All the truth about YouTuber DangerouslyFunny: Real Face, Wiki


• Dangerously Funny is a YouTuber and social media personality born in Canada on September 28, 1989.
• His real name is unknown, although some believe it to be Dan Gerous.
• Rumor has it that he is married and has a daughter.
• His hobbies are skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and watching comedy movies.
• His estimated net worth is $1 million.



What is Dangerously Funny’s real name?

DangerouslyFunny was born in Canada on September 28, 1989 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he is a Canadian national. He is a YouTuber and social media personality who is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel where he mainly uploads gaming videos.

He has not shared his real name with the public nor revealed his appearance, but some believe his real name is Dan because of his Twitter account Dan Gerous (others believe it simply stands for “dangerous”).

Youth and education

DangerouslyFunny grew up in Canada but has not revealed any details about any siblings or his parents, but it is believed that both his mother and father are businessmen.

DangerouslyFunny attended a local high school in his hometown, after becoming interested in gaming years earlier, while attending third grade. He played games on a variety of consoles, and while he hasn’t talked about his education, it is believed that he has not enrolled in any university at matriculation in 2007 but rather chose to get a job to support himself financially before starting his career on YouTube.

Career as a YouTuber and social media personality

It has not been revealed what jobs DangerouslyFunny worked between 2007 and February 29, 2016 when he launched his YouTube channel, but it is widely believed that he had several from being a waiter to working at a car dealership before he could make enough money from his videos.

His channel is subscribed by more than 1.1 million people today and counts nearly 380 million views of all his videos combined – his channel’s banner was designed by Twitter user Kmarsing.

DangerouslyFunny is mainly focused on playing games that are not that popular, or maybe not many people know about it – two of his currently most popular videos are “Killing All The Children! – Kindergarten” as it has been viewed almost 4.8 million times since May 14, 2017, and “CAPTURE dating all over the city! – Stardew Valley 1.3”, over 2.5 million views since May 5, 2018.

DangerouslyFunny is also active on Twitch, and his channel is followed by about 6,000 people, but he seems to have been more active in 2019 than in 2020 – in the previous year he averaged about 80 viewers per live stream, while his highest concurrent viewer count was 117.

He has mainly played three video games: ‘Stardew Valley’, ‘My Time at Portia’ and ‘Far Cry: New Dawn’.

He is also active on various social media networks including Instagram as he is followed by more than 1,600 people while only uploading four photos including one with his Husky dog. He has been active on Twitter since April 2017 and today is followed by over 18,000 fans, and tends to tweet at least once a week.

Dangerously funny

Love life and relationships

DangerouslyFunny is very secretive when it comes to his love life but there are many people who believe that he might be married to his other half which goes by the name ’tilda.cfg’ on Instagram. The rumors started spreading across the internet when DangerouslyFunny wrote in the description section of his Instagram account, “I just made this to stalk @tilda.cfg.” It is also believed that the two have a daughter together named Agnes, who was born around mid-2020, but DangerouslyFunny has not commented on any of these rumors, so it is unknown if Tilda is indeed his wife.

As of December 2020, DangerouslyFunny is rumored to be married and have a daughter.

Hobbies and other interests

DangerouslyFunny currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, having moved there not long after graduating from college. Living in Vancouver has made him fall in love with snow and all the activities that take place in winter: he enjoys skiing and snowboarding, as well as ice fishing.

DangerouslyFunny is a fan of alcohol and his favorite drink is gin. He uploaded a photo to his Instagram account showing three bottles of different types of gin. It is believed that he also enjoys other drinks such as beer and wine.

DangerouslyFunny likes to watch comedy movies in his spare time, and his favorite actors and actresses are Jim Carrey, the late Robin Williams and Julia Roberts, while some of his favorite movies are “Liar Liar”, “Patch Adams” and “Airplane!”.

He also enjoys watching comedy series and his two favorites are “That ’70s Show” and “How I Met Your Mother”.

Age, height and power

Dangerously Funny is 31 years old. His hair and eye color are unknown, as are his height and weight – some people believe that DangerouslyFunny may be overweight and that’s why he doesn’t show his face and body in his videos.

As of December 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $1 million.