4 Fast Facts About Armon Warren Parents: His Dad Was A Drug King


Armon Warren, a Youtuber and R&B singer, was born on May 18, 1997. He is from Detroit, Michigan. Warren’s father’s name is Brian Maurice Brown while his mother’s name is Shiquita Hathaway.

Armon is one of six children of Maurice and Shiquita. Warren is quite close to his father and mother. In fact, the parents both frequently appear in their son’s YouTube videos. Learn more about them as you scroll.


Armon Warren Parents; His father is in the music business

Warren’s father, Maurice, is a businessman and apparently quite successful. Brian is quite passionate about entrepreneurship and he is in the music industry.

BMB Records owner Brian Maurice Brown, also the father of YouTuber Armon Warren
Armon Warren’s father, Brian Maurice Brown, is a music entrepreneur. Instagram

Warren’s father has been working as an executive producer in the field of documentary films for many years. He is also an author and angel investor and runs a record company called BMB Records. The music company aims to reestablish artists. The record company also has a partnership with Omnis Player. In the latter, Warren’s father manages the funds or the making of short films.

Armon Warren’s father was a drug kingpin

Turns out Armon’s dad has a rather checkered history. Brian is apparently a former drug kingpin. He was also on the list of America’s Most Wanted because he was suspected of numerous crimes, including murder and narcotics.

Youtuber Armon Warren's father, Brian Maurice Brown, was once a drug kingpin and suspected murderer
Brian Maurice Brown was a fugitive for five years.

Maurice was a fugitive for five years, according to records. However, he was able to steer his career in a better direction. Despite his bitter past, Brian now has a good reputation in his community and beyond. As such, there was a comment on YouTube a while back that pretty much says how much people have come to respect him.

Armon Vader has made a documentary about his life

There is also a documentary based on the life of Armon’s father’s past. It is called Live for sacrifice which was released in 2021. The documentary follows Brian’s journey from a drug kingpin to a Grammy-nominated music executive.

The documentary had director Treavion Davenport and Brown himself was the producer. The other casts include Ray J, Lauren B MosleyAnd Monte Washington.

Armon parents; His mother, Shiquita Hathaway

Warren’s mother Shiquita Hathaway was born in 1980. Hathaway is apparently from Benton Harbor Michigan. Although she is not as active on social media now as she was a while ago, Shiquita was on Facebook even though she went by the name of Shiquita Chanel.

YouTuber Armon Warren with his mother Shiquita Hathaway
Social media personality Armon Warren with his mother Shiquita Hathaway. Facebook
Similarly, according to a message from Facebook on December 10, 2017, Shiquita Lanier Hathaway, was in a relationship with a man named Eric Hathaway at the time. However, it is unclear whether the couple is still together or not. Although Eric’s inactive Facebook since 2018 says he is single.

Meanwhile Shiquita has had several husbands, including Armon’s father Brian. Hathaway has several children from some of her past relationships. They are Shimea Mea Ellis, Shaniah Traylor, Erin Hathaway, Erianna HathawayAnd Love.

Current boyfriend of Regina CarterArmon also has paternal half-siblings including Kelly Paul, Tyler Stewart, Miya, Dwight Burton, Bye Bye BurtonAnd K Burton.

In addition, his biological siblings are Princess, Queen, Tina, and Terrell. The latter is also a YouTuber.

Shiquita also regularly appears with her son YouTube.