Andrew Schulz Ethnicity, family background, age, height


One of the things about Andrew Schulz that counts as a point of intrigue is his ethnicity. The comedian/podcaster has diverse ethnicities, including ancestry from Western Europe and some English islands.

Read more about that and his parents and his family background in the headings below. Along the way, also read about Schulz’s age and how tall he is, along with some information about his education.


Andrew Schulz ethnicity

Schulz is mostly of German, Irish, Scottish, ethnicity.

Andrew Schulz comes from a diverse ethnic background and his father’s side of the family has German and Irish roots. Meanwhile, his mother is of Scottish descent. The comedian’s mother, Sandra Cameron, is a Scottish immigrant.

Stand-up comedian and podcaster, Andrew Schulz
Andrew Schulz, 39, has ethnicities including German, Irish, and Scottish

On his father’s side, Andrew’s grandfather, William Mathias Schulz was born in Illinois to parents of German descent. They were Mathias Schulz and Marie Louise Horlbeck. William in turn had a mother Emma Mary Jung who in turn was the daughter of William Jung and Mary Lavelle.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s paternal grandmother is named Virginia Murphy.

Schulz also has some Irish ancestry.

Andrew Schulz Parents; Family situation

Schulz’s mother Sandra was a professional ballroom dancer. Andrew is also the son of a former reporter and military veteran who was in turn born into a Chicago, Illinois family.

Speaking of the latter, Schulz thanks and pays tribute to his father for his military service. Andrew has often said that he owes his career every day to his father.

Comedian Andrew Schulz's parents were a dance teacher in a ballroom and an ex-military veteran
Andrew Schulz’s father was a military veteran and his mother was a dance teacher. Getty

The podcaster/comedian’s parents owned and operated the Sandra Cameron Dance Center in Lower Manhattan for thirty years.

Andrew’s father before worked as a news reporter for WBAL TV in Baltimore. He also worked as a field producer for WNBC TV in New York City. In the 1980s, he had the opportunity to cover several stories at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. There, Schulz’s patriarch met many of the legendary dancers of the 1930s. Later in 1982, Schulz’s father began running a dance center with his wife Sandra Cameron. After operating for more than three decades, Schulz’s parents closed their doors in July 2013. The couple then promptly retired.

Schulz grew up in the East Village area of ​​lower Manhattan and received his early education at several public schools in New York City, including Lillie Devereux Blake Primary School, Robert F Wagner Middle School in the Upper East Side, and Baruch College Campus High School in Kip’s Bay.

Schulz studied psychology at the University of California
Andrew Schulz is the son of Sandra Cameron and Larry Schulz. MTV

Andrew completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, California.

Andrew’s age

Born on October 30, 1983, Schulz is currently 39 years old. The New York City-born comedian is about 11 years older than his wife Emma Turner a food blogger and AI/ML program manager at Apple. Turner and Andrew engaged in October 2020 with their wedding taking place in December 2021. The lovebirds do not share any children with each other.

Andrew Schulz height

Schulz stands at a sounding height of six feet two inches tall (6ft 2 inches). Andrew is generally the taller or the tallest man among his fellow comedian friends.