Is Chris Watts still alive?


Ever since Chris Watts was accused of murdering his wife Shanann Rzucek and daughters, the details of where the infamous killer is now and his current whereabouts have been a great mystery. Furthermore, people also got curious to know if Chris Watts is still alive.

Watts was one of the most notorious criminals to make headlines after being accused of murdering his wife and their children in August 2018. Watts has since served a life sentence. But still there is a question; Is Chris Watts still alive? Let’s find out the truth in the article below!


Is Chris Watts still alive?

Yes, Chris Watts is alive and living his life behind a bar now. Since his life sentence, relatively little is known about his life.

Chris Watts family
Chris with his wife and daughters.

So obviously people got curious to know if Chris is alive or not. As it turns out, Watts is currently living his life in prison. Prior to that, Chris lived in a five-bedroom house in Frederick, Colorado. He bought the house in 2013.

Where is Chris Watts now?

Chris Watts is now serving his life sentence Dodge Correctional Institution, in Waupun, Wisconsin. It is a maximum security prison in the United States.

Watts was sentenced to five life terms after pleading guilty to multiple counts of first-degree murder plus 48 years for the illegal termination of his wife Shanann Rzucek’s pregnancy on November 19, 2018.

Since then Chris, the partner of Nicholas Kessinger lives his life behind a bar with no chance of parole.

Is Chris Mistress Nichol Kessinger still alive?

Chris Watts’ former partner, Nichol, is still alive and currently living her life with a new identity somewhere in the remote places of the United States.

He had dated her while still married to his wife Shanann Rzucek. According to Kissinger herself, she never got a single gesture of her partner’s future brutal crime.

Where is his partner Nichol now?

Chris’s ex-girlfriend is now living her life completely away from the media. Before her criminal partner went to prison, Nichol owned a home in Arvada, Colorado. But after Watts was arrested for such a horrible act, Kissinger disappeared from the mainstream forever.

According to reports, the girl is trying to live her life with a new name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chris Watts still alive?

He is still alive and living his life in prison at the Dodge Correctional Institution.