The Untold Truth of Randy Moss’ ex-‘wife’


• Libby Offutt is the ex-girlfriend of Randy Moss, with whom she has 5 children.
• She attended Saint Albans High School and DuPont High School in West Virginia and played sports.
• Libby and Randy separated because of his infidelity and he later married Lydia.
• She admitted to having drug problems, but has been clean since 2007.
• Randy is a retired American Footballer and philanthropist who works as a sports analyst for ESPN.



Who is Libby Offutt, Randy Moss’ ex-girlfriend?

Elizabeth Ann ‘Libby’ Offutt was born in St. Albans, West Virginia USA, on November 1, 1975 – her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she is an American national. She is a housewife, but perhaps most famous because she was Randy Moss’ ex-girlfrienda famous American Football player – many people think she is Randy’s ex-wife as they have five children together, but the two never actually married.

Early life and education

Libby was raised in St. Albans alongside her sisters Angela and Jennifer by their father Frank Montgomery Offutt, who was a businessman and who served as chairman of the board of Christian educationand their mother Margarette who was a housewife.

Frank also worked for several companies, including Monsanto, Goodrich-Gulf Rubber Plant, and MTI Engineering, and was a basketball coach; he died on November 28, 2012 after undergoing surgery to repair his “pure autonomic failure” degenerative disorder.

Libby attended Saint Albans High School in West Virginia where she was one of the most popular girls because of her attractive looks. After her family moved, she attended DuPont High School where she became physically active as she started playing different sports and she also became interested in swimming.

She mainly exercised because she wanted to stay fit and planned to become a model, but things changed for her after she started dating Randy Moss.

After her entrance exam in 1993, she decided not to pursue a college education, but to look for a ‘regular job’ to support herself and later her children financially.

Love life and relationship with Randy Moss

Libby met Randy while she was attending DuPont High School, and they only dated for a few months before Libby became pregnant. Although she was advised by her friends and family to have an abortion so she could continue her studies and work on her career, Libby chose to give birth, and she and Randy welcomed their daughter Sydney Nikale Moss on March 6, 1994.

Libby Offutt

Not many people were supportive of their relationship, because Randy is black and Libby is white, and things got even worse after the birth of their daughter. In 1995, when someone insulted Randy, he got into a fight and was sent to jail for three days, ruining his plans for the future, as he lost his Notre Dame football scholarship.

In 1996, both Randy and Libby were taken to a police station after their neighbors reported domestic violence but neither filed a report, and they continued to live with Libby and gave birth to their four children Senali, Montigo, Thaddeus and Sylee.

Shortly after the birth of their fifth child, Libby and Randy separated due to what appears to be his infidelity, and he married Lydia.

Many years later in 2016, Randy recounted how Libby spent a fortune on drugs and turned down his offer to pay for her rehab program. them with Lydia. Libby claimed Randy wasn’t telling the truth and that he and Lydia wouldn’t let her see her kids.

Sydney has become a basketball player while Thaddeus is a football player and today plays for Fighting Tigers (Louisiana State University team).

Drug problems, hobbies and interests

Libby admitted to having drug problems in the past, but claims she has been clean since 2007, as her mother Margaret has supported her claims. She is rumored to be physically active again, and although she is not as good as before, she occasionally plays soccer and tennis with her friends, and works out at the gym several times each week to stay in shape. Her pregnancies have left her somewhat overweight, and while she’s not trying to lose the weight, her training has improved her stamina and made her feel better about herself.

She likes to watch movies late at night, and some of her favorite actors and actresses are Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie, while a few of her favorite movies are “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Meet Joe Black” and ” Titanic”.

Libby’s ability

Libby’s net worth is estimated to be over $10,000 as of June 2020 while Randy’s ability is estimated at more than $25 million. Libby’s hair color is brown, although she usually dyes it blonde/grey, and her eyes are blue. She is 44 years old.

Who is Randy Moss?

Randy Gene Moss was born in Charleston, West Virginia on February 13, 1977 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius and he is an American national.

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He is a retired professional American Footballer, who played in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 years, while he currently works as a sports analyst.

Randy grew up in Rand, West Virginia with his siblings Eric and Lutisia, and attended DuPont High School where he met Libby. He was one of the most active students there, playing football, baseball, and basketball, while also playing track and field and being on the debate team. Although he chose football for his career, he also excelled in basketball, as he was named a two-time West Virginia Player of the Year, as well as in track and field and was the West Virginia State Champion for both 100 and 200-meter runs. He was expelled from DuPont High School before entrance exam, and had to finish his education at Cabell Alternative School.

He enrolled at Florida State University in Tallahassee, but was expelled after a test showed he smoked marijuana. He began college at Marshall University and began playing for Marshall Thundering Herd. Before graduating, he joined the NFL league and began playing for the Minnesota Vikings, staying with them for seven years before signing a contract with the Oakland Raiders on March 2, 2005. He was not satisfied with the team and so moved to the New England Patriots in 2007, where he stayed until 2010 before returning to Minnesota for a week when he was transferred to the Tennessee Titans. On August 1, 2011, it was announced that Randy would retire, but he came back to play for the San Francisco 49ers on March 12, 2012 before finally retiring the following year.

In July 2016, he started working at ESPN Network as a football analyst and appeared on their shows “Monday Night Countdown” and “Sunday NFL Countdown”.

Randy is a philanthropist who has been helping underprivileged children since the birth of his first child. He has donated clothing and food to those in need since the start of his football career, and on June 29, 2005, he founded the Randy Moss Celebrity Charity Invitational Bass Tournament, which was held once a year and the money raised was donated to Smile Network. He also founded the Links for Learning Foundation in 2008, which aims to help underprivileged children in West Virginia.

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