Who is Jeezy’s daughter Amra Nor Jenkins? Her mother


Neither Amra nor Jenkins is the firstborn daughter of an American rapper Jay Wayne Jenkinpopularly known as Jeezy. Her father is best known for his Billboard chart hits The inspiration (2006) and The recession (2008). Furthermore, Jeezy is also known for exploring the hip hop subgenre of trap music and has been the de facto leader of United Streets Dopeboyz of America (USDA), a southern hip hop group.

As the daughter of such a well-known American music artist, Amra has been the talk of the town since birth. Besides, her parents had a nasty argument in court over her child support case. So, where is Amra Nor Jenkins today? Also know, who is the mother of Amra Nor Jenkin?


How old is neither Amra nor Jenkins?

As of 2023, Jeezy’s daughter Amra Nor Jenkins is 9 years old. Though her birthplace is yet to be discovered, she was born out of wedlock to her father Jeezy and her mother Mahlet GebreGiorgis on February 2014.

Amra Nor Jenkins is currently 9 years old
Baby Amra nor Jenkins

Amra grew up in her hometown alongside her parents until she was 5 years old. In 2019, when her parents separated, custody of the five-year-old girl spontaneously went to her mother. Nevertheless, reports suggest that Jeezy and his former partner Mahlet are now co-parenting their daughter.

Besides, the famous kid belongs to a mixed ethnic background as her mother is Ethiopian and her father is African American.

Siblings of Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra is the only child of her parents together. But Jenkins has three paternal half-siblings. The half-brother of the 9-year-old star boy Jadarius Jenkins is her father’s eldest child. Jadarius, 26 was born in 1996 of Jeezy’s relationship with her ex-girlfriend Tenesha Dykes. He is currently working in the fashion industry and has his own clothing line.

Amra Nor Jenkins has three half-siblings
Amra Nor Jenkins’ oldest half-brother

Furthermore, Jenkins also has a half-brother named Shyheim Jenkins. Amra also has a little half-sister Monaco Jenkin1, born on January 11, 2022, from her father’s marriage to Jeannie Mai.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ mother loves music as much as her father

Like her father, Amra Nor Jenkins’ mother, Mahlet (stage name Mahi), is also a singer. To date, she has sung numerous Ethiopian songs titled gojoy, Hambel, Aleka’Do, emihelu, and much more. Her songs are available on almost all digital platforms. The Ethiopian singer was also a food ambassador in Tigray three years ago.

Needless to say, Amra’s father Jeezy is one of the most accomplished rappers in the American music industry. Born September 28, 1977Jeezy, 45, started his career in 1998 by founding the record label imprint CTE World alongside his former manager Demetrius “Kinki B” Ellerbee.

He released his first album Thuggin’ Under the Influence (TUI) in 2001. Later, the artist rose to fame after his blockbuster albums Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, The Inspiration, Cold Summer, and many others charted on Billboard’s top chart.

Amra’s parent relationship; Were they married?

Her parents Jeezy and Mahi never married. Two years after the now ex couple welcomed their bundle of joy in the form of Amra, they got engaged.

Amra Nor Jenkins Parents were never married
JeezyAmra Nor Jenkins’ parents

However, within three years, the betrothed duo called off their engagement and parted ways. After their divorce, Jeezy announced his relationship with television host Jeannie Mai in November 2018. Three years later March 27, 2021, The inspiration singer exchanged vows with the TV presenter in an intimate ceremony. The couple is now in a happy marriage.

On the other hand, the current relationship status of Amra Nor Jenkins mother is not known.

Jenkin’s mother filed a lawsuit against her father for child support

After her parents separated, Jenkis’ mother got custody of their daughter. Later, Jezzy had agreed to pay $7,500 a month for baby support, in addition to $30,000 a year for Amra’s school fees.

But in 2020, during the COVID pandemic, Mahi filed a lawsuit against her baby’s father alleging that he failed to pay child support as per their agreement. At the time, Amra’s mother also claimed that Jeezy was an absent father. Her lawyer in this regard mention,

“…she is originally from Ethiopia and has no family in the United States and [was] left as the sole caretaker of the parties daughter in these scariest times.

But Jeezy denied all allegations. Later, Mahi re-filed the case in family court and the two eventually reached an agreement. At the moment, it seems that the two have solved the problem.

Where is Amra Nor Jenkins today?

As we said earlier, Amra is growing up under the care of her mama. It seems like her mother is doing her best to give her a normal life. On the other hand, her popular dad doesn’t seem too fond of talking about his first daughter since his divorce from his baby’s mother.

According to sources, Amra lives in her mother’s home country, Ethiopia.

Amra Nor Jenkins’ father is a millionaire

As of 2023, Amra’s famous musician father Jeeze has an estimated net worth of $10 million. No doubt he earned such a huge amount of money from his musical career. And her mother reportedly has a fortune of $2.8 million.