Meet Lucy McLay, Antony Starr’s partner and their relationship


Lucy McLay is a costume designer for movies. She is a New Zealander who was once on the news for being in a relationship with actor Antony Starr. McLay’s former partner Starr is known as Homelander in the Amazon Prime superhero series The Boys. Starr definitely climbed to the next level after starring as the main antagonist, Homelander in the Boys. The series is also the recent nominee for Outstanding Drama Series.

With fame, Antony’s personal life has also been a point of contention at times. In the realm of this particular spectrum, one name seems to resonate surprisingly often – that of Lucy McLay. Her presence in this atmosphere is so ubiquitous that it almost feels like Starr is still dating her.

McLay has been both a costume supervisor and an assistant costume designer for films, among others The Meg, Adrift, Field Punishment No 1 and King Kong among other things. Here’s what we know about Antony Starr’s alleged ex-girlfriend.

Summary of Lucy McLay
Age late 1930s to mid 1940s
Date of birth late 70’s early 80’s
Nationality New Zealand
Occupation Costume designer
Relation Possibly single at the moment
Ex-boyfriends Anthony Starr
Height 5 feet 7 inches


Lucy McLay was most likely born in New Zealand

The common people hardly know anything about McLay other than her alleged relationship with Antony Starr. Most of her personal details are nothing but a great mystery. She definitely belongs to the group of people who can identify themselves as some who were secret partners of future big stars.

Costume designer Lucy McLay with one of her alleged relatives in August 2016.
Antony Starr’s ex-girlfriend Lucy McLay with one of her relatives. Facebook

What is believed, however, is that Starr’s alleged ex-girlfriend was also born somewhere in Auckland, New Zealand. Although her real birthplace is still missing.

McLay’s personal history remains largely unknown, with little information available despite mentions of her family and friends on social media.

The movies Lucy McLay has worked for as a costume designer

McLay started out as a major client for the 2000 TV series Jack Of All Trades.

In the years that followed, McLay supervised wardrobe duties in various series and films.

Antony Starr's ex-girlfriend Lucy McLay in April 2013
New Zealand-born costume designer Lucy McLay in April 2013

This one included Cleopatra 2525, Mercy Peak, The Last Samurai, Without A Paddle, King Kong, And Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. She is also better known for her work in Eagle Vs Shark, Outrageous Fortune, Show Of Hands, Underworld Rise Of The Lycans, Legend Of The Seeker, Matariki, and more.

Are McLay and Antony Starr relationship; Are they still dating?

According to GettyStarr and McLay last appeared together at the Qantas New Zealand Television Awards at the Civic Theater on September 13, 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Starr and McLay never spoke publicly about what kind of connection they had, whether they were just friends or something more. It is now also unclear when and for how long they dated.

Costume designer Lucy McLay with actor Antony Starr
The Boys actor Antony Starr with his rumored ex-girlfriend Lucy McLay

No one has seen them together since the late 2000s.

While Starr definitely tries his best to keep his personal life confidential, several sources have claimed that he and McLay have already broken up. Plus, in the present, he’s already brewing new rumors about having a secret relationship with one of his female costars. In contrast, the Daily mail until September 2021 still said the two were still together.

Who is McLay dating now?

Outsiders are in the dark when it comes to McLay’s current romantic endeavours, as she has largely kept her personal life in a shroud of mystery.

It’s been several years since Lucy has been seen with a man or in some scenario that could have fueled at least some theories about her love fundamentals.

New Zealand costume designer Lucy McLay with her alleged boyfriend in August 2016
Starr’s ex-girlfriend Lucy McLay with her alleged boyfriend in August 2016. Facebook

McLay’s status on social media doesn’t help much in this regard either. While the New Zealand designer was active on such hangouts a while ago, McLay’s now seems asleep in all those handles. The clothing stylist has been inactive on Facebook, Instagram and also on Spaces for several years.

However, there is something worth a discussion or two. McLay’s Facebook page, which hasn’t seen a new post since August 2016, features the photo of Starr’s ex-girlfriend with a random man in a white shirt. He can be anyone to McLay, from a family member to a friend. However, the physical displays of affection between them in the photo don’t rule out the possibility of secret romantic ties either.

Quick Facts

  • Mclay is a costume designer from New Zealand.
  • Lucy McLay has a sister named Ursula Grace Williams.
  • McLay dated Antony Starr from the late 2000s to early 2010s.
  • In the mid-2010s, Lucy McLay was seen with an alleged new boyfriend.
  • McLay was active on Facebook until August 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lucy McLay and Antony Starr Still Dating?

They may not be.

Does Lucy McLay have an Instagram?

She was active on Facebook until August 2016, but she is not yet seen publicly on Instagram.

Is Lucy McLay Dating Someone?

She was last seen with an unknown man in August 2016. But it is unclear if they were dating or are still dating.