The story of faith Lianne



Who is Faith Lianne?

American social media star, model and YouTuber Faith Lianne was born in Florida USA on December 26, 2002 making Capricorn her zodiac sign. She is launched quite recently her self-titled YouTube channel on November 21, 2021, which is why it has only nearly 1,300 people subscribed to it, while all of Faith’s videos have been viewed over 70,000 times; in most of these she shows off her butt, while in others she shoots at a shooting range, works out at the gym and answers her fans’ questions.

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Education and early life

Faith grew up alongside her brother Anthony Lianne in Florida, by their father who was in the US Army and their mother who is a housewife; Not much else has been revealed about Faith’s family, but it is known that today she lives with her brother, who is also her manager, and that her parents are dissatisfied with her “career” on the Internet.

Faith attended a local high school in Florida and was one of the top students there; she was interested in numerous activities, including playing some sports with her peers, dancing with the cheerleading club, and performing in several school plays.

Faith enrolled in 2021 and then enrolled at Harvard University, but she dropped out after just one year because she wanted to focus on her career on the internet.

Most Popular YouTube Videos

Faith is mostly popular on YouTube for the videos where she shows off her buttocks as well as her dancing skills but her fans also seem to like her for the numerous activities she often participates in as she gives them advice on working out going to the gym and dieting , and for taking on internet challenges. Even though Faith is quite new to YouTube, she still managed to get a lot of attention on the network, and we’re going to write about her three most popular videos, which her fans seem to like the most.

Her No. 1 video “Faith Lianne Instagram Video” has over 10,000 views as of May 10, 2022 and shows her showing off her bottom while wearing a bikini; the video has been marked as adult content by YouTube, so you must be logged in to view it.

Faith’s second most popular YouTube video “Faith Lianne” has received nearly 8,000 views as of December 18, 2021 and features her returning from a party, while also taking the opportunity to advertise a store that sold her merchandise.

Faith’s #3 most viewed video – “Faith Lianne Hot TikTok” – has been viewed almost 8,000 times as of December 27, 2021 and is a compilation of three short videos, in which Faith shows off her bottom.

Presence on social media networks

Faith is active on several social media networks, including OnlyFans; she has uploaded more than 330 photos and videos to the network, and all these photos together have collected more than 750,000 likes.

She is an Instagram star as today more than 6.6 million people follow Faith on the social media network as she has uploaded nearly 150 photos and videos; in most of her content, she shows off her attractive body, especially her buttocks, while her other photos and videos show her going about her daily life whether she is going to a party, cosplaying or playing tennis with her best friend.

Faith has tweeted nearly 250 times since launching her Twitter account in November 2020, and it’s followed by nearly 420,000 people today; she mainly uses the network to promote her OnlyFans account, while also uploading 18+ content that requires people to be logged in to view.

Faith is also active on Facebook, and her page is followed by almost 20,000 people today, and she updates it once every few days; her Facebook content is very similar to her Instagram content.

She has only recently become active on TikTok and only nearly 9,000 people follow her on this social media network, while all her videos have been viewed almost 20,000 times combined; most of them show her showing off her bottom.

Love life and relationships

Faith has not spoken about the men she has dated, nor has she been seen in public with any of them; she often goes out with her best friend and shows her off in her Instagram photos. Therefore, many of Faith’s fans believe that she is a lesbian and in a relationship with her girlfriend. Some have also claimed to have seen Faith and her girlfriend kissing at a club in Los Angeles, California, but no evidence has been provided to support these claims, nor has Faith addressed the rumours.

There are also those who claim that today she is in a relationship with an American boy who is not famous, and that she is afraid of the effect of the relationship on her “career” on the Internet, so does not share it with her fans; this is also unconfirmed.

To trust appears to be single has not been married as of March 2023 and has no children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Faith is very physically active and works out daily at the gym, while also playing a number of sports with her friends, tennis being her favourite.

She loves the summer, especially because she can show off her body on the beach and play beach volleyball and soccer.

Faith goes shopping for clothes every day, because that’s pretty important for her ‘career’ on the internet.

Some of her fans believe that she has improved her breasts and have also uploaded her “before and after surgery” photos on the internet, but Faith has yet to address these rumors.

Her favorite actresses are Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, and some of her favorite movies are “Iron Man 2”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “The Horse Whisperer”.

Height, eyes and wealth

Faith is 20 years old. She has brown eyes and blond hair, is 1.64 m tall and weighs about 50 kg.

Faith’s ability Estimated at over $650,000, as of March 2023.