All about JJ Redick’s wife


• JJ Redick is a famous NBA player
• He married Pilates instructor Chelsea Kilgore in 2010
• Chelsea and JJ have two sons Knox and Kai
• Chelsea works as a Pilates instructor and is involved in running The JJ Redick Foundation
• The couple recently donated 1.8 million meals to needy Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic through Feeding America


JJ Redick is easily one of America’s most talked-about basketball players. From his famous three-pointer and free throw shot at Duke to his stellar career in the NBA, Redick is undeniably a legend in the making. JJ Redick was drafted into the NBA in 2006 by the Orlando magic where he began his regular basketball career. Redick has since played for the Milwaukee bucks, Los Angeles clippers, Philadelphia 76ersand the Pelicans from New Orleans where he is currently. In 2010, the Chicago Bulls signed him for a solid $3 million, but the Orlando Magic quickly matched the offer. I’d be head over heels with a resume like that.

In addition to breaking records on the track, Redricks also has a podcast called The old man and the three where he talks about all things basketball and entertainment. Well, with all that fame and success, you’re probably wondering who’s helping him stay grounded.


So who’s the beauty next to the basketball beast?

Chelsea Kilgore is an American Pilates instructor. Chelsea came into limelight when she started dating and eventually married a basketball player JJ Redick in 2010, so she is now popularly known as Chelsea Redick.

The physical features of Chelsea Kilgore

The blond beauty is about 1.7 m tall and weighs 60 kg. It is not surprising that she is in such great physical shape considering that she is a wellness and fitness expert.

Completing an already perfect look are Chelsea’s hazel eyes.

The Early Life of Chelsea Kilgore

Chelsea Kilgore was born to parents John Kilgore and Robin Kilgore on May 12, 1987 in Florida, USA, with her twin sister Kylee Jean Kilgore, of white descent. Chelsea has had a very private life even in her celebrity status and it is unknown if she has any other siblings.


Chelsea Kilgore attended Canton Public School when she was younger, and later attended Mississippi State University, where she pursued a degree in Elementary Education and Education.

While studying at university, she developed an interest in fitness and subsequently ventured into the fitness world

Chelsea Kilgore’s relationship with JJ Redrick

Chelsea Kilgore met JJ Redick early in his career and played a fundamental role in his eventual success. The two met in 2008 while Redick was still playing for the Orlando Magic. JJ and Chelsea seemed to have moved on quickly, and in 2009, JJ proposed to Chelsea, and they married in a private ceremony less than a year later.

Over the years, JJ has said many times that Chelsea is his rock and that he is always up for spending his days off with her. In a candy Instagram messageRedick wished his wife of 10 years a happy birthday by saying;

Married 10 years today. Happy Birthday, Chelsea. The past ten years have been the best of my life. Thank you for your love, your friendship and for being the best mom to Knox and Kai. Cheers to many more decades.”

In an earlier interview, Redick says that one thing he likes about his wife Chelsea is that she makes sure he’s not a jerk. I don’t think we can thank her enough!

Chelsea’s Beautiful family

Besides killing their profession, JJ and Chelsea are blessed with a beautiful family.

JJ Redick and his wife Chelsea Redick

In August 2014 they welcomed their firstborn son Knox, named after their favorite band Knox Hamilton and honestly, when you make music you want to make enough good music to inspire a legend.

In August 2016, they welcomed another bundle of joy Kai, who, along with his brother Knox, often accompanies his father to court for matches. Can you imagine their adorable little voices giving him that much-needed pep talk?

What is Chelsea Kilgore up to besides being a WAG?

Despite being married to a star, Chelsea still works as a Pilates instructor. She is passionate about her work and her goal is to help her clients achieve their fitness goals by training and encouraging them to work for their bodies.

In addition to her work as a fitness instructor, Chelsea is also involved in running JJ Redick Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by her husband to teach children about basketball through youth clinics. The foundation is also linked to several charities and it’s great to see people giving back to society.

How much is Chelsea Kilgore worth?

Chelsea has amassed an impressive net worth of $2 million largely during her career. She is estimated to have a gross annual salary of a whopping $450,000 – pretty impressive! Her husband JJ Redick’s net worth is $26 million according to Forbes and was among the highest paid athletes of 2019.

With a combined net worth this substantial, JJ and Chelsea are presumably living the American dream.

COVID 19 heroes

It’s hard to talk about 2020 without mentioning the ongoing pandemic. With all the pay cuts and employee layoffs, it has been a dark year for many families. Chelsea and her husband have taken the initiative to bring hope to the people of New Orleans. Along with the Pelicans and Lineage, the Redicks announced a donation through Feeding America. They aim to provide more than 1.8 million meals to needy Americans, and we have to admit, nothing like a hot meal to brighten up a dark day.

While Chelsea has managed to keep a low profile and hide most of the details of her private life, she’s constantly popping up on her husband’s Instagram page, and you have to admit they make a lovely couple. The pair are also in constant contact with Chelse’s twin sister Kylee Jean, who lives in New York – the three often joke that Kylee is JJ Redick’s half-wife and you can’t help but love them.

The couple’s home in Brooklyn, New York was recently on display Architectural abstractand there is only one word to describe Chelsea’s housekeeping skills, amazing!