Where is Rebecca Soteros now? Untold Facts About Paul Walker’s Girlfriend


Rebecca Soteros is an alleged elementary school teacher, primarily from Hawaii. She is better known as the ex-girlfriend of the late Fast and The Furious actor Paul Walker.

Soteros and Paul, who tragically died in a car accident in November 2013, were together for a few years in the late ’90s, during which time they also became parents to a daughter.

However, Rebecca never got as much attention from the publisher – unlike Paul’s other partners or even his daughter Meadow. To date, Soteros has only managed to get her name in the dailies under a few circumstances. Bypass the clues that explain her personality, why she’s seemingly decided to keep a low profile, what she’s doing these days, anyway, and hence wikis.


Rebecca Soteros Profile Summary

Name Rebecca Soteros
Date of birth March 1974
Age 49
Sexual orientation Straight away
Parents Julie Ann Soteros & Mark Soteros
Rebecca Soteros baby daddy Paul Walker
Children Meadow rain runner
Net value $15 million

Rebecca Soteros Birth, Parents, Siblings, Education

Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros, often referred to as Becky Jo or Rebecca McBrain, was born in March 1974. She is the daughter of Mark and Julie Ann Soteros.

The late actor from the Fast and The Furious franchise, the ex-girlfriend of Paul Walker, Rebecca Soteros or Rebecca McBrain.
Model, Meadow Walker’s mother, and the late Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros. From Instagram

Rebecca, who is now 48 years old, grew up with her younger brother, Joshua. She attended Village Christian School in California and graduated in 1992. The brunette received her bachelor’s degree in secondary education and later took up teaching as a profession.

What Does Rebecca Soteros Do; Where does she live now?

Because of Rebecca’s ever-so-off-the-record life, magazines barely have an answer to what Walker’s former partner has been up to all these years.

However, old logs and records show that she used to work as a school teacher and presumably works to this day. She is also said to live primarily in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kalakaua Ave.

The relationship between Rebecca and late friend Paul Walker

The Brick townhouses actor, Paul and Rebecca had a short-lived relationship. They met several years before the former shot to fame in 2001’s The Fast And The Furious.

Soteros and Paul had begun their relationship when the Glendale native was still relatively unknown after the two met in California in early 1998. It’s unclear what caused the pair to break up, or when their relationship ended, but they never married nonetheless.

The Fast and The Furious actor Paul Walker with his ex-partner Rebecca Soteros.
Former Hawaii native and ex-school teacher, Rebecca Soteros with her late ex-partner and actor, Paul Walker.

Some say they broke up sometime in late 1999 due to Paul and Rebecca’s years of countless fights over the latter’s drinking problems. On the other hand, some claim that Walker refused to marry Rebecca at the time because he did not think he was mature enough.

It was later reported that he felt guilty about it. In December 2013, the Joy Ride himself admitted that he was not a husband material enough to marry Rebecca and even confessed that he was not faithful to her.

“I knew where I stood with chicks and having fun. I mean, I slept with her (Rebecca’s) friends, to cry out loud. You know what I mean? I was an animal, and so I want to be there and my heart wants to be in it, but the mind just doesn’t follow.

the late Californian said as he spoke to WENN.

After their breakup, Paul reportedly started dating Jasmine Gossel. It is said that Paul and Gosnell first started dating when she was just 16 years old.

Soteros and Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker

However, while they were together, Paul and Rebecca Soteros had a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker November 4, 1998. They had her less than a year after they started dating.

Meadow lived with her mother in Hawaii until her pre-teen years. Meadow, the only child of Rebecca and Paul, returned to California in 2011 to live with her father.

Paul Walker with him and his ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros' daughter, Meadow Walker.
The late actor Paul Walker with his and Rebecca Soteros’ daughter, Meadow Walker. Facebook

Rebecca was also supposed to come to California, but by then her ex-boyfriend had died in a car accident.

Her and The Takers Actor’s daughter Meadow is now an upcoming model married to the castigated actor Louis Thornton Allan. Although Paul’s former partner keeps a low profile and stays away from the fierce publicity, she reportedly remains close to Meadow.

