6 resources entrepreneurs can use to stay informed


Technology seems to be moving at light speed right now and AI tools are popping up all over the internet. Some will stand the test of time and some will crash and burn, but either way, it’s the wild west for creators and entrepreneurs. In addition, the big tech companies are working on their own AI products. There are new possibilities every day and you can do so much with them.

With so many updates and shiny objects, how do you know which ones to explore in more detail? How do you decide where to spend your precious time and energy to make more money and more impact in less time?

The following resources are deep down the rabbit hole of AI, automation, no-code, and technology in general. Each location’s team separates the vital information from the clutter and distills it into bite-sized information that can be easily consumed.

Here are six sites entrepreneurs can use to keep up with the latest in AI.


Ben’s Bites

Your daily dose of what’s going on in AI, sending emails that can be read in less than 5 minutes, accompanied by a touch of humor. Ben’s Bites, created by Makerpad founder Ben Tossell and launched in late 2022, is read by 130,000 subscribers. There’s also a job site, an active Discord community, and the opportunity for tool makers to sponsor a newsletter. Each newsletter features Ben’s picks, cool tools, and diverse AI news. A big crowd favorite are AI images of the day, at the bottom of each issue.

The Rundown

A daily AI newsletter with over 150,000 subscribers, growing at a rate of 2,500 per day, The Rundown claims to be the first to share the latest developments in AI. Started by Rowan Cheung in January 2023, The Rundown has an associated tool list called Supertools, containing all the tools mentioned in the newsletter. Each newsletter takes about three minutes to read and covers the most important updates you need to know before listing trending tools and resources with a short description.


The AI ​​tool directory, founded by Matt Wolfe, who also has a YouTube channel on the topics of AI, tech, no-code, and futurism and describes himself as “a tech nerd who talks about tech nerd stuff,” sends a weekly FutureTools Newsletter to make sure you are up to date. With 100,000 active subscribers by May 2023 and a 40% open rate, subscribers are clearly enjoying each weekly issue, including “5 innovative AI tools, 3 exciting news articles, 3 inspiring videos, and 1 new way to monetize AI. ”

AI exchange

Self-describing as how 25,000 professionals and founders stay on top of AI for work, and empower everyone to benefit from AI, the AI exchange sends out a daily newsletter on “AI topics that matter”, to open your mind to using cases and keep you ahead of the curve. This newsletter, started by former data scientist Rachel Woods, aims not only to be useful, but to be “the best damn newsletter in AI.” Features include a daily perspective, a deep-dive use case, links for your reading pleasure, and something extra, if you’re really nerdy.

Future AI lab

A large database of AI tools and associated newsletter, Future AI Lab keeps subscribers abreast of all AI advancements. its creator, Brand Natis Nat Choprasert, an Australian-based technology enthusiast and entrepreneur with over 160,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares information about tools, plugins and news in the space via a weekly newsletter. The passion of this site is AI and no-code tools that help companies automate and save time.


Describing himself as a technology and AI educator, Paul Couvert personally builds tools “better and faster using AI and no-code” and teaches others to do the same. In addition to building his business, he publishes free ChatGPT power courses, to help you go from novice to expert, and guides to not using code and AI in your work. Paul has 100,000 Twitter followers and his weekly newsletter has 5,000 subscribers, with each issue featuring one tip to monetize and grow your business.

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