
Height 1.83 meters
Profession Comedian, actor
Nationality American


Movies Life in Color, Middle Man, The Third Wheel
TV shows Retired at 35, The Walking Dead

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# Fact
1 Is of Dutch and Portuguese descent.
2 Member of the Los Angeles-based Sketch and Improv group, Robert Downey Jr. Jr.
3 Own stock in the Green Bay Packers.
4 Is a balloon pilot.
5 Stand up comedian.




Title Year Status Character
Awful 2017 after-production account
The living Dead 2014-2018 TV serials Dr. Eugene Porter / Eugene
Twin Peaks 2017 TV serials Sensible guy
Escape! 2016 TV serials
Angie Tribeca 2016 TV serials Cook
Middle man 2016 T bird
Living in color 2015/i Homer
Crazy men 2014 TV serials George Payton
Headshots and handcuffs 2014 TV series short Captain Collins
The third wheel 2013 Short Marking
Retired at 35 2011-2012 TV serials Brandon
mind day 2012 Short Director Smithee
Working on it 2012 TV serials Quiz Emcee / Manager
Kings of Van Nuys 2012 TV movie Event official
The field 2010/i Short Eric
Iron Man 2 Reading Table 2010 Video short Jon Favreau
Madison hall 2009 Dirk Rechtmann
Rehab clinic for the rejected 2009 TV movie Larry


Title Year Status Character
Hollywood game night 2017 TV series performer – 1 episode
The living Dead 2017 Episode 1 of the TV series


Title Year Status Character
Living in color 2015/i co-producer

Thank you

Title Year Status Character
The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far 2016 Special thanks for TV movie documentary


Title Year Status Character
Life after flash 2017 Documentary post production Himself
Hollywood game night 2017 TV serials Himself – Celebrity player
WGN morning news 2017 TV serials Himself
Talk dead 2014-2017 TV serials Himself / Himself – Guest / Himself – Panelist / …
The initiate 2017 TV serials Himself
@midnight 2017 TV serials Himself
The kitchen of hell 2016 TV serials Himself – Restaurant Patron
Last conversation with Carson Daly 2016 TV serials Himself
Access to Hollywood 2016 TV serials Himself
The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far 2016 TV movie documentary Himself / Dr. Eugene Porter
Hollywood Today Live 2016 TV serials Himself
Good morning America 2015 TV serials Himself – Guest
The Joe Rogan Experience 2011-2015 TV serials Himself
Inside the Walking Dead: Walker University 2014 TV movie documentary Himself
Best week ever 2014 TV serials Himself – Special guest
Teenagers want to know 2014 TV serials Himself – Guest
Latest comic stand 2006-2008 TV serials Himself / Herself – Comedian
Make a hot girl laugh 2008 TV Miniseries Himself – Comedian

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