Who is Fusion? Age, Height, Ethnicity, Pregnant, Boyfriend, Wiki


• Fuslie (Leslie Fu) is an American gamer and singer.
• She is of Chinese descent.
• She studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of California before taking a year off and becoming a tutor.
• She started streaming her gaming escapades on Twitch, which became her passion and led her to drop her master’s degree.
• She has a romantic relationship with Edison Park and they are engaged.


Fuslie – whose real name is Leslie Fu – is an American gamer and singer born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius on November 27, 1992 in the US. She is best known as a successful Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator.


Early life and ethnicity

While not much is known about Fuslie’s family, she has been confirmed to be of Chinese descent. Further details about her childhood and early education are not known.

She studied veterinary medicine at Irvine-based University of California (UCI). But in 2015 – a year before graduating – she started to rethink her career choice, as one of her teachers told her she was not suited for it“That really touched me, and that was something I kept with me, if a vet of 20 years tells me I shouldn’t be a vet, maybe I shouldn’t be a vet.” So I thought about this a lot more.”

Before graduating from UCI, she took a year off and became a tutor while considering other professional options: “I was in a program that involved working with students, and I really liked it, so I went home one day and said this path is not for me, I’m going into education, so at the last minute, my last quarter at UCI, I switched to education.’


Early steps

During her year off, Fuslie tried to earn more credits before entering her Graduate School to become a teacher.

But she soon found herself investing more in video games than her profession, thanks to the urgings of her roommates Billy, Alex, and Raymond: “Those three guys, they introduced me to “League of Legends” (LoL) and I could remember a time when I had more fun with a group of friends than playing competitively. And I was like, ‘wow, I’ve been missing something like gaming and just this whole experience I’ve been missing my whole life’. I had played “Pokemon” in the past, but really for online gaming, the closest I got to “Neopets” was when I was a kid,” she said in an interview with Stream labs.

However, her sudden interest in video games took a different path as suggested by her friend Alex to start streaming her gaming escapades on the platform Twitch.


Although Fuslie was not an experienced gamer, she started sharing videos on the platform for fun: “I wasn’t too concerned about it when I first started. I remember being excited that there were people, even five people who were happy to go geeky about LoL with me. Because when I talk about competition with my friends, everyone would say, no, but online you get all the support, like, yes, new patch notes!’

Despite enjoying sharing her interests with people on the internet, she found that she wanted to be watched by more people as she started creating more content. This got her involved in an online gaming community, which Fuslie says was a pivotal point in her growth as a streamer, as she began to receive support from people who appreciated her videos: “Don’t just start streaming out of the blue and expect people to just look at you.

Like, why is someone going to look at you? If you’re part of a community and you’ve been involved, maybe other members of the community will come along and say, hi, come over, drop a follower because they know you from that community.”

While Fuslie recommends that finding people with common interests is important to growing as a streamer, she believes genuine interactions are just as important in the gaming community as it can create strong bonds and even friendships.

What started as a hobby became Fuslie’s passion, which is why – six months after starting on Twitch – she decided to drop out of her master’s degree, due to the pressure she felt to produce new content while pursuing her studies at the same time. .

Who inspires her?

Fuslie has revealed that one of the first streamers she found during her beginnings was Pokimane, who left a good impression on her: “I thought her streams were so great. I thought she had such a great personality. She held up so well. I remember being really inspired by her.”

In addition to admiring other celebrity streamers like xChocoBars, Fuslie has revealed that AnglesKimi was also important to her during her early career: “When I first started, she was just starting before me. And I remember when I looked at her profile I thought, ‘wow, she’s got it all’. Her panels, just the way she’s holding herself, everything.’

Other games and YouTube

In addition to LoL, Fuslie has also played games like “Counter Strike”, “H1Z1”, “Detroit” and “The Last of Us”. She has no schedule of what games she wants to play, she chooses what suits her mood at the time.

This has led her to become a creator of various content, with a video repertoire featuring cover songs and the renovation of her game studio.

In August 2015, she posted her first video on YouTubeand has attracted over 200,000 subscribers to its platform to date.

Private life


Fuslie is currently in a romantic relationship with Edison Park, who is also a Twitch streamer. He was manager of the game channel Offline TV, although he left the position in 2019.

In March 2019, Fuslie accepted Park’s marriage proposal during a live stream on his Twitch channel.

In an interview with Streamlabs, she confessed that she had no idea her boyfriend, who was engaged, would propose: “We had often talked about it as a joke or we would have loved to meditate on it on stream. , you know. It was like something in my chat to be, it’s time and there would be a ring any minute. It was kind of like an ongoing joke, but when he pulled the ring out I was just in shock. Really, if you go back to the clip, I really thought it was a chipotle burrito. Like he pulled out a purse and I was like, I remember thinking, is he proposing? And then I remember going, no, he’s not, that’s ridiculous.”


There has been speculation that Fuslie is pregnant, but these rumors seem unfounded as she has shown no indication that she is expecting a child.

Net value

Fuslie has an estimated net worth of over $100,000 which is largely a result of her work as a Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator.

Physical appearance

Fuslie has beautiful features and a slim figure. However, her height and current weight are unknown.

Interesting facts

Her first experience with shooting games was “Counter-Strike”.

Fuslie’s designs and merchandise can be found in meta threads.

She has said that a bed is the strangest gift she has ever received from a fan.

Traveling is one of the favorite pastimes: ‘I love, love, love to travel. I think I realized that after traveling so much this year. Berlin, Korea, Vegas, just everywhere. I want to see more and more of the world. So when I’m not streaming, I’m just planning a trip or I’m looking up places in the world.’

She thoroughly enjoys fan gatherings and gaming conventions: “it’s incredible, it’s surreal to have people jump out of their computer screens and they’ll say their names and I’m like, ‘Oh my god I’ve seen you in my year long chat every day and now you’re here in the flesh’.