Is Jaycee Shakur Tupac Shakur’s Daughter? Untold truth about her


Jaycee Shakur is a TikToker who rose to fame in July 2021 after she made a short video pointing out her genetic similarity to the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Tupac is considered one of the most influential rappers of all time. In a sense, he represented the black community by using music to advocate for equality and social change. He even moved away from the 1990s gangsta rap trend to raise awareness of the message of inner-city communities.

Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. However, the police never caught the perpetrators. Another mysterious topic related to Pac is his children; whether there were or not.

Since then, several claims have emerged all claiming that slain rapper Tupac Shakur had a secret daughter who is alive and well today. And Jaycee is another popular suspect that the internet communities have been unable to forget – they are all wondering if Jaycee is really the biological daughter of Me against the world singer Tupac Shakur.


Jaycee Shakur Profile Summary

Name Jaycee Shakur
Date of birth 1995
Birthplace New York City, New York, United States of America
Profession YouTuber, TikTok Star and Social Media Personality
Ethnicity African American
Father Tupac Shakur (alleged)
Grandmother Afeni Shakur
Net value Millionaire

How Jaycee Shakur became related to Tupac Shakur?

On July 20, 2021, Jaycee Shakur, a TikTok star with the username @boogiebentley, posted a video with the caption: I’m Tupac’s daughter. Shakur was already famous on TikTok with 100,000 followers. After launching the recording, she immediately received huge attention.

She went on to collect millions of likes, views and debates from Tupac’s fans and other netizens. Her claim attracted hordes of theories, refreshed past stories and mysteries, and caused a lot of confusion on social media. Some believed her, others disbelieved; in fact, it just became another example of the Mandella effect.

@boogiebentley Not gonna say it again 🤦🏾‍♀️😊 #fyp #foryoupage #xzybca #fup #fypシ #UltaSkinTok #tupac ♬ Know Thyself – Drake

Millions of people started sharing her photos on the internet. In addition, the photo of the young woman posing in a striped T-shirt bore a striking resemblance to the late hip-hop star.

However, no one is sure if she was telling the truth or just trying to expand her reach. Plus, she didn’t provide any evidence that would make people believe that she was indeed Tupac’s daughter.

But did Jaycee Shakur’s alleged father, Tupac, really have a child before he died?

Many of Tupac’s fans claim that there are some people in the rap community who know that the artist has a daughter. However, they try to protect her from the pressure of being in the spotlight.

Ever since Makaveli died, some people have been adamant in denying his demise and have come up with different conjectures and possibilities.

One of the most famous states is that Tupac faked his own death and went to live in Cuba with his aunt and started a family there.

Rihanna was once spotted with a man who appeared to be the late rapper, singer Tupac.
Rihanna was once spotted with a man who appeared to be the late rapper, singer Tupac.

Also common is the occasional appearance of photos of rappers. Once upon a time there was also another photographic piece that apparently showed him with pop star Rihanna – despite the fact that he died when she was only eight years old.

Many argue that it is highly unlikely that Tupac will not have children since the wearer of the bandana dated many women, including celebrities such as Madonna and possibly Jada Pinkett Smith. He was also the husband of Keisha Morris who had studied criminal justice when she met him. However, their marriage ended after only about 5 months.

In the last moments of his life, he had a serious relationship with Quincy Jones’ daughter Kidada Jones. However, there was never a single headline saying he had become a father of a child/children.

Tupac wanted children

What makes the theory, Tupac’s kids great is the fact that there are reports saying that the MC New York wanted to have kids of her own.

As mentioned, Tupac was married to Keisha Morris. And after the marriage, Pac had talked about having kids with Keisha.

Jaycee Shakur's alleged father, Tupac Shakur, was married to Keisha Morris from 1995 to 1996.
The late rapper, Tupac and his wife, Keisha Morris

His ex-wife, which Morris once revealed to Source magazine,

“Tupac picked names he wanted to move to Arizona and named our daughter Star and our son Michelangelo.”

She added that one of the reasons they couldn’t have offspring was the weed Tupac smoked. It reportedly affected the Juice actor and his wife’s fertility.

Further theories suggesting that Jaycee Shakur could be Tupac’s daughter

A line from Busta Rhymes’ 1997 album When disaster strikes also contributes to the New Yorker fake death theory. In addition, it promotes the idea that the gangsta rapper did have a daughter.

The “thank you” part explicitly says he has a daughter, as the verse says:

Tupac: soldier, warrior, may Allah bless your family, your daughter, her mother, your mother (Afeni Shakur)

Some candid family photos also testify to this guesswork. One of the photos shows 2Pac and Afeni (his mother) holding a little girl at what appears to be a family gathering. Looking at all these aforementioned images, it is quite difficult to deny the aspect that the All eyes on me rapper had a little girl.

Some of Tupac's family photos show the rapper next to an unidentified little girl.  These photos have suggested that he could be Jaycee Shakur's father.
Some of Tupac’s family photos show the rapper next to an unidentified little girl. These photos have suggested that he could be Jaycee Shakur’s father.

All evidence indicates to some degree that his child is a girl (i.e. a daughter).

Be that as it may, the apparent truth is that the rapper remained childless throughout his life. And no one close to him has come forward and declared that he did indeed have an offspring.

But who is Jaycee Shakur anyway?

As popular as she became by uploading a TikTok video, her real identity is no less than a mystery. Though she is quite active on TikTok, Shakur has hardly mentioned her real parents or her origins for that matter.

Jaycee Shakur claimed to be Tupac Shakur's daughter through a TikTok video
Jaycee Shakur, a tiktoker, went viral after she posted a video saying she was Tupac’s daughter.

Her cheerful internet demeanor shows that she looks very much like a teenager and a huge fan of the late Diamond certified artist. The alleged star boy Jaycee has also failed to give any interviews related to that July 2021 TikTok stir.