How old is Jaden Newman? Age, height, boyfriend, brother


• Jaden Newman is an American athlete born in 2004 in Orlando, Florida
• She is the second child of Vivian and Jamie Newman, who are of Puerto Rican descent
• She started her basketball career at the age of 8, set records and was recruited at the age of 14 by the Division I program of the University of Miami
• She has appeared in various media outlets, has an estimated net worth of $100,000 and is 1.65m tall
• Her family owns a clothing brand and she gets a lot of misdirected messages and requests on her Instagram


Jaden Newman is an American athlete born on June 23, 2004 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Currently, she is 16 years old and gained fame for her incredible talent in playing basketball.


Family & Youth

Jaden is the second child of Vivian and Jamie Newman (née Gonzalez), of Puerto Rican descent. Jaden has a three-year older brother named Julian, who has been hailed as one of the most sought-after basketball prodigies of his generation.

Both Jamie and Vivian were avid basketball players during their childhood. However, they followed different career paths later in life, when Vivian enlisted in the United States Navy and Julian studied history and became a high school teacher.

Although Julian has already graduated from high school, Jaden is currently in her junior year at Downey Christian School, which both she and her brother have attended since elementary school. Jaden will enroll in 2023.


First steps

Jaden Newman started her career very early in life, when she was still in elementary school. At the age of eight, Jaden began playing in her school’s varsity division, an incredible achievement at her age.

In 2014 Jaden Newman was contacted by Derrick Gibbs – assistant coach of the University of Miami basketball program – who informed her and her family of the interest of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in recruiting her as part of its prestigious but demanding Division I , based in Florida.

In addition to a generous scholarship for Jaden, the university’s offer included Jaden assisting summer programs at their facilities, which Jaden visited shortly after receiving the recruitment letter: “I thought I was in a dream or something, but it was really , and then we went to campus and took a tour and stuff, and we saw the gym. It was fun’.

Her family was thrilled that Jaden became one of the youngest athletes ever recruited by a college basketball program, and rejoiced at the news. However, Jaden did not accept the program’s offer as her dream is to attend the University of Connecticut and be part of the basketball team the UConn Huskies.

The interest in Jaden – who averaged 14.8 points per game at the time – was due to her talent. Her incredible abilities were showcased by the media in light of her own brother’s fame, who also caught the attention of the sports media at a young age.

Jade Newman

Next Years

When it comes to basketball, Jaden’s teenage years were just as successful for her as her childhood. Her father Jamie, who is also her and her brother’s coach, is very focused on training his children and has been in charge of helping them develop their inherent skills.

Because of this, Jaden Newman’s basketball numbers improved with the passage of time. In her senior year of elementary school, she averaged 30 points per game, and in eighth grade, she scored 45 points. In preparation, she also became the youngest college basketball player to accumulate 1,000 points in her career, a record set by her own brother shortly before her.

At age 14, Jaden set another record by scoring 70 points in a game, demonstrating her prowess in 3-point shooting.

Jaden told about this milestone in her still young career ESPN on feeling ‘in the zone’ since the start of the match: ‘From the start I made a 3 to start the match. That was the first time I played the game. That built my confidence.”

Plans for the future

In the 2019 interview with High posts hoops, Jaden Newman revealed that she has received several recruitment offers from university programs. However, her dreams of playing in Connecticut are still alive and strong.

In addition, Jaden wants to enjoy her high school days as much as possible, despite the high expectations placed on her: ‘Every year the competition becomes more and more competitive. It’s just fun for me. I like playing high school basketball.”

She also talked about the media focus on her, which has put pressure on her over the years because she is often recognized by fans in her daily life: “Now most people know who I am, sometimes I wish no one knew. who i was. But I usually like it.’

Jaden and her brother are close to each other as both siblings always show their brotherly love for each other through their social media accounts. However, when it comes to the basketball court, their competitive side always comes out, and it’s not clear who the best player of theirs is, “he wins some, I win some.” I would say (it is) even’.

Media appearances

Jaden Newman’s talent in playing basketball has caught the attention of not only sports fans but also the media, and she has made several TV appearances.

When she was only nine years old, she made a brief appearance on “The Queen Latifah Show” where she outsmarted host Queen Latifah and surprised the program’s audience with her extraordinary talent.

She then shot a TV commercial for Foot Locker in 2015 along with Stephen Curry of the State Warriors. In the video ad, she easily beats the professional basketball player in a 3-point shooting contest.

Other media such as newspapers and online channels have also turned their attention to Jaden. In 2016, she was showcased by the YouTube channel Peacock children — in the video shared by the online outlet, Jaden showed off her workout routine: “I worked out for about 5 to 6 hours a day. I would wake up at 5:30 in the morning and dribble and shoot,” she continued, saying she has had this routine every day for years.

In 2019, Jaden and her brother Julian appeared in the online series “No Days Off” produced by Whistle. Also that year, Jaden and her family began appearing in their own TV series “Hello Newmans” produced by Overtime.

Private life

Information about Jaden Newman’s personal life and romantic partners is unknown as she decides to keep these details out of the spotlight.

Net value

Jaden Newman has an estimated net worth of close to $100,000 at the end of 2020. This is a result of her media appearances as she still has not signed a professional basketball contract.

Physical appearance

Jaden Newman is a young woman of mixed ethnicity. She has beautiful features and an athletic build. Her weight is unknown, and although she is only 5 feet 8 inches (1.65 m) tall, it has not affected her ability to play basketball.

Interesting facts

Reportedly, her parents monitor her social media accounts – her mother Vivian is her manager.

While her basketball averages are impressive, she wants people to focus on other aspects of her game, such as defending and passing.

Her family owns a clothing brand called Prodigy, which has helped them afford a comfortable lifestyle and serves as retribution for the money the media allegedly benefited from the family, Jamie Newman told Bleacher report“If we had 10 cents for every dollar people made from Julian and Jaden, we’d be rich.”

Unfortunately, Jaden gets a lot of misdirected messages and requests on her Instagram account: “I like having a lot of followers, but the downside is guys saying weird or gross things. I usually try to ignore it.”