Everything you need to know about Karina Kurzawa – Wiki


• Karina Kurzawa is a Canadian YouTuber, gamer and social media star
• She is best known for her YouTube channels, on which she plays video games such as ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Roblox’
• She is currently in seventh grade and is active on various social media networks including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok
• Her hobbies and interests are creating YouTube video ideas, dancing, acting and singing
• As of October 2020, she is 13 years old, with a net worth of over $4 million



Who is Karina Kurzawa?

Karina Kurzawa, also known on the internet as KarinaOMG, was born in Canada on March 23, 2007 – her zodiac sign is Aries and she is a Canadian national. She is a YouTuber, gamer, and social media starwho is perhaps best known for one of her YouTube channels where she usually uploads videos of her playing ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Roblox’ video games.

Early life and education

Karina is raised along with her brother Ronald in Canada by their father who is in the real estate industry and their mother who is a lawyer – Ronald was born on September 3, 2008 and is also a YouTuber who goes by the name of RonaldOMG. Their parents can be seen in many of their YouTube videos.

Karina got interested in video games at a very young age as she spent most of her spare time with her brother and his male friends instead of girls.

The boys played video games almost all the time, and after Karina joined, she became addicted to gaming and quickly became better than most of her friends.

She is currently in seventh grade and should complete her primary education in 2021.

Career as a social media star

Karina launched her first YouTube channel – “Karina Kurzawa” – on November 2, 2015, and today it has nearly 1.4 million subscribers, and all her videos combined have more than 55 million views, mostly about makeup. up, fashion and her daily life while her most popular video is ‘How to make Nebula Galaxy Bottle’ as it has received over 5.3 million views as of June 11, 2016.

She and her brother launched their collaborative channel “SIS vs BRO” on March 3, 2016, which has nearly 14 million subscribers and all their videos combined over 6.1 billion views. Almost all videos from this channel in which Karina and Ronald play video games against each other – the channel’s most popular video is “NIGHTTIME ROUTINE!! SCHOOL DAY vs WEEKEND” as it has been viewed over 115 million times as of November 14, 2007.

Karina’s third and final channel – “GamerGirl” – was launched on April 24, 2016 and has more than five million subscribers and more than 2.2 billion views of all her videos combined.

She uploads videos where she plays different video games while the most popular video of this channel is ‘Going to Prison in an OBBY! Escape the Prison + Rob The Bank OBBY” has been viewed over 45.3 million times as of February 6, 2017.

She is also active on various social media networks, including Instagram, currently followed by nearly 600,000 fans, while she has uploaded about 200 photos, most of which are taken in her daily life. Karina has been active on Twitter since June 2016 and is followed by over 6,000 people, while she also has a Facebook page followed by around 3,300 fans.

Karina Kurzawa

Her TikTok account has about 5,700 followers and more than 52,000 likes of all her photos and videos combined.

Friends and boyfriend

Karina is said to be a very sociable person who gets along with new people easily, and thus has numerous friends, most of whom she met in primary school. She prefers to spend her time with people a year or two older than her as she believes she is more mature than most of her peers.

While most people think that Karina is too young to date, rumors are circulating on the internet that she might have a romantic connection with her neighborhood friend as the two have spent time together on several occasions – rumors started to spread even faster after the video “Karina has a boyfriend… – SIS vs BRO TikTok (RonaldOMG & GamerGirl) Ronald Kurzawa Roblox” was uploaded to her and her brother’s YouTube channel.

None of this has been confirmed, but at 13 years old, Karina is definitely still single in October 2020.

Hobbies and other interests

Coming up with ideas for her YouTube videos and making them takes up most of Karina’s free time. Therefore, she is very careful about what she does in her spare time.

She loves to dance and has two dance lessons a week, especially ballet. She is also interested in acting and singing as shown in her videos. Karina has expressed her desire to travel, but so far has not had the chance to go on vacation to another country – she hopes to visit Paris in France one day.

She is an animal lover, but does not have a pet dog because her parents do not allow it.

Late at night, Karina usually watches a movie with her family, and when it’s her time to choose the movie, she usually chooses a movie with her favorite actors Jim Carey, Will Smith and Chris Rock, such as “Bruce Almighty” , “Liar Liar” and “Men in Black”.

Age and height

Karina is 13 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.55 m tall and weighs about 50 kg.

As of October 2020, her ability is estimated at over $4 million.