Who is Brittany Venti? Age, height, boyfriend, net worth


• Formerly banned from the Twitch streaming platform
• American nationality, born in 1997
• Started Twitch streaming in 2014
• Activities transferred to Hitbox and YouTube after Twitch ban
• Registered Republican who supports Donald Trump


Brittany Venti is now a popular YouTuber, who was previously banned from the Twitch streaming platform. Brittany still insists her ban was unfair because she did nothing wrong, while the internet trolls from sources like 4Chan flooded her text-to-speech with racist slogans, which were then played in her stream.


Early life and family

Brittany Dier was born on September 21, 1997 in New York, USA, so her zodiac sign is Virgo and she is an American national. Nothing is known about her parents, even though she still lives with them. Brittany has a younger sister and an older brother, whose names are also unknown. There is also no information about why and when she changed her name.

Educational background

Rumors of Brittany’s dropping out of school were circulating in 2014, but she enrolled in her local New York high school in 2015. She then said that she did indeed have problems with her teachers, with whom she argued a lot. There is no information about her college education, if any.


Start a Twitch account

Brittany started her Twitch streaming channel on July 19, 2014 and named her profile “The Lollipop Ninja”. She played various games, such as Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, etc., and always chatted nicely with her followers; probably her politeness provoked the internet trolls to attack her on her streams.

From the very beginning of her streaming, trolls often flooded her chat with tons of emojis, links to various memes, and made her text-to-speech produce offensive stuff. She banished the trolls as quickly as she could, but it only made them more active.

In May 2015, Brittany’s Twitch channel became even more popular, when she started sharing her feminist thoughts with her viewers. She soon felt the support of her female followers and then focused on that topic. The users of sources like 4Chan (famous for trolling), Reddit, etc. started visiting her stream again and again, and their ‘raids’ on her channel even made her cry during her live stream. The video with the peak of that stream later being viewed over 750,000 times.

Ultimately, Brittany’s channel was banned by Twitch on June 12, 2015, as her stream allegedly contained pornographic, racist, and suggestive content – Brittany did none of that list – everything was “brought” by the internet trolls.

Switch to Hitbox.tv

After being banned on Twitch, Brittany transferred her activities and streams to Hitbox.tv, another streaming platform founded in October 2013. Hitbox.tv was one of Twitch’s main competitors, so Brittany retaliated there against both the platform she was banned from, and the trolls that caused her account to be deleted. However, Hitbox.tv never became as popular as Twitch, so in 2017, Brittany somehow got her Twitch account restored and returned to the platform on July 27, 2017.

She continued to share her gaming videos and streams, not forgetting her feminist ideas as well. The internet trolls couldn’t resist looting her stream again and filling her chat with various memes, especially the ones she found most annoying: John Cena catch-line, The Hedgehog’s Green Hill Zone music, Sandstorm’s Darude song game, etc. All those things made Brittany scream again, but she didn’t stop streaming.

While she was playing, other people who wanted to anger her found her character in games like GTA V and caused various problems for her character, for example, they destroyed her in-game car, fought with her character, shot her character while she was drove her car and even imitated raping her character, etc.; all of those things simply made playing the game impossible and unbearable for Brittany.

Finally, on April 3, 2018, Brittany’s Twitch stream was banned for playing the YouTube Headquarters shooting game. She insisted she wasn’t breaking any rules and thought the ban was “ridiculous,” but her Twitch account was permanently deleted.

Transfer to YouTube

On April 27, 2015, Brittany created her YouTube channel and posted the highlights of her Twitch streams. However, when the latter platform permanently banned her account, she made her YouTube account her main profile for streaming and posting videos. Along with her gaming content, Brittany posted several blogs in 2018, including more political and social content.

Like a registered Republican Brittany supported Donald Trump in her videos, so she faced a lot of negative backlash for her support of the current US president.

One of the most popular videos on her channel is titled “Pokifake The Phoney Streamer”, and as of 2020, it has over 1.5 million views; in the video, Brittany shared her attitude to another popular streamer, Pokimane, calling her “pathetic, stupid and fake.”

As of 2020, Brittany has been making many videos about her hatred of pornography proliferation. In one of her latest videos, she even said she considered pornography (and the source PornHub in particular) more dangerous than COVID-19, to claim that inappropriate content spread even faster than the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Brittany Venti

She also entertains her viewers reading the Constitution aloud, to pray life, etc.

Presence on other social media platforms

Brittany also uses other social media platforms to spread the word against pornography, inappropriate content, etc. She created a Patreon profile that says “Britagne Venti creates a traditional lifestyle”. Supported by 66 patrons, Brittany shares her views on the modern family institution and expresses her views on various social issues. She is also developing her Instagram account titled “Brittany Wears,” in which she shares her Japanese-style looks and outfits,” the profile is followed by more than 35,000 people.

Brittany also has one Fans only profile, creating special content for subscription payments.

Private life

Brittany has never been noticed in a relationship, but she has say she’s pro-monogamy, so she’s not dating someone just to have a boyfriend.

Has Brittany been arrested for fighting?

In 2017 Brittany had been arrested by the New York Police Department for its battle against Antifa protesters during the May Labor Day counter-protest that Brittany attended. According to her words from the Periscope video she posted while in police custody, she was hit on the head by a male Antifa protester. Brittany was eventually released; there is no information on whether she was required to pay a fine.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Brittany mentioned in one of her videos that she takes medication for the bipolar disorder that she suffered for years.
  • Brittany likes to shop; her favorite stores are Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret; the latter shop makes her even happier when she has her favorite leggings in pink, which is her favorite color.
  • Brittany’s favorite drink is a Starbucks hazelnut frappuccino.
  • She likes yoga; she also likes walking on the beach.
  • Her all-time favorite game is Lollipop Chainsaw; she also likes to play pokemon.
  • Brittany has two cats named Coochie and Cosmo.
  • One of her favorite books is “Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot” by Mikki Kendall.

https://mixer.com/BrittanyVentiStreamsANIMAL CROSSINGI finally made my room cute

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Appearance, clothing style

Brittany has long, very curly black hair and brown eyes; she often wears contact lenses with a bright gray color. Her height, weight and vital statistics are not available at this time. As for her dress style, she tends to wear Japanese style clothes and chooses the outfits from modern Japanese fashion magazines.

Wealth and salary

As of 2020, Brittany reportedly has a net worth of over $100,000. When she was banned from Twitch, she lost a lot of followers and content twice, so she is doing her best to remember her audience, now on her YouTube channel.