What happened to Ethan Dolan? How old is he? Age, height


• Ethan Dolan is an online celebrity and entrepreneur born in 1999 in New Jersey, USA.
• His signature content was comedy and he reached six million followers on Vine.
• In 2019, he and his brother released their own fragrance brand Wakeheart.
• In 2020, he adopted a vegan lifestyle and shared vegan recipes on social media.
• After his father’s death, he started a Cancer Awareness Foundation.


Ethan Dolan is an online celebrity, influencer and entrepreneur born on December 16, 1999 in New Jersey, USA. He is known as a former Vine content creator and for his Dolan Twins YouTube channel where he posts videos featuring his brother.


Early life

There is not much information about Ethan Dolan’s early life, including his educational background. He is the son of Lisa and Sean Dolan, has an older sister named Cameron and his twin brother named Grayson. His family is of Irish descent.

Along with his brother, Ethan started wrestling at a young age, which has helped him maintain a good physical condition and led him to attend important matches.


Content creator

In May 2013, Ethan and his brother Grayson began posting videos on the now-defunct short clips app Vine. Their signature content was mostly comedy, gaining them over six million followers until the site was partially shut down in 2017.

In 2014, the twin brothers created a YouTube channel called “Dolan Twins”, on which they shared similar content to that on Vine, although the format was different. Ethan and his brother’s somewhat anticipated success on this web led them to embark on the “4OU” world tour in 2016 and win several awards, including the Choice Web Star and Choice YouTuber categories at the Teen Choice Awards.

Ethan and his brother consistently posted videos to YouTube for four years, then took a short hiatus from the platform in March 2018, stating they would reframe the channel’s creative ways. In May of that year, they ended their hiatus and announced that they were part of the YouTube series “The Sister Squad” along with fellow celebrity content creators Emma Chamberlain and James Charles.

In October 2019, the brothers announced that their channel’s content would be permanently changing, as they felt it no longer represented their personality and affected their emotional well-being and mental health.

This sudden announcement was triggered by the death of their father in early 2019, which led to several changes in the brothers’ outlook on life, as Ethan explained in the video.It’s time to move on“If we hadn’t recorded a video every week, we could have spent more time with our family around the time they needed us.


I am 2019 Ethan and his brother Grayson released their fragrance brand Wakeheart, presenting two fragrances and achieving huge commercial success. In 2020, the twins released the first brand collection called “Enterlight”, which contained three fragrances personally developed by the brothers.

Ethan talked about this milestone in his career with NYLON magazine about it: ‘Part of the reason we chose fragrance is because of the trust it can inspire in an individual. For us it was a proof of ourselves; every time we wore certain fragrances we felt our best. So to be able to share that trust with our viewers and the people we care about and respect so much was our main focus in creating this company.”

Private life

What happened to Ethan Dolan?

In August 2018, Ethan Dolan had an accident on his motorcycle. Although the event was not serious, he spent several days recovering in the hospital and decided to stop cycling.

Ethan Dolan

He shared his thoughts about the unfortunate incident with him Twitter account, confessing that he was thankful to be alive: “I was in a pretty shitty motorcycle accident.. I’m totally fine. In one way or another. I realize that whatever you can do, anything can happen. In general, anything can happen, enjoy every day and just be thankful you’re here.”

Currently, Ethan is in good health and still active on his social media accounts as well as on YouTube.

romantic relationships

In 2018, Ethan Dolan was romantically linked to fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain. However, neither has commented on said rumors.

More recently, in 2020, Ethan was rumored to be in a relationship with Australian influencer Kristina Alice, who appeared as his romantic interest in Club Sport’s music video titled “Hawaiian Party” directed by him and his brother.

While the relationship between the two seemed like just a fan rumor at first, Ethan and Kristina were spotted together on a beach and sharing Instagram Stories from the same place. Intrigued by the various coincidences, Ethan’s fans inquired about his relationship status in the “Addressing About Us” video, where he confirmed that he was in a “committed relationship.”

Despite not confirming his girlfriend’s identity, his fans were eager to confirm that Kristina is his current partner, “The girl he kissed in the music video.” I think everyone knows that by now. Like reading the room,” one of his fans tweeted.

Ethan decided it was time to show their love to the rest of the world and started posting photos with Kristina on his social media, and she appeared in a Dolan Twins live video, saying she would be traveling to the US to visit Ethan. .

In October 2020 the Dolan Twins posted a VLOG on their channelshowing Kristina’s arrival in the US, “I’m not gonna lie, this is a surreal feeling, it’s been about four months since we’ve seen each other and I had no idea when we might see each other again.”

In the video, he also shared information about his plans to move to Australia to spend more time with Kristina: “I applied for my residency, but my application is still pending. Fortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was able to get an exemption to travel here to visit and I don’t know how it happened, but I’m extremely blessed.”

Since then, Ethan has shared several photos of himself and his girlfriend together on his social media accounts.

Father’s death

Ethan’s father died on January 19, 2019 at the age of fifty due to complications related to cancer.


In September 2019, Ethan and his twin brother Grayson purchased a mansion in Hollywood for $2.5 million, leaving behind their previous home in Encino. Their new house is said to be luxurious with four bedrooms, various conveniences and a spacious garden.

In terms of his personal care, Ethan Dolan started adopting a vegan lifestyle in 2020, just like him thought about his past eating habits from a moral perspective, “As I sat on that thought, I realized that this simply deprives animals of their right to a free life.

Ethan Dolan

Personally, I could never kill an animal, so I wouldn’t let other people do it and then just buy them from the store or restaurant.’

The change was easy for him, as he revealed on a Instagram message“The transition from eating anything I wanted to being strictly vegan was actually seamless and one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I enjoyed finding my new favorite meals and vegan alternatives to my old favorites. It feels good to know what I’m putting into my body and exactly how it will make me feel. It also feels good to know that I am giving back to the planet that has given me so much.”

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Feeling that he needed to create awareness about eating habits, Ethan often shares vegan recipes on his social media accounts.

How old is he?

As of October 2020, Ethan Dolan is 20 years old.

Net value

Ethan Dolan has an estimated net worth of $3 million which is a result of his work as a YouTuber, Vine content creator and for his Wakeheart brand.

Physical appearance

Ethan Dolan has a well-built appearance and his face is often described as handsome. He is 1.80 m tall and weighs about 73 kg.

Interesting facts

  • He and his brother are from Washington Township.
  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • He is friends with Jeffree Star.
  • Together with his brother, Ethan started a podcast in early 2020 titled “Deeper with the Dolan Twins”.

Ethan suffers from severe acne, a condition he openly has spoke on his social media after receiving several malicious comments about his appearance: “If you struggle with your skin, no matter how serious your condition is…I encourage you to embrace it.”

Ethan and his brother Grayson started a cancer awareness foundation after their father’s death.

General information

First and last name Ethan Dolan
Profession Comedian, rugby player
Education Life University
Nationality American, American


Parents Lisa Dolan, Sean Dolan
Brothers or sisters Grayson Dolan, Cameron Dolan, Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan

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