Meadow was 15 years old when her father Paul was killed in a fatal car accident. However, she lived with Paul for the past three years after she left her home in Hawaii where her mother, Rebecca, raised her.

Rebecca inherited nothing from Paul Walker; The late actor left all his net worth to his daughter

Since the late actor Paul Walker named his only child, Meadow, in his will as the sole beneficiary of his entire estate, Rebecca likely received no money from her former partner.

Not to mention, Soteros was also long divorced from the Eight below actor before he died in November 2013.

According to sources, Meadow inherited Paul’s entire fortune. It was originally thought to be $25 million, but according to TMZ, it was worth a total of $16 million.

Paul Walker’s mother fought for custody of Meadow against Rebecca Soteros

In the past, Cheryl, Rebecca and Paul’s mother, had a bit of a disagreement over who should handle the late actor’s and his daughter Rebecca’s money. This was sometime after Paul’s death, in the summer of 2014.

According to the then January 6, 2014 print edition of Star magazine, Paul’s parents argued that they should be in charge of both because they know how their son would want them to move on.

In 2014, a source told E! that Meadow and Soteros didn’t expect Cheryl to go to court.

She's All That actor Paul Walker and his mother Cheryl Walker.
Cheryl Walker and her son and Into The Blue actor Paul Walker.

The source said that while there were discussions, no one mentioned it [Meadow and Soteros] they went through with it. Rebecca and her daughter first heard about it when they saw it on TMZ. They both initially found Cheryl seeking custody very disgusting.

While calling for Meadow’s custody, Paul’s mother cited Soteros’ two DUIs as an explanation. Rebecca, on the other hand, said she should have a say in how her daughter’s father’s wealth is divided. A source said at the time that Rebecca was also willing to never let anyone else take care of her daughter.

At the time, Soteros and her daughter Meadow were living in Cali in a house that Walker had bought for them. Paul’s parents have always had an advantage over their actor son’s estate since Rebecca never married Walker.

In addition, Paul had stipulated in his will that his mother should assume the role of Meadow’s guardian. So Cheryl’s lawsuit was in line with his wishes. They went on to say that Rebecca should not be the legal guardian of then-teen Meadow.

Cheryl filed court papers to get custody of then 15-year-old Meadow Rain Walker. Paul Walker’s mother reportedly claimed that his teenage daughter’s mother, Meadow, had a drinking problem at the time. Meadow had moved to California at the time to live near her father, Paul.

TMZ later confirmed Cheryl finally agreed to drop her case if Soteros completed a rehabilitation program. Paul’s former partner, Rebecca, agreed, and Meadow later went to live with her mother.

Rebecca’s two cases of drunk driving

Paul’s former partner, Rebecca, has been taken into custody twice in the past for drunk driving (DUI) in 2003 and 2013. Soteros pleaded guilty to drunk driving following an October 18, 2003 arrest in Newport Beach, California.

Then she had to follow 3 years of probation. The 2013 incident of Soteros’ DUI took place in Hawaii, according to public records. Fortunately, none of the accidents involved minors.

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Is Rebecca Soteros on social media?

Soteros’ daughter, Meadow, occasionally posts on Instagram. Although all in all Rebecca has stayed away from the focus of interest and social media. In fact, since the 2014 custody battle, Soteros has become just as much of a nobody.

Rebecca and the late Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow Walker in June 2022.
The late actor Paul Walker and his ex-partner’s daughter, Meadow Walker in June 2022. Instagram

While there are some pictures of her on stands like Instagram, Facebook and others, it is unclear if she herself is in the game on such hangouts.

Interestingly, even Meadow doesn’t seem to be bothered to give her mother, Rebecca, some mentions. This is clearly in stark contrast to the cases where she never forgets to remember her father, a deceased actor.


  • Rebecca Soteros was educated in California.
  • She worked as a teacher in the past.
  • Rebecca started dating the late actor Paul Walker in 1998.
  • After her relationship with Paul ended, she moved from California.
  • She was once an alcoholic.
  • Rebecca didn’t inherit any money from Paul Walker.

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